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80+ Cat Names That Start With T- Creative Ideas

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The pleasure of being a cat mom or dad brings with it some responsibilities too. 

Every cat parent has to commit himself/herself to some repetitive tasks that they never like to do but have to. Such as cleaning the piss, scooping the clumps of the litter potty and dusting the hair. 

Although naming a cat is not as painful as the aforementioned three, when you do it repeatedly it takes away a good amount of your time. So, I’m here to make things easier and faster for you. 

This is the 20th blog post of our series ‘Cat Names in Alphabetical Order’ and today I’m providing you with a list of 80+ ‘Cat Names That Start With T’ for boys and girls. 

For your ease and entertainment, I’ve given the actual meanings as well as some funny interpretations of most names. So that you can come to know what exactly that name means in a cat’s dictionary.

Cat Names That Start With T- For Girls

grey cat looking into the camera by sitting on the ground
  1. Tale: It’s a fictional story. She’s a vocal cat who tells you her stories all day.
  1. Tasha: It means will or desire in Arabic. She’s the kinda cat that everybody desires to have.
  1. Terra: A name of Latin origin which means the earth. You always found her lounging on the floor. 
  1. Tia: This name primarily has two origins— Spanish and Portuguese. It means ‘aunt’. Give this name to a cat who acts like your aunt and reminds you of your mistakes all the time. 
  1. Toy: An object for playing and entertainment. Indeed, your cat is the best toy you ever had! 
  1. Twix: A world-famous caramel chocolate bar. This name is suggested for brown cats.
  1. Tagete: A beautiful flower that can have white, yellow, golden, orange and maroon colours. 
  1. Tamanna: It’s a name of Indian origin, meaning desire, want, wish or aspiration. Nobody can stop himself from loving her. 
  1. Tangerine: A tangy and juicy fruit like an orange. It signifies the sweet and sour personality of your furry friend. 
  1. Tammy: It means a palm tree. She’s a tall and slim cat who is no less than a supermodel. 
  1. Tesla: A new generation cat name for techno-savvy cats. 
  1. Thunbergia: A beautiful flower that commonly has a dual tone. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s a great choice for naming bicolour cats.
  1. Tiana: This name comes from Russia and means a princess. She’s a royal cat who has been raised in luxuries.
  1. Tithonia: It’s a yellow flower which looks similar to a sunflower. It’s a good choice to name orange and cream cats. 
  1. Titli: It’s a name of Indian origin, meaning a butterfly. A restless and naughty kitty who’s always moving. 
  1. Tomato: She’s a round and fluffy cat who entices you so much that you sometimes think of eating her. LOL.
  1. Truth: A name for a truthful cat who never tries to hide her mistakes. 
  1. Tulip: It’s a beautiful brightly coloured flower having a cup shape. This cat is known for her beauty and delicateness. 
  1. Tux: Literally, it’s a Black and White suit. It’s one of the best names that you can give to a tuxedo cat.
  1. Twilight: The time just after the sunset and before the complete dark. This name is suggested for grey cats.
  1. Thelma: This name has its roots in Greek. It means ‘wil’ or ‘volition’. This cat never settles for anything less. 
  1. Trixie: This name originated in Latin. It means the ‘bringer of joy’. She’s not just a cat but someone who makes you forget your sorrows. 
  1. Tania: Because she’s a Fairy Queen and wants to be treated like that. 
  1. Tima: It means the one who honours god. She is a well-mannered and good girl kinda cat who never troubles her hooman intentionally. 
  1. Twinky: It’s a popular orange cake filled with cream. A cat who has a naughty yet sweet personality deserves this name. 
  1. Tamarind: A sour fruit native to South Asia used as a food ingredient. 
  1. Timber: Wood used for making furniture and in construction. Here,  it refers to the brown colour of a cat’s coat. 
  1. Tigress: As you know, it means a female tiger. She’s a strong and powerful cat who can kill and die for her territory. 
  1. Tink: The sound that a light object makes when it strikes against a resonant metal. Suggested for cats that have a shrill voice. 
  1. Twist: Turning something against the natural shape. She’s an unusual cat who surprises you with his acts every day. 
  1. Tinkerbell: A fictional fairy in the novel ‘Peter Pan’. This name is a symbol of cuteness, helpfulness and affection. 
  1. Twyla: It’s an abbreviation of ‘Twilight’. It’s a really sweet name and a unique name for naming grey cats. 
  1. Tysa: The true meaning of this name is unknown but you can go for it because it sounds very cute.
  1. Tinder: Anything which is dry and inflammable. She is a cat who suddenly gets excited or aggressive for no reason.  
  1. Tuna: An edible fish. Commonly, sold in cans. A cat who is always ready to eat one more bowl of fish. 
  1. Teta: It’s a short and cute name but its meaning and origin are disputed.
  1. Trouble: Because she creates mess and chaos throughout the day and she’s proud of it. LOL.
  1. Tuah: The true origin of this name is unknown. It means one love is free-spirited. This cat never likes to follow commands. 
  1. Trudy: Originated in German, it means ‘universal strength’. A name that highlights the power of your cat. 
  1. Tik Tok: This cat is a Tik Tok sensation(even Instagram) and the only bread earner of the family. LOL 
This infographic shows a list of 11 cat names which start with T
This infographic shows a list of 11 cat names which start with T

