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The Best Cat Litter Box in India for 2022- A Complete Buying Guide

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Written by Amir Ali| Feb 6, 2021| Updated on December 16, 2021

Quick Bites

  • Trixie Cisco Open Litter Tray is my top pick for 2022.

  • While Choosing a litter box you should focus on its size, material, type, ease of cleaning, durability and budget.
  • It’s better to use a simple open litter box made of non-toxic material instead of closed and fancy litter boxes.

Before, we jump to the list of the Best Litter Box for Cats. Let me ask you a question…

…What would you say If I’d ask you, 

“Which is the most hateful task of being a Cat parent?”

Most probably you would say, “I hate cleaning and scooping the litter box”. 

Unfortunately, unlike dogs(who find a place outside for doing their business) cats need a place inside the house to go for nature’s call. 

And, for that reason, you need to provide your sweetie with a litter box that can satisfy its instinct of covering its scent and faeces. This article will guide you to choose the best Cat litter box that you can buy online.

Generally, cats are considered to be less expensive than dogs. But, when it comes to the ‘litter boxes it is an expense that you can’t cut down. Cats are pretty picky and won’t like a particular type of litter box.

So to provide the ‘best of the best product’ to your cat. The first thing you need to know is, what are the different alternatives available for you to choose from? And, what are the pros and cons of each box?

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know to pick the one product that is made for your cat.

Quick Litter Box Comparison Table 










Omega Paw

Moderna Top


Best Open Litter Box

Cat Litter Box

Best Closed

Litter Box

Best Easy 

to Clean

Closed Litter 




600 Rupees

Best Self Cleaning

Best Top Entry

Self Cleaning














Ease of Cleaning

Very Good

Very Good


Very Good


Very Good

Odour Control







Amazon Rating

4.6 Out of 5

4.5 Out of 5

4.4 Out of 5

4.2 Out 5

Error on the Side of Amazon

3.7 Out of 5

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1. Best Open Cat Litter Tray(New Entry): Trixie Cisco Cat Litter Tray with Rim


Dimensions 50 x 38 x 11 Centimetres
Weight0.6 Kilograms
Country of OriginChina

Trixie Cisco Cat Litter Tray with Rim Review 

Open cat litter boxes are the best kind of litter boxes for cats’ preferences and health perspectives. I personally recommend going with an open litter box instead of its closed or self-cleaning counterparts.

Open litter boxes are simply well accepted by cats. And good for their overall health and suit their nature.

Therefore, Trixie Cat Litter Box is my pick for you for 2022. Apart from being an open litter box, there are several merits that give it an edge over its competitors. 

The box has a reasonably large size that is sufficient to accommodate cats of all sizes. 

Since the box has low sides it makes it quite easy for cats to get in and come out of the box. It especially works wonders for obese, old cats, cats and kittens with arthritis. 

Trixie Cisco Cat Litter Tray is made of good quality plastic that is not only sturdy and durable but also easy to clean.

Moreover, it’s a lot cheaper than closed and automatic litter boxes so they won’t be heavy on your pocket. 

However, this box is not for you if you hate cleaning the litter from the floor as the rim of the box fails to keep the litter off the floor.  

Secondly, it’s as effective in odour control as closed litter boxes but we have to compromise at some point or the other.

Lastly, you won’t get many colour options with this box. But that’s not a big deal in my opinion.


  • Good for Cats with arthritis
  • Easy to Clean
  • Large Size
  • Sturdy
  • Inexpensive 


  • Few Colours Available 
  • Litter Spills a Bit
  • No Odour Control

Prices When the Post was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 775
Price on Flipkart Unavailable 

Why Buy This Product?

If you want a litter box for the convenience of your fur friend and not yours. straight out! 

Buy On Amazon

2. Best Closed Cat Litter Box for 2022(New Entry): Savic Nestor Cat Toilet


Brand Savic
Dimensions55.9 x 38.1 x 38.1
Weight1.36 kg
Country of OriginFrance

Savic Nestor Cat Toilet Review

Savic Nestor Cat Toilet is the best cat litter box for working cat parents. 

If you are someone who is too busy to clean the litter that spills on the floor (from open litter boxes), then a closed litter box can work for you. 

Yes, such kinds of boxes are not the first choice of cats, vets and cat behaviourists(fact is a fact). But, you have no other way due to TRIXIE VICO CAT LITTER TRAY. The intelligently thought raised bottom works great for keeping the litter within the box. This means that you won’t have to clean the floor after every hour and you’ll be at peace.

The litter box also works like magic in controlling odour. So, you wouldn’t have to use the harmful deodorizers that bring no good to cats. 

