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Best Cat Trees in 2023(Updated Products): Top 6 Cat Condos Reviews

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Posted on July 17, 2021, | Updated on January 6, 2023

Cat trees are one of the most expensive cat essentials. It’s a huge one-time investment to give years of happiness to your cat. 

Unfortunately, not many people know how to Choose a Cat Tree. So, I did in-depth research to find the 10 Best Cat Trees in India for 2023. 

So, in this article, you and I together will review the Top Rated Best Cat Trees on Amazon. I will explain to you “How to  Choose a Cat Tree. Finally, you’ll find the answers to some of the most common FAQs of cat parents (like you).

Let’s Go!

Quick Comparison Table

1. Best Overall

Callas RioAndMe Large Cat Tree Condo


  • Large 

  • Sturdy 

  • Affordable

4.3 Out of 5

2. Most Sturdy

Hey-brother Cat Tree


  • Superb Sturdiness

  • Suitable for 4-5 Cats 

  • Condo, Hammocks and Toys

4 Out of 5

3. Best Cat Tree for Large and Old Cats

Mellifluous Fur Fabric Climbing Cat Tree 


  • Best for Old Cats and Kitten

  • Easy to Climb

  • Double-sided Premium Fur

3 Out of 5

4.  Unique Cat Tree

Emily Pets Cat Tree Jungle House


  • Unique Design

  • Dual-entry Condo

  • Suitable for Multi Cat Households

4 Out of 5

5. Best for Activity

Callas Large Cat Tree & Wall Mounted Scratching Shelves Combo


  • Best for Bored Cats

  • Easy to Climb

  • Multi-level with Toy

3.5 Out of 5

6. Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

PET EPELA Cat Tree 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower 


  • Floor to Ceiling

  • Great for Small Apartments

  • Wall-Mounted

3 Out of 5

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How to Choose a Cat Tree?

An Infographic showing how to choose a cat tree

What to look at when buying a cat tree? Any guesses? I think some of you already know the major factors.  But I have some readers, who may not know. I have to tell them. I ask for your patience.

You may skip this section if you wish. However, if you stay; you will get a quick revision or may learn about some factors which aren’t on your mind. 

Let’s not mess up any further and start. Here is our buying guide.

#1. Size of the Tree

The size of a cat tree should be chosen based on the space you have to keep the tree and the number of cats you have. You will find a range of products in different sizes-small, medium, large and extra-large. Some trees there can go from floor to ceiling and cover the major area of the room.

But you don’t want to go for such trees unless you have a huge budget, a large indoor area, and upto 3-4  cats in your home. 

#2. Shape and Style

So, you have made up your mind about the size. Now, think about the shape. Like size, cat trees also come in different shapes and styles. Some of them have single tiers while others have multi-tiers. 

Some have different condos(rectangular or square box-like structures where a cat can hide and curl up) while others have no condos at all.

You also need to focus on the structure whether you want it to align vertically or something to occupy more space horizontally.

#3. How Big is Your Cat? 

Big cats can’t get in the small condos. It is understandable even without saying. While shopping for a cat tower also take into consideration the age and weight of your cat.

As you know, or you don’t, old and overweight cats find it difficult to climb on high towers. In fact, for them, it’s more dangerous rather than uncomfortable.

#4 Does it have Enough Scratching Posts? 

All cats whether shy or bullied have an innate instinct of scratching their claws. Make sure that the cat tree you are buying has at least 3-4 scratching posts for your tiger to sharpen her claws.

#5. Toys

Toys are not as essential as other features but having hanging strings, feathers and accessories will give your baby a decent amount of toys to play with. And, if you have a kitten then toys become even more desirable.

#6 Does it Have Enough Perches 

Looking for a cat tree that has a decent number of purchases is ideal for you if you have multiple cats. Dominating cats do not allow the other cats to perch in their legitimate place. By buying a cat tower that has 3-4 perches you can convince your cats to sign a peace deal. 

# 7. Easy Assembly

Go for an easy-to-assemble tree and come with some important tools that you need to assemble the tree. 

You will also find a user manual with instructions to assemble the tree. 

On the other hand, some brands deliver pre-assembled trees. All you need to do is decide the place where you want to place it in your area.

