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300+ Grey Cat Names- With Meanings

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Hello, my dear cat parents. Want to find a special name for your grey/gray cat(or kitten)? 

No matter if the kitten is adopted or born, the first thing you need to do is choose a cute-sounding name for him/her. The good thing is, we are here to help you out in your endeavours.

A lot of cat parents (like you) prefer to name their new cats and kittens after their cots’ colours. And if you have a grey kitten then you are at the right place, at the right time. 

So, here are the Grey Cat Names for Male and Female Cats with meanings. Keep reading… 

How to Name a Grey Cat? 

Obviously, if you are here then it’s pretty clear tha you want to name your feline friend after her grey coat. However, it’s not necessary. Many people name their cats based on the other characteristics of their personalities such as the colour of their eyes, the length and radiance of their hair, and their nature on other animals. Or they might dry something completely different and give a funny name or a name from movies to their cats.

So, there can be different approaches choose a name for grey cats too. However, in this read, I primarily focus on the names based on the grey colour of the coat of your cat.

Most Popular Grey Cat Names 

Most Popular Grey Cat Names List
This infographic shows the list of the most popular Grey Cat Names

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Grey Cat Names Males 

This is a header image for grey cat names boy showing a grey cat in the dark
  1. Arlee: This name would match your cat’s promising personality. It’s a Hebrew name which means promising. 
  1. Ash: As you know Ash is the residual which is left after burning natural substances which has dark grey colour. So if you have a Russian blue, British Shorthair or any dark grey cat, nothing can be better than this famous name.
  1. Ashar: Ashar is a pet variant of Ash. Also, in Urdu, this name means lively, intelligent and wise.
  1. Chestnut: A smooth and grey nut.
  1. Derek: Ruler of the people.
  1. Dhoomil: It’s a Hindi name which means foggy, cloudy, unclear and some other meanings. Here, it refers to the colour cloudy colour of grey cats. 
  1. Drab: Pick this name if you are a parent of a lazy grey cat. It means dull. It does not only signifies the colour of your cat but also her/his lazy nature. 
  1. Dusty: Unclear, faded, or like dust. 
  1. Greyson: Son of a man who has grey hair. So, if the father of your grey kitten is grey too then Greyson is a great pick. It sounds classy and highlights the grey hair of cats.
  1. Gris: It’s a masculine form of grey in  French.
  1. Grizzly: A large greyish-brown bear. This name specifically suits long-haired grey cats such as Maine coon, Siberian Cats, Norwegian Forest cats, Persian and other long-haired breeds.
  1. Marble: Then most common marbles are white but grey marbles are pretty famous too. So, this name can be suitable for both grey and white cats.
  1. Nardo: It means strong, hard and solid.
  1. Pluto: Pluto is a dwarf planet. 
  1. Rikki: This name has two primary meanings— alone and forever.
  1. Smokey: One of the most popular names for grey cats on the planet. Give this name to your cat if you prefer a name which stays evergreen.
  1. Smudge: Its literal meaning is dirty mark or smear(not good, right?). However, it’s a very popular name in the pet world. 
  1. Zesty: The one who is full of enthusiasm, energy and liveliness. Alright, this name doesn’t have anything related to grey. But it can signify the zesty personality of your playful kitten.
  1. Zane: A Gracious God’s gift.

Grey Cat Names Female

This is a header image for Grey cat names female showing  a grey and white cat
  1. Anabella: Anabella is a name of French, meaning favoured grace. In recent years, the name has become quite popular after the horror movie Annabella. So if you see a hidden ghost in your weird cat then go with it. LOL
  1. Blurry: Foggy, unclear, translucent and other meanings. This name perfectly highlights the grey coat of your cat.
  1. Clove: A black or dark brown dry bud used as a spice. Yes, I said black! But you can give this name to a grey cat too. 
  1. Drizzle: Light rain which falls in small droplets and appears greyish. 
  1. Greyish: Anything which is either grey or close to it.
  1. Grise: Do you remember, in the previous section you have “Girls”? Well, Grise is the feminine variant of the same French name and it means “Grey” too.
  1. Hazy: Cloudy, blurred or unclear.
  1. Kajal: It means soot. You may give this name to both black and grey cats.
  1. Leaden: Lead is a grey metal and looks quite similar to graphite.
  1. Misty: Clouds that float close to the ground.
  1. Pepper: A spice.
  1. Phee: Anyone who has dark features. Your cat’s grey coat pairs greatly with this name.
  1. Phy: To be defined
  1. Shadow: Dark outline of an object that forms on the surface when it comes in between the light rays and the surface.
  1. Slaty: This name can be given to anything that has a grey colour like a slate rock.
  1. Slate: A dark grey rock.
  1. Surma: Fine powder of black rocks which is used as an eye-makeup.
  1. Surmeeli: It’s a name of Indian origin, meaning “like Surma or of the colour of Surma”.
  1. Sooty: Anything that looks like soot

