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185 Black and White Cat Names

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Posted on August 4, 2022

Myrna, Tinkerbell, and Yurika are the names that catch the listeners’ attention as soon as they are heard. The good thing is they not only sound good but also have wonderful meanings. Welcome, today you are going to get the list of 180+ Black and White Cat Names(just like the above three) to give a  special name to your feline friend. 

Have you just adopted a boy or girl black & white kitten but not getting enough good name ideas to name her? Go right to the two tables below to choose a name for a boy or girl.

However, if you don’t want to go for famous names rather than looking for something unique then tables number 3 and 4 have a list of unique cat names for black and white cats. 

Next, you’ll find the Unisex Cat Names for Black and White Cats. This list is for those cat parents who don’t care about gender.  All they want is just to give a cute-sounding name to their loving friend.

On the other hand, if you are a movie enthusiast or someone who wants to relive his/her childhood memories then I have also prepared a list of selected names from movies and Disney for your Black and White Cats. 

Can’t wait to read the list. Let’s begin!

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20 Black and White Cat Names Male(Boy) 

BableIt is originally a family name of the Anglo-Saxon tribe in Britain. Its literary meaning is the son of Barbara
ClemThe one who is gentle and merciful
FlakeIt’s a topographic name of German origin. It is used to refer to someone who lives near the swamps.
GundyAn English surname. Also used as a pet form of many names that begin with ‘gund’ (battle)
JulesYouthful. Give this to your black and white kitten who is just about to enter her youth.
KarmaMeans deeds in Hindi
LuxNo matter what is the colour of the coat of your cat lux means ‘light’ at it suits all cats that have luxuriant coats
MarvisThis name stands for the phrase ‘friend of the sea’. The name sounds modern and has a beautiful meaning
MesmerizeFascinate, hypnotise a perfect name to reflect the hypnotic beauty of your tuxedo cat
MouserThe one who catches mice
MicaA shiny rock
Myrtleit’s a plant that is associated with love and peace
PearlA small rounded, lustrous, and hard substance that is formed inside a shell of the oyster and used in making jewellery. It also refers to someone of great significance and without any doubt, your fluffy deserves this name. 
RikkiThis is a name of German origin which means a peaceful ruler or complete ruler
SoozThe meaning of ‘Sooz’ is not clear yet its pronunciation is soothing to the ears, so I included it in the list
TroubleSynonym for the mischievousness of your spoilt cat LOL.
TuahMeans luck or fortune in Malay 
TiggyIt means tiger 
WillowIt stands for willow tree and freedom both

25 Black and White Cat Names Female(Girl)

This is a header image for black and white cat names for girls
Beatrice or Beatrixit’s a girl’s name which means ‘she who makes happy’
BindyA variation of the Italian name Belinda which means ‘beautiful’
DixieIt’s an English version of the French word ‘Dix’ that translates to ‘tenth’
ElieMeans light. Just like your sweet friend which has brought in the light in your life along with her
FloraFlora means plants or vegetation found in a particular region. It also means a flower
GloriaThis fascinating female name stands for glory, honour and fame
GracieA name of Latin origin, meaning favour, beautiful and blessing
HannahLike, For Gloria ‘Hannah’ means grace and favour too. So, if you have two female cats name one Gracie and another Hannah
LillyLily is the name of a flower. This name stands for peace and innocence
LiseIt’s a name of Danish origin which means ‘pledge to God’
MarleneA German name which means ‘star of the sea’
MeekoWise, efficient, strength and some other wonderful meanings. It sounds pretty cute too.
MollyAgain, this name also means ‘star of the sea’ like Marlene
MyrnaI personally like the sound of this name. It’s of Celtic origin and means ‘beloved’
NiniMany say that this name has Arabic but they are wrong. It has some other meanings in other languages such as it’s a childish variant for ‘sleep’ in India. It’s a plural of the Italian word Nino.
PearlieAnything which is like pearl or has a pearly appearance
PooAn affectionate name with no meaning. In India, it is used as a short form for the word ‘Pooja’ which means worship
PrincessThe daughter of a king
QuincieThe name of French origin means the ‘estate of the fifth son. Yes, its meaning is not good but it sounds pretty good
RoseA flower. An evergreen name that’s always in trend. A great one to name your fur-ball
SallyThis name originated in Hebrew and means ‘princess’
SummerA season of hot weather and dry weather with a clear sky 
TrudyA German name, meaning ‘spear of strength’
WinniePure, smooth, white, soft, fair and some other meanings