#8. Number of Condos

The next thing that you should look at is “How many condos does the tree have”. Cats like to rest in places which are covered and have small entrances. This is why they get attracted to cardboard boxes because they feel secure in them. So, more condos are better if you have more than one cat.

#9. Hammock

Just like a condo, the hammock is also an important feature of a cat tree. Cats really love to chill out in the hammock. So, it would be great if the tree which you are buying has a hammock too.

# 10. Is the Cat Tree Durable?

Make sure that the tree which you are buying must be made of a durable material and can last longer at least for some years. Of course, there isn’t any point in buying a tree that can’t stand in its place even for a year.

#11. Budget

The last factor and probably one of the most important is your budget. Pay attention! You Don’t want to bite more than you can chew. 

So the golden rule here is, don’t look at the most expensive or the cheapest tree. Instead, find out what your furry friend needs and choose a decent product that matches your cat’s requirements and fits your budget.

1. Best Overall: Callas RioAndMe Large Cat Tree Condo 

Callas RioAndMe Large Cat Tree

What Did We Like 

Callas RioAndMe Large Cat Tree can be a perfect place to hang out for your sweetie within your home. 

The tree has a large condo and 2 hammocks where your cat can chill out or watch her favourite window TV. 

Its poles are wrapped over by a jute rope which your cat can use as scratching posts. A cylindrical structure is given on the left side specifically for curious kittens to play on. 

A really impressive feature is that unlike all those flimsy cat trees this tree does not wobble at all (even when cats jump on and off it). The credit goes to its material and Anti-tipping strap that can be mounted to the wall to keep the tree in its place.

Its 4-level, large condo 2 hammocks and many platforms would be sufficient to accommodate 4-5 cats. So you confidently buy it if you have multiple cats in your home. 

Thanks to its removable stairs which make it easy for fat or old cats and kittens to climb. 

The best thing is even after so many features its price is not as high as the products of other brands which makes it quite affordable.

What We Didn’t Like 

The only drawback is the plush covering is not washable so you just have clean it with a wet cloth r use a vacuum cleaner. 

Multilevel (3-tier) for multi-cat households Can’t be Washed
Hammock, Condo, and Scratching Post
Stairs for old cats, obese cats, and kittens 
Sturdy Built 
No Wobbling 
Easy Assembly 
AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

2. Most Sturdy: Hey-brother Cat Tree

Hey-brother Cat Tree

What Did We Like

Are looking for a premium cat tree that is super sturdy as well as looks luxurious? Then you should consider Hey-brother Cat Tree.

The tree is large enough to accommodate 4-5 cats and gives a luxurious look to your interior. 

It has two condos one large and one small to give places for nesting to cats of different sizes and ages.

In addition, its two sticks with a dangling ball toy to keep your little furball entertained. The good thing is you can remove them anytime if required. 

The top two platforms are not just covered with fabric instead they are stuffed with cushioning material making it comfortable for cats to sit.

As the tree is made up of high-quality heavy-duty material it provides awesome stability and sturdiness. So, it’s a one-time for years of comfort for your cats.

What We Didn’t Like 

The biggest barrier between this tree and your cat is its price. Since this is a premium quality product it’s very expensive too. So, it would be hard for you to afford it. And it does not have stairs which would make it difficult for old cats to climb.

SturdyCan’t be Washed
Hammock, Condo, and Scratching PostVery Expensive 
With Removable Toy SticksNo Stairs
Suited for Multiple Cats
No Wobbling or Tipping Over 
Easy Assembly 
AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

3. Best Cat Tree for Large and Old Cats: Mellifluous Fur Fabric Climbing Cat Tree 

Mellifluous Fur Fabric Climbing Cat Tree

What Did We Like

The biggest problem that large and old cats face when it comes to a cat tree is that due to their large size and heavy body, they find it very difficult to climb on trees. 

However, the brand Mellifluous has come up with a really simple innovative design that is just perfect not only for old and obese cats but also for kittens. 

It features simple stairs with platforms arranged that make it simple and easy for cats with heavy and short-legged to get on the top. 

Yes, it does have scratch posts to let your cat scratch her claws. On top of that, the double-sided plush fabric looks premium and durable.

Since it has 4-levels, it is suitable for multiple cats. And, it’s affordable too.

What We Didn’t Like

Some downsides of this product are it neither has a condo nor a hammock so your cat can only sit on it but she can’t chill out comfortably. Also, on comparing its price against the features the tree looks expensive. 

