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Black Cat Names 2023- With Meanings 

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Let me make it clear to you, your search for a black cat name is going to end here! 

Video Showing Names for Black Cats

After becoming a proud parent of a gorgeous female or a handsome male black cat, the first thing you have to do is give him/her a beautiful cat name. But is it right to give her a ‘great name’ without knowing the meaning?

Not really. In fact, a great name for a pet is one that has three common features: 

  1. It should have an attractive pronunciation.
  1. It should have a good meaning.
  1. It should be easier to relate with your cat.

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, I’ve prepared a list of Black Cat Names for males and females to help you find the best name for your new black friend.

This comprehensive list of cat names for black cats will walk you through different approaches that you can follow to reach out to the name destined for your blacky. 

From gender-based to unisex, from animals to cartoon characters I’ve everything for you. Let’s jump in. 

Top 11 Black Cat Names Infographic

Top 11 Black Cat Names Infographic
Top 11 Black Cat Names Infographic.

Black Cat Names Male

Black Maine Coon Cat With Golden Eyes
Black Maine Coon Cat With Golden Eyes

Asphalt: A dark bituminous mix with gravel to make roads. 

Aswad: It’s an Arabic word that means “Black”. 

Amavas: This is a name of Indian origin meaning “the night of new moon or no moon”. 

Bitumen: A dark and thick mixture of hydrocarbons used to make roads. 

Black Knight: A knight wearing a black costume.

Carbon: A black-coloured element present in nature in various forms such as diamond, graphite, coal, charcoal and soot.

Caveman: The ancient human used to live in caves.

Chaplin: This name is inspired by Charlie Chaplin. Here the name refers to the black colour of his signature suit. 

Charcoal: The black leftover substance that forms when wood burns.

Cocoa: A bean which is used to make chocolate.

Coke: A black substance obtained from coal and used as a fuel.

Cola: A dark brown, sweet and sour drink free from alcohol. The name is also used for a genus of nuts called ‘cola’ from which ‘cola’(drink) is made.

Cosmos: Universe. 

Darky: Here, it refers to the black coat of cats.

Deimos: One of the natural satellites of Mars. 

Diesel: One of the products obtained from petroleum used to run mostly cars and trucks.

Floof: A long-haired or furry animal. The name is best suited for long-haired black cats.

Gipsy: The member of the aboriginal group from Southeast Asia, currently widespread in Europe and South America. Another meaning is a free-spirited person.

Graphite: A soft black rock which is a pure form of carbon. 

Mole: A small black or brown spot on the body. It’s also the name of a small black animal.

Inkblot: A patch or mark of ink on something. This name is suitable for bicolour Black cats.

Inked: Anything which is marked or dyed with ink. 

Nero: Means Black in Latin. 

Nigella: Tiny black seeds used as a spice.

Nickel: A dark silvery metal. 

Noir: A genre of movies and novels specifically deals with cynicism, ambiguity and fatalism.

Onyx: A black gemstone.

Patch: A contrasted blot or mark separated from the surrounding surface. This name is recommended for black and white cats. 

Phobos: One of the natural satellites of Mars.

Scream: A loud noise or sound. Here, it refers to the appearance or behaviour that makes someone scream out of fear.

Smoke: A black or grey gas that forms when anything burns.

Spooky: Strange, nervous, skittish or unpredictably excitable.

Stain: A surname of the Stain family found in the USA, UK and Canada.

Soot: A black powder that forms when something burns.

Stain: A dirty dark-coloured mark.

Smudge: A blurred or smeared mark. Give this name to cats with spotted coats.

Spot: Mark or patch. 

Tar: A dark, black and viscous fluid obtained as petroleum as a residue after its refining.

Viking: A member of Seafaring pirates from Scandinavia.

Void: Here, it refers to the black void of space aka the ‘The Black Hole’.

Black Cat Names Female 

Beautiful Black Kitten on the tree
Beautiful Black Kitten on the Tree

Agnes: Something holy or pure.

