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100 Cat Names That Start With P- With Meanings- 2023 

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Your quest for unique Cat Names That Start With P has brought you here and you won’t be disappointed.  

You see, there is a lot of noise out there about pet names and most times you’ll find almost the same names everywhere. 

So, I made sure that the majority of cat name ideas that I’m giving you today are unique, cute and pleasing to the ears. 

Moreover, you’ll also find the meanings right here so that you don’t have to Google again to search for their meanings…No need to thank me for this…LOL

Names such as— Penance and Ping-pong are my favourites. Let’s see which names interest you the most. 

Yes, it’s possible that you may find some of these names on other blogs too. But that is just a coincidence. 

Suppose you want to entertain yourself a bit more. Then you can watch the video below. With that said let’s jump onto the list.

Cat Names That Start With P- For Girls

  1. Peach: It’s a pale, pulpy and yellow fruit. It’s a cute name for female cats. 
  1. Plum: Another fruit which is soft, pulpy, tangy and round with red or yellow skin and a stone in the middle. This name symbolises the sweet-and-sour personality of cats. 
  1. Poppy: It’s a Latin name, meaning a red flower.
  1. Pounce: To jumbo upon something to grab or catch it in a swoop. This name reflects the raw-predatory nature of your tigress. 
  1. Pristine: A beautiful name that signifies the beauty of someone. It means pure, untouched and unspoilt.
  1. Purity: Anything which is free from any form of contamination, additives and artificial elements.
  1. Pansy: A plant with beautiful flowers.
  1. Peggy: It’s a nickname for “Pearl”. This name also means “the child of light” in Greek.
  1. Pelican: A large water bird with a pouch in its throat. 
  1. Penance: It means a punishment which is given to oneself for repentance. So, if your cat does all the wrong things and then wins your heart back with her affection then it’s an excellent name for her. 
  1. Penguin: Extremely cute, chubby flightless bird that walks like babies found exclusively below the equator.
  1. Peony: This name originated in Latin and means “healing”.
  1. Petunia: It’s a lovely flower with a single or dual colour tone. So, you can give this name to both solid and bi-coloured cats.
  1. Pia: This name has different meanings depending upon the context. Some of the common meanings are pious, reverent and beloved.
  1. Pinnacle: The summit, peak or the highest point of a mountain or anything tangible or intangible.
  1. Peak: Summit or pinnacle, 
  1. Pirana: It’s a word in Brazilian which means ‘tooth-fish. These fish have typically large and sharp teeth and are known for their relentless biting. It’s an outstanding name for your dangerous kitten. 
  1. Primrose: It’s a short, simple and really cute name which means the ‘first rose’.
  1. Princess: As you know this name means a daughter of a ruler/monarch. Of course your little fluffy is the real princess so why not give her this name? 
  1. Princessa: This is a Spanish word for princess. 
  1. Po-po: An affectionate pet name with no meaning.
  1. Phyllis: This name has its roots in Greek and means ‘greenery’ or ‘foliage’.
  1. Pixie/Pixi: The name of Celtic, Swedish and Cornish origin, meaning a ‘fairy’. It’s a perfect name for your gorgeous baby whose beauty is no less than a fairy. 
  1. Puffin: It’s a black and white bird. Clearly, this name is suitable for black and white and tuxedo cats. 
  1. Pawsly: Based on the paws of a cat this is an affectionate name that has no meaning.
  1. Peeve: This name translates to annoy or irritate. So, it’s a great name to give your naughty feline friend who constantly irritates you while working. LOL.
  1. Purrmoine: This name is inspired by Hermione from the Harry Potter series. 
  1. Paloma: It’s a name from Latin which means a dove. 
  1. Puff: It’s an English name which means swollen or fluffy.
  1. Prisha: This name has its roots in Sanskrit. It means ‘God’s gift’. 
  1. Prarthana: It’s another name of Indian origin which means ‘prayer’.
  1. Prayer: If you don’t want to give your cat an Indian name then you can simply name her prayer too. 
  1. Pringle: This name originated in English and means from the valley or ravine. 
  1. Parasite: An organism that derives its nutrition from the body of another organism. 
  1. Purrky(think of Perky): This is a cat name adopted from the word ‘Perky’ which means cheerful and lively. Just like your tiny fur ball. 
  1. Pink: A colour.
  1. Pinky: Anything which is Pink. This name is suggested for albino, white and cream cats.
  1. Paru: It’s a Japanese name which means pear. 
  1. Peninsula: It’s a landform which is surrounded by water from three sides. 
  1. Pengin: Pengin is a Japanese word for ‘penguin’.
  1. Pretzel: A famous brand of biscuits which are crispy and in the shape of a knot.
  1. Ping-Pong: Table tennis. Here, it refers to the agility and liveliness of cats who are restless just like the ball of Ping-Pong.
  1. Pepper: Small, rounded and rough seeds which are used as a spice and flavouring agent in foods.
  1. Phee/Phy: The one who has dark features and a peaceful personality. This name is recommended for dark-coloured cats. 
  1. Pilvi: This name originated in Finnish. It means a “Cloud
  1. Pantheress: Feminine for panther. You may give this name to female black cats. 
  1. Penny: Originated in Greek, this name means ‘weaver’. 
  1. Puma: A large wild cat found in America also known as a cougar and mountain lion. 
  1. Priya: This name has its roots in Hindi. It means beloved.
  1. Penelope: It’s a name of Greek origin, meaning ‘weaver’. 
An infographic showing the list of 11 Cat Names Starting with P
An infographic showing the list of 11 Cat Names Starting with P