Thanks to the large size of the box which makes it possible to sit, move and turn comfortably, the box. Even large breeds like Maine Coon can use the box comfortably.

Scooping the litter out of the box along with the box is easy and free from hassle. Since you can flip over the top lid and do your work easily.

Apart from its functionality, the design of the box is lovely. Definitely, it adds some more stars to the box’s overall profile.

What most customers are concerned about is its below-average quality plastic. So, its performance, in the long run, is questionable. To me, it seems overpriced and falls on the expensive side of the spectrum.

All in all, it’s a great product and does what it is made for.


  • Excellent Design
  • Great Odour Control
  • No Litter Spills
  • Suitable for Large Breeds
  • Best for Busy Families


  • Poor Durability
  • A Bit Expensive
  • Manual Cleaning 

Prices When the Post was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 2000
Price on Flipkart INR 2000

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are a working cat parent and want to get rid of the odour.

Buy On Amazon

3. Best Easy to Clean Closed Litter Box: Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray


Dimensions40x40x56 centimetres
Weight1 kg
Country of OriginUSA

Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray Review 


This is what most people said after purchasing the Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray. Trixie’s Hooded Cat Litter Tray comes with several exciting features that will provide relief to both you and your cat.

First on the list is the double rim and extra-high tray. They prevent the urine, litter and waste from scattering all around the house. Thus, it keeps your house neat and clean. It also minimises the risk of transmission of germs.

You might have a question in your mind about the quality of the product. Well, for your information, Trixie has done a fine job by not compromising with the quality and made a sturdy and durable product.

Opening and closing the hood is fun due to the easy click clasps. These clasps support quick opening and closing. Plus, Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray comes with a sturdy handle at the top of the hood. These make the task of handling the box smooth and simple.

The box has enough space to allow your cat to move and turn around without any discomfort. But, the most crucial feature is its astounding performance in odour control. This feature helps you to live in an odour-free environment.

Now, the time is to look at the drawbacks. So, you probably won’t like the hole at the top of the hood that is covered with a ‘cap-like’ lid.  This lid falls now and then and irritates you whenever you handle the box. 

The next drawback is that the door’s performance is not up to the mark and it gets stuck sometimes. The third drawback is linked to the second that is due to the locking of the door the box is not fit for small kittens. Lastly, Savic Nestor is priced higher than its alternatives too. 

To conclude it’s a pretty good product with a few downsides. But nothing is drawback proof.


  • Good Quality Plastic
  • Odour Reduction
  • Easy to Handle 
  • Extra-High Tray 
  • Double Rim 
  • Reasonable Price


  • Weird Hole at the Top
  • Poor Door movement 
  • Require Manual Cleaning 
  • Overpriced

Prices When the Post was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 1950
Price on Flipkart Unavailable

Why Buy his Product?

If you want a closed litter box that is easy to handle and manage.

Buy On Amazon

4. Best Cat Litter Box Under 600 Rupees: Foodie Puppies Litter Tray Box for Cats


Brand Foodie Puppies
Weight900 g
Country of OriginIndia

Foodie Puppies Cat Litter Tray Review

If you are looking for an open tray litter box made of high-quality plastic and fits in budget then the Foodie Puppies litter tray box is a great choice for you.

Don’t go by its name, it can be used for cats too. The box has a sturdy build which boosts its durability and supports long life.

Being made of non-sticky plastic it does not allow the litter to stick to the floor and in corners. This makes the task of cleaning much easier.

Thanks to the semi-covered rim that prevents the litter from spreading all around the house. And, keeps the house clean.

Your kitty can smoothly make entry and exit the box since it has a wide opening and low height. As it is lightweight, you can easily change its place as per the preference of your cat.

What you won’t like about the box is its low-quality scoop. Also, if your cat is large and heavy then you need to maintain a distance with this litter box.


  • High-Quality Plastic 
  • Non-Sticky Material 
  • Sturdy Built 
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight
  • Low Height 
  • Low Cost 


  • Cheap Quality of Scoop 
  • Not Suitable for Large Cats
  • Manual cleaning
  • Unsuitable for Odour Control

Prices When the Post was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 599
Price on Flipkart INR 499

Why Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a reasonably good and budget-friendly cat litter box.

Buy on Amazon

5. Best Cat Litter Box Automatic: Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box


BrandOmega Paw
Dimensions47 x 54.6 x 50.8 Centimeters
Weight 2.95
Country of OriginCanada

Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Litter Box Review 

If you are tired of scooping and cleaning the litter box every day. And, wouldn’t mind investing around 13,000 rupees for the sake of your comfort. Then, Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll’s Clean Litter Box deserves to find a place in your home. 