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39 Black and White Cat Names Unique 

For Girl

AmeAmazing name to reflect the bravery of your fierce little tiger 
CeliaComes from Latin, meaning ‘heavenly’
ClariceEnglish version of the French name ‘Clarisse’ that means ‘bright’
CorraIt’s a name of Greek origin which means ‘maiden’
HaloOriginated in Greek, meaning Divine Aura’
LadybugLady beetle
MomoPeach. It’s also a name of a Chinese food
MoleA small burrowing mammal (looks similar to a mouse). Another meaning is a black or brown dot on a body. The good thing is both meanings are great to name your black and white cat
NonoAn affectionate name with no meanings
OraThe name is of Latin origin and means a prayer
OceanA very large water body and extension of the sea
PhyllisA name of German origin, meaning a green leaf’(yes, it does not have any relation with the black and white cat yet who cares as far as the name sounds wonderful)
PixieIt’s a name of Celtic origin which means ‘fairy’ totally justifies the divine beauty of your cat
RaylaA name of Hebrew origin. It means wise and guardian
SayyarahMeans caravan in Arabic. In Urdu, this word stands for a planet
TinkerbellWanna find a perfect name for your talkative kitty since it refers to anything that makes a tinkling sound like a bell
Tik TokA short rhythmic sound
UxoriousShowing a great fondness for life
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For Boy

AudaciousBrave, daring, courageous 
BlissExtreme happiness, joy, cheer
ButtersSeems like this name has been tailored to tell the world about the soft, glossy and buttery coat of your handsome friend
BrutusAn affectionate name for your chubby cat
CarrilloA Spanish word that stands for the peculiarity of cheeks 
ClumsyThe dictionary meaning of this name is chaotic and awkward but it can also be used to name a cat when you love his indisciplined behaviour. LOL
ClutterAnother name similar to Clumsy in pronunciation and meaning
DelightHappiness. Admit that you feel happy whenever you see your feline friend
EveningThe time when the sun sets
FizzA bubble of gas and a hissing sound. If you want to highlight the bubbly personality of your cat then call him ‘Fizz’
GagronA beautiful fort in Rajasthan, India
LeonA name of Greek origin which means a ‘Lion’
Mr socksAnother affectionate name that perfectly shows the socky pattern on the legs of your cat
RizzoAnyone who has curly hair 
RyokoA good and understanding child just like your obedient cat

10 Black and White Cat Names Disney 

This is a header image for black and white cat names Disney
BelleFrom the beauty and the beast
CinderellaFrom Cinderella 
GenieFrom Aladdin
GoofyFrom Goofy
MickeyFrom Mickey Mouse
MulanFrom Mulan
OlafFrom Frozen
PinguFrom Pingu
ThumperFrom Bambi
TianaFrom the Princess and the Frog
TomFrom Tom and Jerry

12 Black and White Cat Names Unisex

BoA meaningless affectionate name
DotGive this name to a cat which has dots or patches either black or white on her coat
KekoaSomeone who is brave or a warrior
LilShort form for ‘little’
Loua French name meaning renowned warrior
MarbledA pattern like marble. This name is suitable for a silver classic tabby cat such as an American Short-hair cat
PolkaHere it refers to the polka dot pattern
ScrumpCrisp here refers to the crispy Personality of your cat
SpottedDotted or patched
StrippedA pattern that has  narrow bands of the same with or with little difference
TickedAnother tabby pattern where the individual hair has a pattern such that almost 80-90% of the hair has one colour and the tip of the hair is white
TuxShort form for Tuxedo(here, it refers to a tuxedo cat)

