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80 Cat Names That Start With “N”- With Meanings- 2023

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Hello, cats’ mom and dads. This blog post ‘ 80 Cat Names That Start With “N” ‘ is the fourteenth post of our series Cat Names in Alphabetical Order. Today, I’ve hand-picked the best 80 Cat Names Starting With “N” from our huge database of cat names. 

I’ve also included the cat names ideas given by cat parents on Reddit. So that you can find cat names here that are actually liked and adopted by cat parents.

Moreover, this list of cat names includes names from Latin, Greek, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish and more. So that we wouldn’t confine ourselves only to English. 

In addition, you’ll find the names which start with N and are suitable for particular colours or sizes of cats such as Nuvem, Nimbus and Neva which are suggested here specifically for white cats.

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog. Let’s jump right onto the section ‘Cat Names Starting With”N” for Girls’.

Cat Names That Start With “N” for Girls

This is the image of cream and black domestic shorthair tabby kitten
  1. Nala: The mother of Simba the ‘Lion King’.
  1. Naina: This name comes from India. Its literal meaning is eyes. So this name signifies the beauty of someone’s eyes.
  1. Nourie: This is a name of Arabic origin, meaning a girl with a beautiful and brightened face or with the light of wisdom.
  1. Névé: It’s an Irish name, meaning bright or shiny. 
  1. Nilima: Originated in India this name means ‘blueness’ of the sky.
  1. Nimbus: It means a luminous cloud. 
  1. Nola: It’s a shortened form of  ‘Fionnuala’ meaning a girl with white shoulders.
  1. Noreen: It’s an Arabic name and another version of the name Nourie.
  1. Nahal: Originated in Arabic this name has multiple meanings such as a spring, source of knowledge and a small plant.
  1. Nancy: This is a name of Hebrew and French origin which means grace.
  1. Naomi: In Hebrew, this name means beauty, pleasant. On the other hand, In Japanese, it means both straightforward and beautiful.
  1. Neelima: It’s a Hindi word that refers to the blueness of the sky. It is often used to name a girl with blue eyes. So, it’s a cool name for white cats with blue eyes.
  1. Nene: This name has different meanings in different languages. In Turkish, it means a grandmother while in Japanese it means a baby.
  1. Nia: Like Nene, this name also has multiple origins. Some prominent meanings of this name are lustrous, energetic, snappy, goal and purpose
  1. Nicole: It has two origins: German and French. It translates into the phrase “victory for the people”. Either way, it means the same.
  1. Namal: It means an ant in Arabic. This name is suggested for small-breed cats. 
  1. Nile: As you know, it’s the longest river in the world that flows through Africa.
  1. Nicole: ‘Victory of the people’.
  1. Nikki: It’s a shortened form of ‘Nicole’.
  1. Nora: Nora is an English form of the Arabic “Noora” that means brightened, with a beautiful face or illuminated.
  1. Nova: New 
  1. Nyah: This name has three meanings these are lustrous, brilliant and resolved
  1. Nikko: This name means sunlight in Japanese.
  1. Nyx: It’s a Greek name that means night. 
  1. Nona: It’s a name whose exact meaning has yet to be discovered by me. 
  1. Neva: This is a word for snow in Latin.
  1. Nisha: It’s a name of Indian origin and means ‘night’.
  1. Nebbia: Suggested for white, chinchilla and grey cats this name means fog or mist in Italian. 
  1. Nebel: It’s a funny pet name which means a frog in German. So if your little girl thinks that she is a frog then you may call her Nebel. 
  1. Nargis: A large and beautiful flower.
  1. Nutkin: This was the name of a squirrel in the book ‘ The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin’. You see, it’s a pretty cute name for cute pets like yours. 
  1. Nari: This name has its roots in Sanskrit. It means a woman. 
  1. Nightstar: As the name suggests, it means the star of the night. 
  1. Nariko: This name is for you if you want to give a strong name to your mighty cat. Nariko means thunder in Japanese. 
  1. Nadja: It’s a Russian name, meaning ‘hope’. 
  1. Novelty: Newness 
  1. Nini: It means grandmother. 
  1. Nono: This is an affectionate and funny name for cats which does not have a meaning. 
  1. Nanni: It’s a Hebrew name. It means “God favoured me”. 
  1. Neptune: A planet in the solar system. 
This infographic shows 11 Cat Names Starting with 'N'
This infographic shows 11 Cat Names Starting with ‘N’