Blacky: Someone or something with a Black body. 

Blackberry: A sweet and sour fruit similar to grapes grown in wild bushes.

Black Rose: A rose of black colour.

Binx: An invented name that is suitable for pets who are cheerful and full of energy.

Brie: A name of French or Latin origin meaning ‘marshland’. Also used as an abbreviation for ‘Brianna’.

Buio: Black in Italian.

Charmaine: Name of Greek origin, meaning delight, joy, and happiness.

Cuddle: To hug. A great name for black cats who love to cuddle.

Darkness: No or very low light. 

Darlene: Contemporary form of the old English word ‘Darling’.

Ebony:  A hardwood tree has black wood found in evergreen forests.

Evodia: A  girl who wishes for others.

Fizzy: Here it highlights the quality of being sparkling, energetic and enthusiastic.

Graphite: A soft black rock made of carbon.

Laila:  The name has two meanings in Arabic— night and the queen of the night. Give this name to a black cat who stays awake throughout the night. 

Luna: Moon in  Latin.

Mist: Clouds of tiny water vapours that form close to the ground and decrease visibility.

Kira: This name has Multiple origins. This name has different meanings in different languages. Some of the popular meanings are ruler, a beam of light and shine.

Kiara: Dark, bright or clear. The name is suggested for black cats with radiant fur. 

Linda: This name means pretty or beautiful in Spanish.

Loki: The name is of Norse origin. It means mischievous and trickster.

Mishka: The name has different meanings in different languages. Here it refers to the ‘gift of love’ which is its meaning in Hindi.

Moonlight: Light that is reflected from the moon.

Munchie: Someone eats in small bites by making noises. A great name for a spoiled female black cat.

Midnight: 00:00 hours or 12 o’clock at night. Here, it refers to the darkness of black cats which is metaphorically similar to the darkness of midnight.

Nocturnal: An organism that becomes active at night. 

Nyx: Means night in Greek.

Obsidian: A dark natural glass formed by the cooling of lava.

Pantheress: A Female Panther.

Pepper: Small rounded black or white seeds used as a spice or for seasoning of food.

Phoebe: The feminine version of a male name Phoebus, meaning bright or shiny.

Primrose: The name is from Middle English. It means ‘first rose’. It is also the name of a flower.

Quin: A name of Gaelic origin which means chief, wise and counsel.

Rayla: This name is of German and/or Hebrew origin meaning wise guardian.

Sabine: It has its origin in Latin. It used to refer to women of the Sabine tribe of Italy.

Shadow: A dark shape forms on the surface when something comes between the light and the surface. Here, the name refers to the dark coat of black cats.

Shady: Here it refers to the black coat of a cat resembling a shadow.

Skelly: It’s a Gaelic name, meaning a ‘storyteller.

Smoky: Similar to smoke.

Stormy: The one who is violent as a storm.

Thelma: A name of Greek origin which means ‘will’ or ‘ambition’.

Tituba: The area that is beyond the reach of direct sunlight.

Twilight: The time between the sunset and the fall of night.

Xena: Is of Greek origin which means a guest or stranger and hospitable. It is also spelt as ‘Zena’.

Black Cat Names Unisex 

Blake: Black bright or shiny.

Brooke: A small flowing water body.

Elenor: ‘God is my light’ means the one who is guided by God or Sunray. It was also the name of a queen in France during the 12th century.

Fae: The name has different meanings, some of them are belief, trust, confidence and fairy.

Knight: A status name for a high-ranked soldier who fought on horseback and used to serve the king.

Meteor: A piece of rock in space which is a lot smaller than planets and natural satellites. It makes a long bright line when it enters the earth’s atmosphere.

Moon: The natural satellite of the earth.

Oriana: A Latin name which means sunrise.

Porsche: Means offerings in German.

Priscilla: Ancient or primordial.

Pumice: A soft, black, low-density igneous rock with many air pockets used for cleaning and polishing.

Tux: A short form for tuxedo cats. 