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Grey Cat Names Unisex

  1. Ashy: Resembling or made of ash.
  1. Ashen: Similar to ash in appearance.
  1. Baryte: It’s a Greek name which means heavy.
  1. Cinereous: Tinegd black or resembling ash.
  1. Flint: A rock.
  1. Galena: The one who is intelligent.
  1. Ghostly: Like a ghost. If your grey cat wanders in the house at 3 a.m. every night then she’ll love this name.
  1. Goldstone: A glittering glass.
  1. Haze: FIne dust or smoke.
  1. Hematite: An ore of iron which has a dark grey colour.
  1. Hoary: Getting greyed or whiten with age.
  1. Kaola: A specie of bear.
  1. Matt: Dull, non-lustrous or pale.
  1. Mole: A dark, round, black or brown mark on the skin.
  1. Nickel: A black metal.
  1. Pumice: A dark grey rock with air holes.
  1. Raccoon: A small wild carnivore.
  1. Rock: This name signifies the strength of your cat.
  1. Sallow: A tree.
  1. Seal: An aquatic mammal with dark grey colour and chubby body.

Light Grey Cat Names

  1. Düster: One that removes dust.
  1. Ceres: A dwarf planet in the solar system.
  1. Daphne: Laurel tree.
  1. Farblos: Colourless.
  1. Geeko: A specie of lizard. If you like to name your cat after other animals then you may try “Geeko”. It sounds extremely cute.
  1. Haze: Fine dust or smoke.
  1. Luna: Moon
  1. Laila: This name signifies the darkness of your furball’s coat s it means “night” in Arabic.
  1. Marble: A metamorphic rock formed made from limestone and can be of different colours. Grey is one of them.
  1. Nube:  It’s a Spanish word for a cloud.
  1. Peat: A form of coal or raw coal. Its dark grey colour has a similar shade as of the cats with dark grey coats.
  1. Trüb: It’s a name of german origin which mean “Dull or unclear”. Another meaning is a cloud.
  1. Trübe: Cloudy

Unique Grey Cat Names

Header image for Unique Grey cat names showing a Grey Maine coon cat
  1. Cirrus: It means a lock of hair.
  1. Core: The innermost layer t of the earth.
  1. Dhundh: It’s an Indian name which means fog.
  1. Elephanta: Adapted from the word “elephant” which is the largest mammal on the land and has dark grey colour.
  1. Graphite: A dark grey non-metallic rock.
  1. Granite: Granite is an igneous rock found under the crust of the earth and commonly used in construction. It may have different colours and one of them is ‘grey’.
  1. Grayson: Grayson used to refer to anyone who is the son of a grey-haired man.
  1. Hippo: A large and fat wild animal.
  1. Husky: A breed of dog which looks similar to a wolf.
  1. Iris: The coloured part of eyes. You may give this name to your grey cat if you want to give him/her after her eye colour.
  1. Kuraudo: It means “Cloud” in Japanese.
  1. Lloyd: The one who has grey hair.
  1. Maghrib: it’s an Arabic word for “Twilight”.
  1. Magma: The very hot mixture of molten rock inside the earth.
  1. Moby: To be defined.
  1. Nisha: It’s a name of Hindi origin which means “night”.
  1. Nuage: It means “Cloud” in French.
  1. Nuvem: It meands “Cloud” in Portuguese.
  1. Ōpua: This name means “Cloud” in Hawaiian.
  1. Pilvi: “Cloud” in Finnish.
  1. Rajni: Night in Hindi and Sanskrit.
  1. Rhino: Rhinoceros.
  1. Saanjh: It means “evening” in Hindi and Sanskrit.
  1. Sandhya: Like, Saanjh, Sandhya also means “evening”.
  1. Seher: Dawn
  1. Silverado: Silver
  1. Silver: A precious metal of light grey colour and high lustre.
  1. Silverstone: An old English family name which means “silversmith”
  1. Slate: A grey metamorphic rock with many layers.
  1. Shade: A dark area which is formed by blocking the sunrays.
  1. Sky(ski): It is a  Danish word for “Cloud”.
  1. Stoney: Resembling a stone.
  1. Wolke: This name stands for “Cloud” in German.
  1. Yun: It means “Cloud” in Chinese.

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Grey in Different Languages 

  1. Ramadi(grey in Arabic)
  1. Harmaa(grey in Finnish)
  1. Ergraut (grey in Luxembourgish)
  1. Hinahina (grey in Hawaiian)
  1. Wan (grey in Hebrew)
  1. Huise  de (grey in Chinese)
  1. Szürke (Grey in Hungarian)
  1. Liath (Grey in Irish)
  1. Grigio (Grey in Italian) 
  1. Gurē (Grey in Japanese)
  1. Hoesaeg (Grey in Korean)
  1. Gewr  (Grey in Kurdish)
  1. Griseo (Grey in Latin)
  1. Szary (Grey in Polish)
  1. Cinza (Grey in Portuguese)
  1. Seryy (Grey in Russian)
  1. Surmai (Grey in Urdu)