Cat Names That Start With “N” for Boys

  1. Neko: Japanese for cat. 
  1. Neo: A name from Latin, meaning new. 
  1. Noir: Noir means ‘black’ in French. Clearly, this name is for black cats. 
  1. Nugget: It means small pieces of valuable metals or food. Give this name to a munchkin or small breed cat.
  1. Nolan: This name has primarily three meanings— famous, noble and champion.
  1. Noddy: A cartoon character.
  1. Noodle: Long thin and stretchable strips of Chinese food either twisted or straight. 
  1. Nebula: It’s the large bright area in the sky of dust or smoke.
  1. Neva: This name has its roots in Spanish. It means ‘Snow’ so you can give this name white cats. 
  1. Nuvem: Originated in Portuguese, it means a cloud. It’s a good idea to give this name to white, chinchilla or grey cats. 
  1. Nutmeg: It is a spice. However, this name is famous in the pet world for naming brown cats.
  1. Nobita: This is also a Japanese name that translates into grow, improve or stretch.
  1. Nickel: A grey-coloured metal.
  1. Nutella: A dark, viscous and chocolate and nutty bread spread. It’s another cute name for brown cats. 
  1. Nut: A hard-shelled fruit with a stone(seed) inside.
  1. Naga: This name has several meanings such as snake, cobra, long, lengthy, and eternity. Pick this name if you want a strong name for your cat.
  1. Nao: It’s a Japanese name that means a shortened form of Naomi. It means love or affection.
  1. Narzo: It’s the name of a mobile phone from the Chinese mobile company called Realme.
  1. Nirmal: It’s a Sanskrit name that means pure, clear and clean.  
  1. Nexon/ Nixon: It’s a family name of American origin. 
  1. Nardo: This name means strong, hard and solid.
  1. Nickel: It’s black metal. So you can give this name to Black cats. 
  1. Nick: Shortened form of Nicholas’ which means ‘victory of the people’.
  1. Neel: Blue in Sanskrit.
  1. Neel-Kamal: This is a name of Indian origin, meaning a ‘blue lotus’.
  1. North Star: It’s a large star that was used to find directions in the past. 
  1. Nectar: Sweet juice of flowers. 
  1. Nocturnal: Those who are most active at night. 
  1. Novice: New, amateur or beginner. 
  1. Nell: It’s a unisex name meaning ‘shining light’. 
  1. Nimble: Cute, active, agile, energetic and some other meanings. 
  1. Neon: It’s the name of gas as well as fluorescent shades of blue, green, red, yellow and purple. 
  1. Nelson: This name has two meanings— ‘Son of Nell’ and ‘champion’. 
  1. Nismo: A cute-sounding name with no meaning.
  1. Nutty: Any food that has nuts. 
  1. Nazraana: It’s a Persian name which means a gift.
  1. Neville: This name also comes from France and means a ‘new village’.
  1. Napoleon: It’s a name of French origin. Its literal meaning is ‘lion of the new city’. However, this name is more famous because of the old military dictator of France Napoleon Bonaparte.
  1. Newton: The world-famous scientist of the past. 
  1. Nash: It’s an English name which means the ‘ash tree’. 

I hope that after reading this entire blog post, now you have a bunch of names in your mind that you can use either now or in the future to name pets. Even if you don’t have pets you can still suggest these names to your friends or relatives. If you want to recommend some more names then you can simply mail me or use the comment box given below to do so. Also, I’d really appreciate it if you take some time to share this post on social media to help other pet parents name their beloved pets. Now, it’s time for me to leave and collect names for the next post. 

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