Badass Names for Black Cats

Angry black cat
Angry Black Cat

Apocalypse: The total destruction of the universe. 

Aroma: The enticing smell of food.

Crater: The hole from which a volcano erupts.

Catastrophe: A sudden disaster. The name fits moody black female cats.

Creepy: Spooky or scary.

Crook: A criminal or dishonest person. 

Criminal: The one who commits a crime. This name is totally justified for your four-legged naughty criminal. LOL.

Darth: A bad or evil person.

Davina: A Scottish and Hebrew name that means beloved or affectionate.

Donna: Means ‘women’ in Italian.

Earthquake: A highly destructive natural disaster that produces over a large area of land. 

Eclipse: An occasion when the sun’s rays get blocked from falling on the earth or the moon because one blocks the sun’s rays from falling on the other for a short time.

Enigma: Anything that is difficult to understand. This name is best suited for cats that have strange personalities.

Evodia: A girl who wishes for others.

Heidi: A girl who is noble by birth.

Hippie: Someone with an unconventional appearance. 

Ilta: A Scandinavian name which means evening.

Lydia: A Greek name, meaning beautiful and noble woman.

Kurnaz: Means ‘shrewd’ in Turkish

Kiana: It means ancient. Quiana and Qiana are some other variations of the 


Lula: Was a famous girl warrior.

Lumia: It means ‘light of my life’ in Arabic. The name has some other meanings in other languages such as snow and lemon(in Italian).

Magma: The dark and hot mixture of melted metals and rocks deeply under the earth’s crust.

Matilda: A name from the German language, meaning mighty and strong. Mathilda and Mathilde are the other variations of the same name.

Mishka: The name has different meanings in different languages. Here it refers to the ‘gift of love’ which is its meaning in Hindi.

Mystery: Unclear, difficult to understand, vague.

Nadia: Hope and delicateness in Slavic languages. In Arabic, it means a girl who calls others towards the right path.

Nibbler: One who nibbles his/her food.

Nightmare: A scary dream which you are afraid of becoming reality. 

Nikko: Means ‘the people of victory’ in Greek.

Noita: Means witch in Finnish.

NoMercy: Here, the name refers to someone who does not have mercy in his/her heart.

Odorem: Means pleasant smell in Latin.

Rebel: The one who is disobedient to authority. 

Rhonda: It is a name of Welsh origin which means a noisy girl. This is a fascinating name for talkative orange cats.

Riddle: A word puzzle. 

Robber: The one who Rob’s things. A perfect name for your cat who attempts to rob everything from the kitchen.

Sahar: Means magic in Arabic.

Shrewd: The one who has the sharp power of making judgements.

Spark: Lively, active, happy and restless. 

Villain: The evil character in a film, novel or story. 

Volcano: A mountain that has magma beneath it and has a Carter via which the lava comes out. This name analogously links the destructiveness of volcanoes and cats.

Youmie: Means graceful in Chinese.

Zaire: Someone who is destructive and impetuous. Stormy is an excellent name to reflect the personality of naughty cats.

Zarif: Means elegant in Turkish.

Black Cat Names Based on Animals

Two Dolphins Diving in the Sea
Two Dolphins Diving in the Sea

Antelope: Any of the animals of the Bovidae family that have horns, hoofs, and thin necks and chew the cud. 

Badger: Short name for Honeybadger. The name is suitable for calico and black and white cats.

Bat: The only nocturnal mammal who can fly. 

Bear: Large omnivore with long fur found in different colours. Here, the name refers to the black bear.

Bobolink: A black songbird of North America which looks similar to a finch.

Bonobo: A chimpanzee found in Congo who has black hair and face.

Cowbird: A small black songbird looks similar to a crow but is a lot smaller than it. 

Cobra: A large black venomous snake.

Crab: An aquatic creature with a hard exoskeleton and eight legs. 

Cuckoo: A black songbird who put its eggs in the best of other birds.