Cat Names That Start With S- For Boys 

  1. Tatertot: An affectionate name for a quirky male cat.
  1. Thunder: Violent, strong and destructive winds. This cat is known for breaking things and kitchen wares are his favourite. 
  1. Tiger: A large orange wild cat with stripes. It’s one of the most popular cat names and the best to name a ginger cat. 
  1. Titan: A name of Greek origin meaning ‘defender’. He’s your companion cum bodyguard for commutes. No dog can even think of coming close to you if he’s with you. 
  1. Tucker: It’s an occupational surname which has its roots in German and English. It means a cloth softener. Give this name to a cat who kneads more than normal cats. 
  1. Tweedle: Because he loves singing the cat anthem all the time. 
  1. Taco: A popular Mexican food. 
  1. Tiggy: An affectionate pet name adapted from the tiger. Nobody can save a toy from his powerful jaws and sharp claws. 
  1. Tom: Slang for a male cat. This cat is as stupid as the Tom of Tom & Jerry cartoon. 
  1. Tigger: A stuffed toy tiger. Indeed, your cute friend deserves this name for looking like a little tiger.
  1. Torajiro: Japanese for tiger. 
  1. Thor: He’s a mighty feline superhero with paws like a hammer to save his pride from the stray cats. 
  1. Thunder: A cat with a damp voice. His short hiss is enough to scare his enemies. 
  1. Terminator: This cat is known for testing the sturdiness of toys as he can terminate poor-quality wands, soft toys, and even plastic toys within minutes. 
  1. Tyler: A famous character from the movie Fight Club’. This name is suggested for your cat because he’s as charming and handsome as Brad Pitt, isn’t he? 
  1. Tison: He’s a cat who is famous in the neighbourhood for his powerful strikes. 
  1. Tornado: This cat is full of energy and can turn any place into a violent tornado in seconds.
  1. Typhoon: Japanese for a tornado. He’s so playful and mischievous that sometimes it seems you are stuck amid a strong indoor typhoon.
  1. Takshido: This name has its roots in Japanese and means Tuxedo suit or pattern. This name is for cat parents who want to name their cat in a foreign language. 
  1. Tan: For a cat who has a tan or dark brown coat.
  1. Topaz: A precious stone of yellow colour. Suggested a black cat with shining yellow eyes that seem like two topaz studded in a ring.
  1. Tejas: A name of Sanskrit origin, meaning strength, valour, brilliance, and courage. Of course, your brave tom has all of these traits so why shouldn’t you give him this desi Indian name?
  1. Thud: He’s a mischievous cat who always gets caught red-handed jumping down from high places causing momentary panic in the home. 
  1. Ticked: A  type of tabby pattern. This cat shines like a sea when he’s sitting in the sun. 
  1. Takeshi: It means shine or radiance in Japanese. His coat is so marvellous that it masks all the other traits. 
  1. Toofan: A pretty popular pet name of Indian origin, meaning a storm. This cat is known for astonishing guests with his unmatchable speed while chasing a toy. 
  1. Truffle: Because he possesses an impeccable sense of smell when it comes to discovering hidden food.
  1. Tarzan:  This is an adventurous cat who loves risking his life for the sake of play. He was usually spotted swinging on curtains, leaping onto bookshelves, and jumping from the top cabinet. 
  1. Tabasco: A cat who has an uncanny knack for giving you those spicy kicks which make you bring his food immediately.
  1. Tapatio: The one who is from Guadalajara a region in Mexico. 
  1. Tigre: The spelling is correct, it’s a Spanish variant of the tiger. You know the rest. 
  1. Tot: He’s a sweet, innocent little kitten who has just set his paws in this beautiful world. 
  1. Touchdown: A cat with an astounding ability to land beautifully on any surface, scoring a perfect “touchdown” every time.
  1. Thunderpaw: A cat who has a spirit of an owl in it. He never sleeps throughout the night and awakes everyone in the household with his disturbing footsteps. 
  1. Travis: A cat with a chilled attitude and nature cool you often found him lounging near fireplaces, balconies, or at the entrance door.  
  1. Timothy: Literally, it means ‘Honouring God’ or ‘Honoured by God’. He’s a cat who almost forces you to express gratitude for his kisses and hugs. 
  1. Tomb Raider: He’s an expert raider who has an impressive ability to snatch things before you realize that you have been robbed.
  1. Tom Cruise: This cat loves adventures more than any other cat in the world. He loves watching movies and is a damn fan of Tom Cruise.
  1. Titanium: A cat wia th a silver coat that shines like titanium.
  1. Trout: He’s a cat who sticks like glue to his mom/dad and loves petting on the tummy. 
  1. Tango: A cat whose impeccable ability to impress everyone with his magical moves. 

So, that was all about Cat Names That Start With T. Now as you have read all the names, I want to shortlist 5 names and then from those 5s pick the one that touches you the most. I hope that this post has proven helpful to you. If yes, click the share button and let other cat parents know the address of this resource. If you want to suggest some more names then you directly send me a mail or comment below. 

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