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Creative Cat Names That Start With U, V and W-2023

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Looking for cat names that start with your favourite letter? Fortunately, you’ve landed at the right place! Our huge database has many wonderful names starting with almost every letter of the alphabet.  

What is more relaxing is that I’ve arranged all these names in a series in the form of separate blog posts so that you can directly go to the post which gives the list of names beginning with that particular letter. 

So, in the short read, you are gonna find out Cat Names That Start With U, V and W for male and female cats along with briefly defined meanings. 

Don’t forget to pick and list down the names that interest you. By the end of this read you’ll be able to pick a name with U, V or W for your new feline friend. 

Girl Cat Names Starting with U- For Girls 

wounded tortoiseshell cat on the street
  1. Uber: It’s a German name also used as a prefix. It means someone or something which is higher than the following word. Like, Ubermensch which means ‘above mensch’.
  1. Ulva: Another German name, meaning “a wolf”.
  1. Umaima: This name comes right from Arabia. It means a little mother.
  1. Unity: It’s a name that signifies peace, collaboration and brotherhood.
  1. Unique: Someone or something which is different from the rest of one of a kind.
  1. Urith: This name Originated in Hebrew and means brightness. So it’s suggested for white and chinchilla kittens(or cats).
  1. Urmi: It’s a name from Sanskrit, meaning a wave.
  1. Urvi: This name has two meanings in Sanskrit— the earth or a river. 
  1. Ursule: Originated in Scandinavian, it means a little she-bear.
  1. Urge: The willingness, desire or craving for something. If you have a kitten who always demands something or the other then it’s a name for her. 

Cat Names That Start With U- For Boys

  1. Uno: It’s a name of old Norse and Finnish origin which means one.
  1. UFO: It’s an abbreviation for Undefined Flying Object. If you think that your Tom is undefinable too although he doesn’t fly(rather jumps) then you may call him UFO. 
  1. Universe: The collection of everything that exists in space. 
  1. Uranus: The seventh planet of the solar system from the sun.
  1. Ulrich: It means a noble or ruler in German. 
  1. Ultra: Extreme or advanced. A cat who is far ahead of the CTS of his time. 
  1. Uran: A word for sky.
  1. Ulax: A style of a traditional Aleug house.
  1. Ujax: A form of ‘Jax’ that stands for the phrase ‘God is gracious’. 
  1. Unyx: A perfect name for badass cats from Greek, meaning a claw or nails.

Cat Names That Start With  V- for Girls

a calico cat walking on the road
  1. Veena: It’s a classical musical instrument native to India. 
  1. Vinca: It’s a flower that can have different colours such as— purple, dark purple pink and white. 
  1. Vela: This name has Latin and/or Sanskrit origin and it means a shore or coast. 
  1. Velvet: A soft textured, radiant and thick cloth. Here, it refers to the soft velvety coats of cats. 
  1. Verbena: Extremely beautiful small flowers that bloom in bunches, occur in multiple colours and have over 150 species. 
  1. Veronica: This name originated in Latin. It means the girl who brings victory. Another meaning is the true image. 
  1. Vinca:  A flower that is famous for occurring in different vibrant colours.
  1. Victoria: Basically, it’s a Latin variant of ‘victory’ Latin. She’s a cat who never gets defeated by her opponents.
  1. Vidya: This name originated from Sanskrit and means education.
  1. Viola: It means purple in Latin.
  1. Violet: Another name for Purple.

Cat Names That Start With V- For Boys 

  1. Vivek: This name means intelligence and wisdom or someone who is intelligent and wise.
  1. Vivacious: He’s a very active and alert cat. Nobody can step into the home without letting him know. 
  1. Viking: A warrior or member of a seafaring pirate settled in many parts of northwestern Europe. 
  1. Vanilla: A substance which is used as a flavouring agent in foods. You may think of giving this name to your white furball. 
  1. Vapour: The gaseous state of substances. This name signifies the agility and liveliness of cats. 
  1. Vondu: The origin and meaning of this name is unknown yet it’s a cute pet name.
  1. Van: Marsh or marshland. 
  1. Veer/Veera: It’s an Indian name which means brave and courageous. This cat is never scared of anything and can’t tolerate dogs. 
  1. Vincent: This name originated in Latin and means winning or conquering. 
  1. Vin: It’s an abbreviation for Vincent. 

Cat Names That Start With W- For Girls

orange maine coon cat sitting at the window
  1. Wendy: A name of English origin,  meaning a friend.
  1. Wind: Moving or flowing air. It highlights the agility and unstoppable nature of cats. 
  1. Whitney: It’s a name from old English Whitney that means a white island.
  1. Willow: It’s a popular pet name. Literally, it means a tree.  
  1. Wilma: Originated in German this name means “resolute protection”.
  1. Winnie: This name has several meanings depending on the context. Some of the popular ones are fair, white, hopeful, happy and pure.
  1. Winter: A cold season. Here, it is suggested for white cats. 
  1. Woolly: Resembling or made of wool. This name symbolises the fluffiness as well as the softness of long-haired cats. 
  1. Water: Liquid Hydrogen oxide (aka H2O). 
  1. Waxy: Like or made of wax.

Cat Names That Start With W- for Boys

  1. Wolverine: A mythological American superhero who has a sense like a wolf, retractable steel claws and the ability to heal himself. 
  1. Witty: Someone who is wise, clever and amusing. 
  1. Warrior: This cat is a born soldier. 
  1. Walfie: Unfortunately, the meaning of this name is not known to me yet I’m including it for sounding cute. 
  1. Wolf: A fierce wild animal that is known for its mercilessness. 
  1. Waldo: This name comes from Old German. It means a powerful ruler.
  1. Walrus: An large aquatic animal with long pointed teeth that looks like a seal. 
  1. Woody: It’s a great choice to name brown cats. This means anything that is made of or looks like wood. 
  1. Walnut: A nut and dry fruit used in making dishes or eaten raw. 
  1. Watson: It’s a name from Old English, meaning the son of water. 

So, those were my recommendations for cat names starting with U, V and W. I hope that this blog post will help you in picking up the right name for your cat. It’ll be highly appreciated if you play an active role in growing the Zippy Pet community by sharing this post with your pals. I’m also open to suggestions, so you can use the comment box below to let me know what’s cooking in your mind. If you want to read more, then you can visit our blog and read the latest blog posts.  

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