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67 Cat Names That Start With G- With Meanings 2023

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Finding the best name for your cat is a challenge that every cat parent has to face in his/her life. Whether you want to signify her beauty or physical characteristics or you want to tell the world her peculiar traits we have a name for you. 

Our database of cat names has a name with every letter. If your furry friend is an example of beauty you may go with Gemma, Glitter or Gardenia. On other hand, names like Goofy, Gulliver and Goblin suit the naughty male cats. So, here is the list of 67 Cat Names That Start With G for male and female cats along with their meaning.

Let’s now jump right to the list. 

Female Cat Names That Start with “G”

  1. Gemma: a diminutive form of gemstone.
  1. Gold: A yellow-coloured precious metal.
  1. Grace: It means beauty or elegance.
  1. Gracie: It’s a popular pet name. Gracie means an Angel or a protector.
  1. Gülşen: A Turkish name which is originally from Persia. It means a garden. In Urdu, it is written as ‘Gulshan’.
  1. Gazelle: It’s a sub-specie of antelope.
  1. Genoveva: It means ‘White Phantom’.
  1. Glitter: Shiny or radiant. 
  1. Gleamy: Dazzling, bright, or glooming. 
  1. Gato: It’s a Spanish word for a Cat. 
  1. Girasol: This name means a Sunflower.
  1. Gigi: A French name that means “the earth worker’’. Another meaning of the name is ‘God is gracious
  1. Galaxy: A system of stars. If your cat has a shiny coat then this name perfectly reflects her radiance.
  1. Gardenia: A flower.
  1. Genevieve: It’s a name of French origin which means “a woman of the race”.
  1. Gia: It’s an Italian word which is a diminutive of the Hebrew name “Giana” which means “God is gracious”.
  1. Glenice: It’s a Welsh name and feminine form of Glyn ir Glenn. It means a Valley.
  1. Glory: Fame or honour.
  1. Giselle: It’s a name of French origin, meaning ” a pledge”. 
  1. Goose: A water bird, with webbed feet that look similar to a duck but larger in size. 
  1. Gift: A present. Of course, your beautiful kitty is no less than a gift to you. 
  1. Germany: A European country. 
  1. Gun: A weapon that fires bullets. It’s a badass name for female cats. 
  1. Gingle: Old and obsolete spelling of ‘jingle’.
  1. Gnocchi: This name could be derived from the Italian word ‘Nocchio’ which is a dish made from Pasta. 
  1. Gobby: A person who talks in a loud voice. Give this name to your talkative cat. 
  1. Ginny: The name of English origin means pure or chaste. 
  1. Gem or Gemstone: Precious stones which are used to make jewellery. 
  1. Gingersnap: An affectionate cat name that is derived from ‘Ginger cat’ which is an orange tabby cat of any breed. 
  1. Geraldine: Originated in German, this name means a ‘spear ruler’.
  1. Giana: This name has its roots in Italian, it means ‘God is gracious’. 
  1. Ghata: It’s an Indian name that means black clouds laden with water. 
  1. Guré: Means grey in Japanese.
  1. Garlic Bread: A kind of bread topped with garlic, cheese and butter.
10 Cat Names Starting with G Infographic
10 Cat Names Starting with G Infographic

Male Cat Names That Start with G

  1. Goblin: A tiny creature who tricks others. Give this name to your badass tom.
  1. Goodman: It’s clear from the name itself that it means a man with good character.
  1. Goofy: It’s the name of a dog in a cartoon. Its literal meaning is silly or funny. 
  1. Ginger: One of the most popular names of cats in the world for orange cats. It’s the name of a medicinal root.  
  1. Glade: It’s an open space surrounded by woods. 
  1. Gulliver: A fictional character from the novel ‘Gulliver’s Travels.
  1. Giichi: A Japanese name which means “The righteous ruler”.
  1. Gin: It means silver.
  1. Genie: A supernatural creation. 
  1. Gael: Abbreviated version of the English name ‘Abigail’, meaning joyful and happy.
  1. Guadalupe: A quite popular Spanish name which has two meanings. First, a hidden river and second is the valley of wolves.
  1. Gandalf: From the movie “The Lord of the Ring”. 
  1.  Gazpacho: Also known as an Andalusian Gazpacho. It is a cold soup made of blended vegetables.
  1. Glen also spelt as Glenn: It’s a unisex name that means a valley. 
  1. Gollum: Gollum is another famous character from the Lord of the Rings.
  1. Grey: If your cat’s coat is grey you can simply name him on his coat’s colour and call it “Grey”.
  1. Grayson: This means the son of a grey-haired man. 
  1. Gris: Grey in Spanish.
  1. Glint: A short flash of light.
  1. Grumpy: Ill-tempered, surly, and irritable.
  1. Gizmo: Its slang for gadgets.
  1. Gonzo: It’s a strong cat name that means “war” “strife” and “Safe from Harm”. 
  1. Giggle: To laugh lightly out of nervousness or embarrassment in a silly way. Pick this name if you want a funny name for your cat.
  1. Google: The largest search engine in the world. If your spoiled kitten is always in search of food then call him ‘Google’. 
  1. Go-go: An affectionate name for both humans and pets. 
  1. Gorgonzola: A type of cheese. 
  1. Galangal: A root like ginger which is used as an ingredient and flavouring agent in a variety of dishes. 
  1. Gustavo: It’s a name of Italian and Spanish origin that has multiple meanings such as— a leader, support and staff. 
  1. Ghost: A funny name for black and grey cats. 
  1. GoAway: This name has a story behind it. A Reddit user narrated that she had adopted a stray kitten and her father was against this decision. So she allowed her father to name this kitten, and he named him ‘GoAway’. Cute, isn’t it?
  1. Gentleman: An honourable and well-mannered man. 
  1. Gibbs: It’s an Old English name, meaning the ‘son of Gilbert’. 
  1. Grim or Grimes: A person with a mask or who changes his face.

Okay, that has brought us to the end of this post. We hope that our small efforts are helping you to give a beautiful name to your cats. That was the list of 67 Cat Names That Start With G. If you want to suggest more names then don’t hesitate to use our comment section. Please help us reach out to more cat parents like you by sharing this post in your social groups. Thanks for reading. 

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