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62 Cat Names Starting with ‘A’-With Meaning

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Finding a perfect name for your cute cat may seem easy but it’s not. Especially when you are looking for a starting point with a specific letter or syllable. And, that’s why you are here. And, we hope that your search will end here.  In this read, you are gonna discover 60 Cat Names Starting with “A” along with their meanings for girls and boys cats.

While shortlisting the name we have researched popular social networking sites such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter so that we give the list of those names which are actually loved and appreciated by real cat parents and not just what we think is good. 

With that said, we hope that you’ll enjoy reading the article. 

Let’s get started.

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Female Cat Names That Start with A

For girls, most probably you want a name that reflects their charm, grace or sweet and sour personalities. We have prepared the below list based on the aforementioned characteristics and traits. Along with this, some of the names come from languages other than English. But the best thing is all of the following names are damn cute while the other are unique or both. 

  1. Allie: It means noble, stone harmony.
  1. Alma: The exact origin is unknown. It means fostering, kind, refreshing and beautiful.
  1. Amber:  An orange gemstone.
  1. Ana: a Spanish name, meaning “favoured grace”. This name is a variation of the Hebrew name ‘Anne’ or ‘Hanna’.
  1. Azura: It stands for the phrase “clear blue sky”.
  1. Abigail: Father’s joy.
  1. Aura: means woman in Arabic.
  1. Ashley: This is a family name, derived from two words of old English æsc means ash, and lēah means forest glade, so the meaning of Ashley is, “from the ash tree field(forest)”.
  1. Aspen: it is derived from the old English word ‘aespe’ or ‘aepse’, which means shaking a poplar tree.
  1. Abby: This name means to rejoice and father’s joy.
  1. Adira: This name has three meanings these are— noble, powerful and strong. 
  1. Autumn: A season that comes before winter. 
  1. Aquamarine: A blue gemstone.
  1. Aroma: Fragrance that comes from food. 
  1. Annabelle: Favoured grace.
  1. Aprilia: Youthful.
  1. Ahlam: Dream.
  1. Ayuki: It’s a Japanese name which means love or affection. 
  1. Aster: It’s a name of Greek origin and means a star. Also, it’s the name of a flower.
  1. Ava: The one who is birdlike and lively. 
  1. Ashe: It’s a name of British origin, which means an ‘Ash Tree’. 
  1. Amelia: This name means ‘hardworking’ and ‘industrious’. 
  1. Amore: A short and sweet name, meaning ‘love’. 
  1. Annie: It’s a feminine name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘grace’ or ‘favour’. 
  1. Adele: The name is of German origin, meaning ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’.
  1. Alif: A Persian name which stands for the first letter of Persian script. 
  1. Annabeth: An English name which is a combination of two names— ‘Anna’ and ‘Elizabeth. It means ‘full of grace’. 
  1. Areola: The area of dark-coloured skin at the centre of a breast surrounding nipple. 
  1. Affection: It means ‘love’. 
  1. Allura: It’s a French name which stands for the phrase ‘to entice’ or ‘to attract’.
  1. Aurora: It’s a girl name of Latin origin which means the ‘dawn’. 
  1. Arwen: A Nobel woman.
An infographic showing the list of cat names starting with  A
An infographic showing the list of cat names starting with A

Male Cat Names Which Start with “A”

Orange male cat yawning

When naming a male cat, cat parents try to find a name that highlights their robust physique, strong personality and naughty behaviour. Some of them may prefer a “larger than life” name such as Alexander or Azer can make thier kid the superhero of the house. So, below is the list of awesome boy cat names which start with ‘A’.

  1. Alex: A diminutive for Alexander who was a great king from Macedonia.
  1. Arden: This name is of Latin origin and means ‘the great forest’. 
  1. Arlo: an Old English name that means a fortified hill.
  1. Awesome: Fantastic, outstanding, excellent.
  1. Alfie: An Elf.
  1. Augustine: It is a Latin name which means to increase. Another meaning is venerable.
  1. Aladdin: from Aladdin.
  1. Avatar: from Avatar.
  1. Abeer: Arabic word for scent.
  1. Abrazo: The word of Latin origin which means ‘to hug’ or ‘embrace’. So, if your tom cat likes to cuddle a lot, you may name him Abrazo.
  1. Azer:  This name means a mountain.
  1. Albus: It means “white”.
  1. Ace: One. Also the highest-rank card in a card game.
  1. Audie: This name means “noble strength”.
  1. Amber: Orange.
  1. Apex: Peak or summit.
  1. Advik: This name is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “Unprecedented”.
  1. Archie: It means bold, brave and genuine. 
  1. Arthur: It means a bear.
  1. Alfa: It means ‘first-born’ or a ‘guide’. Nowadays, this name is used as an adjective to highlight the highly masculine traits of someone. 
  1. Alphonso: A variety of mangoes. This name is suggested for orange male cats.
  1. Aerial: Its literal meaning is ‘operating or existing in the air’. We recommend this name for naughty a cat who keeps his body in the air by jumping here and there. 
  1. Angus: Anglicised version of the Scottish, Gaelic and Irish name Aonghas, meaning ‘one’ and ‘choice’. 
  1. Ayron: It means a mountain of strength. 
  1. Alaskan: The one who is from Alaska. A Great name for long-haired cats. 
  1. Almond: It’s a dry fruit. Here, it refers to the almond-brown coat of cats.
  1. Atomic: Here, it refers to the destructive nature of cats which is analogous to the destructiveness of an atomic bomb. 
  1. Argyle: It’s a boy’s name of Scottish origin. Its meaning is ‘from the land of Gaels’.
  1. Aree: A Hebrew name which means ‘The Lion of God’.
  1. Asher: It means ‘happy’ or ‘blessed’.


Okay, that’s all for today. We hope by this time you already have a list of 4-5 cat names either in your mind or in written form to give a second thought. We tried our best to bring the cutest cat names which start with ‘A’ for you. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments whether you enjoyed reading this post or not. Also, there are lots of cat parents like you who are searching for a good cat name for their cats. So, do them a favour by sharing this blog post on social media. Thanks for reading. 

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