Omega’s SELF CLEANING litter box is ideal for small and medium-sized cats. However, if your cat is too large then it might face some problems getting into it. 

Its built-in “LITTER STEP” catches litter as the cat exits. To separate the waste, all you need to do is ‘Flip the box onto the top, and back again. And you are home! All the waste will get deposited in the side tray. 

Being almost covered(except the entrance hole) the box surprisingly keeps your home ODOUR FREE.

Most importantly, it does not need electricity which makes it an ECO-FRIENDLY litter box.

The build material is good except the plastic clips(which are painted as metal) which might get a break due to wear and tear over time. 

The box is pretty easy to assemble and use but it should also be taken in mind that it is bulky as well.


  • Time Saver
  • Comfortable 
  • Excellent Odour Control 
  • East to Assemble and Use
  • Automatic
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Sturdy Built 


  • Misfitted Scoop 
  • Bulky
  • Very Expensive
  • Plastic clips

Prices When the Post was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 12,342
Price on Flipkart Unavailable

Why Buy This Product?

If you are too busy to manage the litter box and you don’t have budget constraints.

Buy On Amazon

6. Best Top-Entry Cat Litter Box: Moderna Top Cat Litter Box


Dimensions59.2 x 39 x 38.7 Centimeters
Weight 1.19 kg
Country of OriginBelgium

Moderna Top Cat Litter Box Review 

Top-Entry cat litter boxes are best for homes with toddlers. As your often a baby can find ts place in the box if the box is open or have an entry from the front. Being Top-Entry litter box Moderna Top Cat Litter Box is both toddler and dog-proof.

The box works like magic when it comes to preventing them from spreading around the box. An added advantage is its BUILT-IN TRACKING MAT that removes the litter stuck at the paws of your cat.

As the box is almost covered, it helps to control the odour. As a result, it keeps your home free from the disgusting odour of waste.

The box is built of Good-Quality plastic and has enough space even for large cats. But as explained above, old and bulky cats may find it difficult to enter the box from the top.

The Side handles of Moderna Top Cat Litter Box allow easy lifting. Moreover, the lid can be tilted and fixed which allows you to clean it with ease. But the box has very thin sides that do not seem durable. And, as this is not a self-cleaning box so you can’t skip scooping the waste.


  • Simple Assembly
  • Traps the Litter 
  • Sturdy Build for Long Run
  • Best For House hold with Infants 
  • Nice Odour Control


  • Thin Sides
  • Not Recommended for Old Cats 
  • No Self-Cleaning 

Prices When the Post was Last Updated

Price on AmazonINR 3295
Price on Flipkart Unavailable

Why Buy This Product? 

If you are a mother or father of a toddler (along with cats) and you want to stop your champ from getting in the litter box.

Buy on Amazon

How to Choose a Cat Litter Box: Buying Guide

A grey and white cat sitting in a wooden basket

As you have seen that you have several options to choose from. Choosing the Best Cat Litter Box is highly personalised. 

You should carefully focus on the body type, age, and habits of your cat before exploring the available products. 

To make things easier for you, I want you to consider the following features before making your decision.


The height of the box is one of the most crucial factors. Remember(as I said earlier), you don’t want to buy a very high box. As it can create a problem for your cat if he/she is old, obese, or/and large. 


Design and Style 

The second most important thing in the row is the design or style of the litter box. What is good for your friend’s cat not necessarily good for yours too. 

Your cat will approve the litter box only if she finds it comfortable, or she will poop outside of the box otherwise. 

You may need to try different boxes by buying at least two boxes at a time to see which type of box she prefers.


You already know this, yet it is better to remind you that your cat needs a box of the appropriate size. Never forget that your cat needs ample space to move and turn around in the box. 

The opening of the box should be wide(if it is a covered box) so that the cat can easily enter into it without hurting her. 


The next feature which you need to consider is the material of the box. You want a box that is made of HIGH-QUALITY  and SCRATCH-RESISTANT material. Ensure that, it is made of a NON-TOXIC material to avoid any kind of allergies and skin reactions.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning the box may be a nightmare for you but you should mentally prepare yourself that you have to do this once in a while if you are a cat owner.

Some boxes are really easy to clean like an automated litter box that requires minimum manual labour. Open tray litter boxes are also easy and simple to clean. 

You may find hooded and top entry litter boxes are comparatively difficult to clean. If you are going for a hooded or top entry litter box, then make sure that it should have a removable hood or rim for easy cleaning.


Try finding a box that is lightweight and easy to move. This will help you change the place that your cat prefers. Plus, this will also allow you to scoop the waste with ease.