Dolphin: An incredibly cute and one of the most intelligent animals along with apes and chimpanzees(except humans) who live in water and belong to the mammal kingdom.

Eel: A fish with a long and slender body like a snake.

Grackle: A black songbird from America. 

Koel: Cuckoo in Hindi.

Lemur: An animal found in Madagascar with long a striped and fluffy 

tail, large eyes and limbs like a monkey. It looks like a combination between a monkey and a squirrel.

Magpie: An attractive black and white bird with a long tail and loud cry. A common beloved is that this bird steals things. 

Moneilema: A flightless black beetle.

Mouse: A small black rodent.

Otter: A river animal with brown or dark brown fur that looks similar to a mongoose.

Owl:  A nocturnal bird of prey.

Panda: A cute black and white bear that is known for its fun personality. This name is great for names black and white bicolour cats.

Pangolin: An African mammal with a scaly body of dark brown or muddy colour.

Panther: This a melanised jaguar or leopard. 

Penguin: An adorable flightless black and white bird that lives in the Antarctic.

Raven: A large black bird with an unpleasant voice that looks similar to a crow.

Skunk: An animal of the size of a cat and looks like a large squirrel with stripes at the back.

Starling: A beautiful small songbird with lustrous plumage with black as a dominant colour.

Yak: A long-haired herbivore of the cow family with a dark coat and longhorns. This is a great name for long-haired black cats.

Zebra: An animal that looks like a horse or donkey with stripes on its entire body.

Black Cat Names Based on Disney and Other Cartoon Characters

Alex:  Alex Casoy from Totally Spies.

Bagheera: The Black Panther in Jungle Book.

Baloo: The Bear in Jungle Book.

Black Panther: A Marvel Superhero.

Batman: An American Superhero first appeared in the DC comics.

Black Vulcan: From Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Black Widow:  from Avengers

Bumblebee: From DC comics.

Esmeralda: From the cartoon The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Felix: The animated cartoon character who was a black and white cat in the cartoon Era.

Garnet: From Steven Universe.

Jasmine: She was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

Jodie: She was a character named Jodie London from Daria.

King Kong: The Giant Black Gorilla in the movie King Kong. 

Korra: Taken from an animated T.V. series The Legend of Korra.

Miranda: A female character from As Told By Ginger.

Moana: From Moana.

Monique: Inspired by the cartoon Kim Possible.

Panthro: FromThundercats.

Penny: Based on Penny Pound 

from the Cartoon the Proud Family

Phantom: A superhero from the American comic with the same name.

Pingu: The black and white penguin in the cartoon with the same name.

Shuri: A character from Avengers.

Spawn: From the cartoon film with the same name.

Storm: from X-Men.

Susie: The lead character of Susie Rugrats.

Sylvester: From Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

Trixie: This name is taken from the cartoon American Dragon.

Tiana: Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

Valerie: Valeria Brown from Josie and the Pussycat.

What Should I Call My Black Cat?

Well, it depends on multiple factors.

If you are the kinda person who wants to choose a name strictly based on gender then you can choose between male or female cat names. 

Gender-neutral (unisex) names are preferred by cat owners who just want a name that highlights one of the traits or characteristics of their cat or another.

On the other hand, some folks prefer to go with badass cat names while those who are nostalgic about their childhood memories prefer names inspired by cartoon characters and superheroes. 

So essentially, it really depends on your personal inclination and choice. 

The good thing is, whatever your personal preference is, this list has a name for you.

Have You Picked the Name?

This is the last section and I hope that by now you have already created the shortlist of the names either on your cell phone, on paper or in your mind. Right? Great!

Now the final step is to take a small break and return to your list afterwards. This will allow you to avoid confusion and look at the list with a fresh mind. Whatever, you call her, make sure that it has the 3 main characteristics that I’ve mentioned in the beginning. Those features are essential to making a great name. 

On a side note, If you have some adorable names in your mind then please don’t hesitate to share them with us on Instagram or by mailing us directly.  Don’t forget to share this post in your social group. 

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