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Cat Belts- Buy Qpets Cat Harness with Cat Leash for Walking

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  • Size- Chest 30-36cm Neck 24-30cm

  • Colour: Green & Orange

  • Brand: QPets

  • Rope:  1.5 m

  • Material: Suede

Tip: Go 1cm higher than the measurement of your cat.

Product Description 

Qpets dual-tone faux-leather harness and leash for medium-sized cats.  It is attached with a 360°swivel to suppress the smooth movement and a plastic buckle to release the cat quickly. The vest comes with a reflective strip to make a cat easily visible at night.

What We Like 

Qpets is our top pick for the best harness and leashes in India in 2023. The product is in China by QPETS pet product suppliers. 

This escape-proof harness is made of faux leather which makes it extremely durable and comfortable to use in the long run without compromising the safety and comfort of your feline friend. 

The majority of cat parents who have bought this harness have reported that the material of this product is not only of good quality but also breathable to keep your cat cool during the journey. 

You can simply place the front legs of your cat into the harness and close the closure with the help of the loop. And, That’s It! Your sweetie is ready for an excursion.

It features a two-toned design with vibrant colours which catches the immediate attention of the passers-by. Moreover, it comes with reflective tape which makes it easier to spot while walking at night. 

The D-ring design works fine, as claimed by the brand and does not let cats escape. As far as the buckle is concerned, it works well and releases the cat quickly. Its 360° swivel helps your cat move freely without messing with the leash.

What We Don’t Like 

Now let’s talk about what’s bad. First of all, this harness is only for medium-sized cats so if your cat is small or large then it would be too loose or too tight. So make sure to measure the size of your cat carefully. The harness lacks the cushioned handle which is shown in the picture so it might hurt your hand if you walk for long hours. Lastly, this product is more expensive than its counterparts.

Pros and Cons



Very Comfortable 

Not for Large and Small Cats

Durable and Long-lasting

No Cushioned Handle

Breathable Material


Easy to Wear and Release



Reflective Tape  for Night Walks

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