Last and one of the most critical factors is your budget. Yes, you want to give the best products to your cat. But it is not recommended to buy the one when your cat is comfortable using a low-cost product.

Yet, if ‘ease of operation’ is your priority rather than the budget; then self-cleaning boxes will be the best for you.

Average Price of Cat Litter Boxes

Till you have read a lot about the different types of cat litter boxes and the recommended products in different categories. 

Now, it’s time to do some maths and find out the average prices of different types of cat litter boxes. Are you ready…? 

Let’s wear our professor’s coat and jump in!

Average Price of an Open Cat Litter Tray 

Different Products Prices 
Pets Empire Cat Litter Box599
Futurekart Cat Litter Tray609
Savic Cat Litter Tray Oval675
Trixie Kitty Cat Litter Tray450
Foodie Puppies Cat Litter Box599
The Pets Company Cat Litter Tray795

Average Price= 599+609+675+450+599+795 / 6

= 3727 / 6

=  INR 621. 16 

So, the average price of an Open Cat Litter Tray is 600 Indian rupees(approx.)

Average Price of Closed/Hooded Cat Litter Box 

Different Products Prices 
Moderna Flip Cat Litter Tray 2360
Trixie Vico Cat Litter Box 1950
Savic Nestor Cat Litter Box 2000
Pets Empire Anti Splash Oval Cat Toilet3600
Licogel Cat Litter Box2614
Savic Nestor Corner Cat Toilet2500

Average Price= 2360+1950+2000+3600+2614+2500 / 6

= 15024 / 6

=  INR 2504 

So, the average price of a Closed Cat Litter Box is 2500 Indian rupees 

Average Price of a Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box 

Different Products Prices 
Pet Safe ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box31008
Pet Safe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter box18251
Omega Paw Elite 12342

Average Price= 31008+18251+12342 / 3

= 61601/ 6

=  INR 20533.66

So, the average price of a Closed Cat Litter Box is 20000 Indian rupees (approx.)

Note: Very few self-cleaning litter boxes are available online in India on trusted sites.

Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

It’s one of the most misunderstood concepts by many cat parents. The reason behind this is whenever we shop for cats we look at it from our perspective. 

And, unfortunately, we try to impose what suits us; and what we like; on cats. Forcing your cat to use a closed litter box is the result of the same kinda imposed habit.

You don’t believe me? Okay.  I’ll explain to you.

Let me ask you a question, “Why do you want to have a closed litter box?”

Because you don’t want to see the poop. 

Because you don’t want to smell the odour. 

And, because you don’t want to scoop the litter frequently.

“Remember! Closed litter boxes may be perfect for you as they will keep your house clean and reduce the odour. But that’s not the case with cats.”

Cats Don’t Feel Safe in a Closed Litter Box! 

“They feel safe in an open box so that they can escape from potential threats.” 

Just, imagine if your cat is in the litter box and something threatening came right in front of the box. It may be a child, dog, bully cat or stranger. 

This situation is pretty, frightening and undesirable for cats. Cats would never want to get themselves stuck in such a situation. That’s why many cats prefer to poop outside the box instead of going into it.

Automated or Manual Litter Box?

I also do not advocate the use of automated litter boxes. Yes, they save a lot of time and energy. Yes, they save your nose hair from getting burnt from odour. Yes, they keep your house tidy. Yet, they are not good to go with. 


Listen!  You must always be conscious about what your furball takes in and gives out. Because, cats’ excreta show symptoms of several health problems which are going inside their bodies like Lower Urinary Tract Infections, Diarrhoea, Constipation etc. 

However, when you use automated or self-cleaning litter boxes you would never see what your cat is giving out. This can be fatal because in some situations cats need immediate attention and medical help which may get you to your unawareness about the issue. 

So, I STRONGLY advocate using simple open litter boxes for cats. 

Types Of Cat Litter Box 

Open Litter Pans 

These are the CHEAPEST, BEST and the MOST COMMON type of litter boxes.

You may find them in any pet store or even in some retail outlets and supermarkets.

Their shape is like a tray or crate sloping in an outward direction. The best thing about them is that they allow the greatest ventilation. They are very comfortable and occupy very little space. Open litter boxes suit the nature of cats and are quickly approved by most cats.

You will also get detachable rims with some boxes which makes the scooping of waste a lot easier. 

Hooded Litter Boxes

To avoid seeing the waste and to reduce the odour manufacturers have added a ‘HOOD’ to the tray.

These litter boxes are the best for those households who barely get time to manage litter boxes.

And, for the owners who can’t afford to buy a self-cleaning litter box.

