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Cat Names That Start with B-With Meanings

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Getting a good cat name idea is always challenging even if you are a social butterfly. It’s not easy to find great cat name ideas that begin with a specific letter of the alphabet. And, we think that it’s a part of our job to provide our readers with what they are looking for. Our deep database of cat names enabled us to start this series to give a list of names beginning with a specific letter. So in this post, we’re gonna tell you Cat Names That Start with B along with their meanings. 

Here, we have assembled 70 cat Names starting with B. You may like to go with some pretty cute names like Boo, Buppa or Burrito or a name from a different language such as Benazir(Arabic) or Bala(Indian). 

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading this post. 

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Girl Cat Names Which With B

A calico female cat is sitting with her kitten
  1. Bubble: It’s a super cute name for chubby cats. It means a ball of air, or gas floating in the liquid or air.
  1. Beatrix: traveller or voyager.
  1. Blue: A colour.
  1. Beignet: Suitable for chubby cats, it means a bump.
  1. Breeze: A light rain.
  1. Brook: A small stream.
  1. Bella: From the movie Twilight.
  1. Barq- It means lightning in Arabic.
  1. Beni: It means crimson or deep red in Japanese.
  1. Blurry: Foggy, unclear, translucent and some other meanings. This name is suggested for grey cats. 
  1. Bing: It’s a Chinese name which means ice.
  1. Bhoomi: This name means land.
  1. Bulbul: It’s a nice name for cats that are too vocal. It means nightingale. 
  1. Bala: A young girl. If you give this name to your cat, then she will always be called young throughout her life. 
  1. Beau: It’s a name of Italian origin, meaning “black”.
  1. Blacky: Suggested for black female cats.
  1. Berta: It means bright. Originally the name is of Czech origin yet it’s popular in Spanish too.
  1.  Blanca: Means white.
  1. Beckett: It means a beehive.
  1. Blair: Meadow, field or plain.
  1. Broccoli: A flower bud eaten as a vegetable. 
  1. Buppa: It’s a nickname or affectionate name for someone who is cute and beautiful.
  1. Beige: A shade of brown colour. This name is recommended for beige or light-brown cats.
  1. Blossom: A bunch of flowers on a tree or bush. 
  1. Bliss: Joy and Happiness. If your cat brought happiness into your life then you may name her ‘Bliss’.
  1. Bruna: Someone who has brown hair or complexion. We recommend this name for brown cats. 
  1. Brinjal: A purple fruit is eaten as a vegetable. It’s a pretty good name for grey cats. 
  1. Boo: Beautiful, lovable, cute, sweetheart and some other meanings. 
  1. Binx: This name is of American origin, meaning ‘God’s Gift’. 
  1. Beauty: The quality of being beautiful. 
  1. Blade: It’s a strong name to highlight the strength of your savage cat. 
  1. Black Widow: A fictional superheroine. 
  1. Bea: The name of American origin which means ‘bringer of happiness’. 
  1. Bandit: A badass cat name. It means a ‘robber’ or ‘thief’. So if your innocent-looking kitty is actually a robber or then what can be a better name for her than Bandit? 
  1. Benazir: It’s an Arabic name meaning unmatchable or unprecedented. 
  1. Brew: Here, it refers to the coffee-coloured coats of cats. 
Infographic showing  the list of 10 Cat Names Starting with b
This Infographic shows the list of 10 Cat Names Starting with B

Boy Cat Names Which Start with B

  1. Barbarossa: It means Brave or Fierce in French.
  1. Bagheera: A black panther from a famous children’s classic storybook called ‘The Jungle Book’, written by Rudyard Kipling. 
  1. Bailey: A debt collector.
  1. Benjiro: The one who enjoys and loves peace.
  1. Bear: A large omnivore which has a chubby body, large head and very long and dense coat. This would suit a long-haired male cat.
  1. Bob: An English name, meaning bright or famous.
  1. Bond: Here it refers to James Bond.
  1. Bourbon: A surname of the royal dynasty of France.
  1. Bruce: The willow land or the forest where the willow trees grow.
  1. Brutus: It means dull or stupid. It’s a great name for your badass spoiled kitten.
  1. Bunny: Rabbit. 
  1. Buster: Strong and tough guy.
  1. Buzz: Here it refers to the one who makes quick and constant noises. It’s one of my favourites for talkative cats. 
  1. Baryte: It’s a Greek name which means heavy.
  1. Badal: This name means a cloud and it is suitable to name black, white, grey and chinchilla cats.
  1. Ballu: The name of an Indian comic character. Also, the name of the bear in another children’s story book ‘The Jungle Book.
  1. Bonifacio: Fortunate, lucky or auspicious.
  1. Burrito: It means little donkey. This name perfectly suits your stupid kitten.
  1. Buddy: Informal word for friend. 
  1. Batman: One of the most famous superheroes.
  1. Battleship: A ship used for battle. Here, it refers to the aggressiveness of male cats. 
  1. Bumfluff: This name refers to the fluffy bum of your cat. LOL 
  1. Bricky: Made of bricks or firm like a brick. 
  1. Bean: Kidney-shaped edible seeds. 
  1. Barky: The one who barks. It’s cute to give a name that is based on a contrasting characteristic.
  1. Bravo: It’s a slang word for ‘Brave’. This name highlights the bravery of your champion Tom. 
  1. Bungy: An elastic rope. This name highlights the flexibility and agility of cats. 
  1. Bunny: It means a ‘rabbit’. Yes, you can name your cat after the names of other animals. 
  1. Bingus: There’s no clear meaning of ‘Bingus’. However, the name is pretty popular among the cat parents’ community after the popular ‘Bingus Cat Meme’ that went viral on the internet.  
  1. Blooper: It’s a funny and absurd name for cats. If you want to tell the world how stupid your cat is then you may call him ‘Blooper’. 
  1. Bluffmaster: Someone who tries to act confident in an unpredictable situation to fool others. A perfect name for your actor cat, who always tries to bluff others with his acting skills. 
  1. Bear: A large land mammal with a thick coat. This name is suitable for large long-haired cats. 
  1. Bairstow: An old English habitational name from a lost place, Bairstow. 
  1. Bismarck: It’s a historical surname. 

Choosing a Cat Name

When choosing a name, we want you to consider not only the alphabet but also the characteristics and traits of your cats. Cats have different personalities so when naming him/her don’t forget to consider their personality. It’s better to observe your cat’s behaviour whether she is confident or shy, calm or naughty and then decide which names suit her the most. Similarly, cat parents’ inclination is also a deciding factor. Some cat parents want to give their cats a popular name while other prefer to give them a unique name. Some go for names that highlight their beauty while others prefer an absurd name. With that said, hope that this list of Cat Names That Start with B has helped you in naming your cat. Please share this article if you liked it. Thanks for reading.

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