Grey Cat Names from Reddit 

  1. Ash 
  1. Earl
  1. Dimitri
  1. Earl (grey)
  1. Feathertail
  1. Gandalf 
  1. Greystripe
  1. Mistyfoot
  1. Mouse
  1. Nimbus
  1. Nermal
  1. Silverstream
  1. Smokey
Header image for grey cat names in alphabetical order showing a solid grey cat lying on the bed

Grey Cat NamThat Start with A

  1. Abr Urdu
  1. Anabella 
  1. Anchovy
  1. Ash
  1. Ashen
  1. Aspen
  1. Aussie
  1. Avalanche

Grey Cat NamThat Start with B

  1. Baryte
  1. Bella
  1. Bobby
  1. Bug
  1. Blurry
  1. Bulut (Cloud in Turkish) 
  1. Binni 
  1. Beenish

Grey Cat NamThat Start with C

  1. Chestnut
  1. Cloud
  1. Cloudy
  1. Ceres
  1. Coco
  1. Cinza
  1. Clove
  1. Crizzle

Grey Cat NamThat Start with D

  1. Daphne 
  1. Derek
  1. Dhoomil
  1. Drab
  1. Drizzle
  1. Duster
  1. Dusty 
  1. Dyna

Grey Cat NamThat Start with E 

  1. Earl
  1. Emerald
  1. Eva
  1. Evening 
  1. Ezra
  1. Ethna 
  1. Ergraut 
  1. Erotica

Grey Cat NamThat Start with F

  1. Farblos
  1. Feathertail
  1. Flaky
  1. Flint
  1. Flynn
  1. Fox
  1. Foggy
  1. Foziya

Grey Cat NamThat Start with G 

  1. Gemma 
  1. Ghym
  1. Greyson
  1. Grigio
  1. Gris(grey in French for males)
  1. Grizzly 
  1. Gurē: Grey in Japanese
  1. Griseo: Grey in Latin

Grey Cat NamThat Start with H 

  1. Harmaa
  1. Haze
  1. Hazy
  1. Harmaa(grey in Finnish)
  1. Hippo
  1. Hinahina
  1. Hoesaeg
  1. Husky

Grey Cat NamThat Start with I 

  1. Iris
  1. Ike
  1. Ilka
  1. Imogen
  1. Isis
  1. Island
  1. Itzel
  1. Ivy

Grey Cat NamThat Start with J 

  1. Jack
  1. Japer
  1. Jenna
  1. Jester
  1. Joe
  1. Jolly
  1. Jumeira
  1. Josh

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Grey Cat NamThat Start with K 

  1. Kajal
  1. Kalu
  1. Kamini
  1. Kaola
  1. Kashish
  1. Koyal
  1. Kendra
  1. Kuraudo

Grey Cat NamThat Start with L 

  1. Laila
  1. Lead 
  1. Leaden
  1. Lenny
  1. Liath
  1. Lloyd
  1. Lola
  1. Luna

Grey Cat NamThat Start with M 

  1. Marble
  1. Maghrib
  1. Magma
  1. Mercury
  1. Mist
  1. Misty
  1. Moby
  1. Moon

Grey Cat NamThat Start with N 

  1. Narzo 
  1. Naina 
  1. Nermal
  1. Nisha
  1. Nickel
  1. Nube
  1. Nuage
  1. Nuvem

Grey Cat NamThat Start with O 

  1. Obsidian
  1. Oblako(Cloud in Russian)
  1. Ode
  1. Ōpua(Cloud in Hawaiian)

Grey Cat NamThat Start with P 

  1. Panther
  1. Pangolin 
  1. Pepper
  1. Penguin
  1. Pigeon
  1. Phoebus
  1. Phoenix
  1. Phee

Grey Cat NamThat Start with R 

  1. Ramadi
  1. Rain
  1. Retro
  1. Rikki
  1. Rock
  1. Raccoon 
  1. Roan
  1. Rajni
  1. Rhino

Grey Cat NamThat Start with S 

  1. Saanjh
  1. Sandhya
  1. Seher
  1. Shade 
  1. Shadow
  1. Silver
  1. Slate
  1. Silverado
  1. Silverstone
  1. Slaty
  1. Smokey
  1. Smudge
  1. Stoney
  1. Sooty
  1. Surma
  1. Surmeeli

Grey Cat NamThat Start with T

  1. Talisman
  1. Tamara
  1. Toto
  1. Teak
  1. Titanium
  1. Trüb 
  1. Trübe
  1. Tinkerbell 

Grey Cat NamThat Start with Y 

  1. Yadira
  1. Yak
  1. Yana
  1. Yem
  1. Yeti
  1. Yonah
  1. Yo-yo
  1. Yumna

Grey Cat NamThat Start with Z

  1. Zane
  1. Zeal
  1. Zesty
  1. Ziggy


Finally, we have reached the point where we will wrap up this post. The good thing is now you know 300+ Grey Cat Names. Now, I want you to go through the shortlisted names again and invest some time in deciding which name you like the most. I have put all the care which was required to write this read, however, if you still want to highlight a mistake or want to suggest some name then you can reach out to us via our official mail Id. With that said, I take a leave now. Please share this article in your social groups to help us reach more cat parents like you.

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