Cats can easily enter into the box through a curtain-like opening and excrete the waste. 

For cleaning the box, all you need is to remove the hood and scoop the waste using a shovel.

Top-Entry Litter Box

If your cat is naughty and loves to climb on top of everything(even you Lol) then you can go with this box.

They have a similar structure to the ‘hooded litter box’ with some differences.

The first is that they have an entry from the top instead of the front. Secondly, they are large than the hooded box.

The best feature of these boxes is the grates on their opening. This removes the waste which might get stuck on the paws of your cat. This way, they prevent the waste from spreading around the litter box.

But, remember! I don’t advise you to buy them if your cat is large, fat and old.

 Automatic/Self Cleaning Litter Box

The last type of litter box is the self-cleaning or the automated litter box.

As the name suggests these are the most owner-friendly litter boxes. And, that’s because they have a self-cleaning feature.

To be more specific, they have an electric (or mechanical) combing system that separates the waste from the litter into an outside sealed container.

On rotating, these boxes collect the waste in an outside chamber.

Because of so many advanced features, these are high-priced. And, hence the Automated Litter Boxes are not affordable for everyone

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Not Using the Litter Box

If you are perplexed why your disciplined kitty suddenly stopped using the box and started doing her business on the floor. The fault may not be of the kitty but of the box! 

You need to understand the litter box from the cat’s point of view. Even well-trained and disciplined cats stop using the box due to one(or all) of the following reasons: 

  • Dirty and Unclean Litter Box.
  • Using Poor litter(crystals/pellets or non-clumping litter) that are not comfortable to walk on. And, also do not allow complete urine removal.
  • Inappropriate location of a litter box.
  • Blocked from using the box by another dominant feline housemate.
  • Unable to use the box due to noise, over traffic, fear of dogs or humans.
  • Very Small Size of the Box. 
  • Lack of liiter boxes as compared to the number of cats which often leads to cat fights too.
  • Medical problem(s) – This could be a serious problem you need to see your vet in this case. 

The Simple Do’s and Don’ts to Manage the Litter Box

An infographic showing Do's and Don'ts to manage a cat litter box

You may like to read: Best Cat Litter in India

Cat Litter Box FAQs

Que.1: Is it OK to move a cat’s litter box?

I won’t recommend this! As you know, cats are pretty sensitive to changes in their environment. And, if you change the place of the litter box suddenly; they might stop using it and leave their waste on the floor. On the other hand, if it is extremely necessary! Then, you can move the box some inches every day towards the place where you want to place it.

Que.2: Where is the best place to put a cat litter box?

Find a quiet corner in your house that is clean and has low traffic and place the litter box there. This will give your cat some privacy and it will feel secure too while doing her business.

Que.3: How do you deal with a cat in a litter box?

You can manage the cat litter box by following these steps:

1.  Scoop the waste and litter at least once a day.

2. Wash and Clean the litter box within 15 days or a month(maximum).

3. Make sure that you won’t use harsh chemicals for doing so as it can harm your cat’s skin ad stomach.

4. If you have a box with non-clumping litter then you should change completely once a week.

Que.4: How far away should cat food be from the litter box?

Make sure that you never keep the litter-box and cat’s food at the same place. Obviously, you also wouldn’t like to place your food in the toilet. Similarly, placing the litter box and food is not only unhygienic but also dangerous for the health of your cat. If you have a small space then keep the two at the farthest distance from each other.

Q5. Is it not good to have a litter box in your bedroom?

Yes, it’s not a good idea to place a litter box in the bedroom especially when you have a toddler or small children in your home. Firstly, it might affect your baby’s health. Secondly, it might disturb the privacy of your cat and provoke her to do her business outside the box.

Que.6: How do I keep the litter box from smelling in my house?

You can do it by following the 6 simple steps given below: 

6 Simple Steps for Odour Control:

Make sure to Scoop the waste daily. Ideally, it should be twice a day.

Changing the litter twice a week or at least once a week is a must.

Wash the little box twice a month or once a month minimum.

Change the litter box once a year.

Find a litter that deodorizes the best.

Place the litter box in an open or well-ventilated area.


After reading all the above stuff I hope that you have chosen one of the boxes that suits the best to your needs. I have tried my best to bring the best and the most authentic information to you. However, it isn’t possible to try every product myself. Hence, the reviews done above were based on market research, reading hundreds of reviews of the customers, and comparing the features of the different products.

On a quick note, if you want to buy the best product at an average expense then goes for Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray. But, if you want something more economical then go for Canine Crew 3-Piece  Cat LitterTray. And, if your ease and comfort are more important to you than money. Then the best option is to go with Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box.

Happy Purchase!


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