Cat Names That Start With P- for Boys

  1. Panda: It’s an extremely cute, funny, and chubby black and white bear found in China famous for its comical acts.
  1. Pedro: It’s a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew word ‘Peter’ which means a stone or rock.
  1. Platinum: A precious silvery metal used in making jewellery and luxury goods.
  1. Pluto: A dwarf planet of the solar system.
  1. Pie: It’s a kind of pastry made of either fruits or meat.
  1. Polaris: The North Star. 
  1. Pug: If you want to name your cat after another animal then what can be cuter than ‘Pug’ (a breed of dog)? 
  1. Prints: Have a bicolour, chinchilla, or a tabby cat? One of the common characteristics of these cats is that their coat patterns look like prints. So, why not call your handsome tom ‘Prints’? 
  1. Pumpkin: A huge fruit of a creeper plant which is eaten as a vegetable. 
  1. Pebbles: Tiny and soft rocks or stones. This name is suitable for small breeds of cats. 
  1. Pintoo: A name that doesn’t have a meaning.
  1. Pinocchio: A wooden puppet which is a character of Walt Disney. 
  1. Perky: The one who is cheerful and lively.
  1. Panther: Any dark-coloured or melanistic leopard or Jaguar. 
  1. Phantom: Its literal meaning is spirit but here it refers to the ‘Phantom’ character of the Adventure comics.
  1. Pingu: An extremely cute, little, black and white penguin from the cartoon with the same title. 
  1. Polka: Patterns made of dots on a plane surface. Here, is the smallness of small breed cats. 
  1. Porpoise: A kind of dolphin. 
  1. Puddle: A small pool of water on the road or street. 
  1. Pablo: The name of Spanish which is derived from ‘Paul’ in Latin. It means small or humble.
  1. Picasso: The famous painter of the past.
  1. Pyjama: Literally,.it means a bottom-wear, worn especially in India. In India, it is a funny name to refer to someone who is stupid. There is a popular idiom in North India “Are you a man or pyjama (तू आदमी है या पजामा)? So, it’s a damn funny name to give your cat.
  1. Psycho: funny, crazy and stupid. Another funny name for cats.
  1. Pounce: To jump suddenly on something. If your cat can jump from anywhere anytime without giving the slightest clue then you may name him “Pounce”.
  1. Pogo: It’s the name of a cartoon channel.
  1. Pesky: This name is used to refer to someone who is old-fashioned and irritating.
  1. Poe: It’s a name of Norse origin, meaning a peacock. 
  1. Popeye: Another funny character from a cartoon with abnormally muscular arms.
  1. Pungy: A large sailboat. 
  1. Pip: This name comes right from Britain. It means a horse lover.
  1. Proccupine: A large rodent with a cost made of spines. 
  1. Pampas: If you like to go with a geographical name then you may call your cat ‘Pampas’ which is a treeless grassland in South America. 
  1. Pansa: It means a panther.
  1. Pistachio: It’s a Japanese word for Pistachio.
  1. Percy: Soldier.
  1. Poco: It’s a name of Italian origin which is derived from the Latin ‘Paucus’. It means little or small. 
  1. Pippin: This name originated in German, meaning ‘awe-inspiring’.
  1. Pumice: A dark grey rock with air holes.
  1. Peat: It’s a kind of coal. This name is suggested for black and grey cats.
  1. Pangolin: An animal similar to an anteater but has scales on its body that rolls up like a ball to protect itself from enemies. 
  1. Phoebus: This name comes from Greek. It means shiny, radiant or bright. Go with this name If you want to signify the beauty of your cat’s coat. 
  1. Prince: The son of a king. 
  1. Paris: The capital of France. 
  1. Paco: It’s a name of Spanish origin meaning free. 
  1. Pigeon: A small and beautiful bird which is also a symbol of peace. 
  1. Peacock: A large colourful bird is known for its vibrant feathers and beauty.
  1. Peanut: Groundnut. This name symbolises the smallness of the pet.
  1. Piper: This name means a pipe or flute player. Here it refers to the excessive vocalisation of cats.
  1. Pirate: If you want to give a badass name to your cat then you can pick Pirate to name your four-legged Jacksparrow. LOL
  1. Pom: It’s a French name that means  ‘apple’. 

Alright, those were my recommendations for cat names that start with P. I hope that you liked the post and found some unique cat name ideas that nobody else is talking about. I’m open to accepting suggestions from my valuable readers (like you). So, you can use the comment box below to let suggest me more names and I’ll include them in the main body whenever I’ll update the post. Meanwhile, you can enjoy reading the related articles and exploring our blog. Thanks for reading. 

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