15 Black and White Cat Names Japanese

AkiBright, radiance
Hiraa joyful girl
Benjikosomeone who enjoys being in peace
Gekkomeans ‘moonlight’ in Japanese
GomaThe Japanese word for sesame
Irukait stands for ‘dolphin’ in Japanese
KoshoThe Japanese word for ‘pepper’. Here, it refers to the black outer coat and white inner substance of pepper
Penginmeans ‘penguin’ in Japanese
ShimaumaThe Japanese word for Zebra
ShizuokaA city in Japan
Takishidoit means ‘tuxedo’ in Japanese
Yurikolily child

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22 Black and White Cat Names from Movies

AliceFrom  resident evil
DarylFrom the Walking Dead
DorothyFrom the Wizard of Oz
DobbyFrom Harry Potter
GollumFrom the Lord of the Ring
HermoineFrom Harry Potter
JackFrom Titanic
JasperFrom Twilight
Lara From Tomb Raider
LeiaFrom Starwars
MaximusFrom gladiator
NeganFrom the Walking Dead
NeoFrom Matrix
PrimroseFrom the Hunger Games
Ragnarfrom the T.V series Vikings
Rickfrom the Walking Dead
RonFrom Harry Potter
RoseFrom Titanic
SloaneFrom Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
TerminatorFrom terminator
VesperFrom Casino Royale, it has a beautiful meaning—’evening star’
WolverineFrom X-men

13 Black and White Cat Names Warriors

AlexanderThe ancient king of Macedonia
AlbarThe English name for Elf warrior
AryanThe member of the warrior race called Aryan
BarbaraThe girl defender
ElmaA German name for defender
MatildaA German female warrior
NeroA Roman emperor
SamuraiA member of the Japanese nobility and officer caste
SaifThe Arabic word for Sword
Sun TzuA famous warrior and army general from China
MuharibThe Arabic word for a warrior
SpartanThe who belongs to Sparta (a warrior society in ancient Greece)
YoddhaHindi name for a warrior

14 Black and White Cat Names Food

BlackberryAs the name suggests these are berries with black colour and tangy taste
BingsuA black and white dessertPure
BourbonA sandwich biscuit with chocolate biscuits with chocolate buttercream in between
BrunA salted bun eat
CoconutA fruit of coconut palm that has a hard and dark  outer coat and  soft white pulp and water inside
CookieA baked biscuit made of flour, butter and sugar
DoughnutA bread stuffed with sweet cream
FudgeA chocolatey cake
MackerelA fish with a striped pattern
NachoA cheesy snack
OreoA sandwich biscuit with a circular dark chocolate biscuit at the top and bottom and white cream in the middle
SesameSeeds are used as a spice or flavour in various foods
TruffleA kind of cake
WalnutDry fruit with hard brown shells like tasty fruit inside

14 Black and White Cat Names Animals

BadgerA short-legged omnivore with various patterns including black and white stripes and bi-colour pattern
DalmatianAn expensive dog breed with a white base colour and black spots
DolphinA member of the whale family with beautiful black and white body
FalconA ticked patterned carnivore bird
GuillemotSeveral species of sea birds primarily have black and white pattern
JerseyA breed of cow that has solid colour or  bicolour pattern including the combination of black and white
LemurAn arboreal mammal endemic to Madagascar which has a pointed wet nose, large rounded eyes, and long tail(often ringed) 
MagpieA small black and white bird which is among the most intelligent animals in the world
OrcaAnother specie of whale has a black and white body
PandaA black and white specie of bear endemic to China 
PenguinA group of flightless birds that live exclusively in the southern  hemisphere and mainly have black and white coats except for a few other species that have different colours
PorpoisePorpoise is also a specie of whales and they have black and white black and white bodies too along with some other colours
SkunkDifferent skunks have different appearances but most of them have their coats in a combination of black and white colours 
ZebraA member of the horse and ass family(Equidae) which has beautiful black and white stripes on its body

What Would You Call Her Now?

If you are reading this it means that you have successfully read all the Black and White Cat Names suggested in these blog posts. I hope that these lists have helped you in choosing a suitable name. If you have some names in your mind then don’t hesitate to share them with me. I’ll include them later in the article. You can directly mail me or drop the names right into the inbox on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts. Thanks for reading!