Easy to Climb StairsNo Hammock
Double-sided Premium Quality FurNo Condo
Scratch Posts Seems Expensive
Multi-level Platforms
Great for Large and Old Cats
Sturdy Built
AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

4.  Unique Cat Tree: Emily Pets Cat Tree Jungle House

, Emily Pets Jungle Cat Tree

What Did We Like

With its modern and unique look, Emily Pets Jungle Cat Tree almost forces you to fall in love with it at first sight. 

Hats off to its designer who has crafted this piece which meets the needs of cats at one end. On the other hand, gives a beautiful look to your interior. 

At the top of the tree, your cat gets a large condo with a two-sided entrance so she can enter it and look over her territory from two sides. 

Moreover, the quality and colour of the fabric used to cover the skeleton look pretty good too. 

The tree, 3-levels and a total of 5 places to sit so it is sufficient for 3-4 cats. 

What We Didn’t Like

Sadly to say, the tree does not have a hammock so you have to compromise on that. Another major drawback is its price which makes it a bit difficult to afford.

Beautiful and Unique DesignNo Hammock
Dual-entry CondoExpensive
Good Quality Plush Covering 
With Scratching Post 
Suitable for Multi Cat Households 
AmazonCheck Price
Emily PetsCheck Price

5. Best for Activity: Callas Large Cat Tree & Wall Mounted Scratching Shelves Combo 

Callas Large Cat Tree & Wall Mounted Scratching Shelves Combo

What Did We Like

If you are a parent of a bored or lazy cat and you need something to encourage your cutie to test her muscles then we suggest you have a look at this combo from Callas. 

The brand is giving out two products as a combo offer at the price of one. Are we sounding like sales agents? LOL 

Jokes apart, we really impressed by the value that Callas is offering. Since, you are not only getting a large cat tree with condos, scratch posts, and hanging toy balls but also wall-mounted shelves to let your cat enjoy her day. 

These shelves certainly increase both vertical spaces and possibilities for your darling feline to have fun. 

Moreover, even if you have more than one cat that wouldn’t be an issue since tje tree has ample space to support at least four cats. 

What We Didn’t Like 

The two major problems with this tree are it lacks a hammock and it is smaller than its competition. 

Best for Bored CatsNo Hammock
Easy to Climb SlabShort
Scratching Post 
Hanging Toy Ball
AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

6. Floor to Ceiling: PET EPELA Cat Tree 5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower 

Pet Epela Cat Tree

What Did We Like 

Some cat parents prefer a cat tree that goes right from the floor to the ceiling so that their feline friend can sit at the highest point in the house. 

If you are among those pet parents then Pet Epela Cat Tree is the product for you. 

This 5-level tree has 5 platforms where your cat can sit, relax and play. Furthermore, the topmost platform is adjustable so you can fold it if the ceiling of your home is short. 

It comes with screws that can be mounted to the ceiling and keep the tree in its place to reduce wobbling. 

It also has two places to hang a rope and ball which would serve as a toy for your playful kitty.

What impressed us the most is that although it’s a floor-to-ceiling cat tree, it occupies less horizontal space than shorter trees. So, it’s a great product for small apartments. You just need to install it in the corner of your room and the vertical playground of your cat is ready! 

The majority of cat parents who have bought this tree are happy with its quality and performance.

What We Didn’t Like 

This tree does not have condos and hammocks so it’s definitely a drawback. Secondly, its huge price might scare you to add it to your cart. 

Floor to Ceiling to Satisfy Cats’ InstinctsNo Hammock
Easy to Climb Expensive
Wall-MountedNo Condo
Scratching Post 
Great for Small Apartments
Superb Quality 
AmazonCheck Price
Unavailable Elsewhere

Does a Cat Need a Cat Tree?

this image shows two tabby and white kittens sitting on cat trees

The short answer is yes! If you have space and a budget then you can go for it. Cats are natural climbers. They can’t control themselves from scratching. Cat Trees can give them a feel like the outside world. A place where they can climb, jump, scratch, relax and hang out with their Gang. 

There are a handful of reasons why a cat needs a cat tree and what benefits she can devise from them: 

  • A Place to Climb: A Cat tower can be the best place for a cat to climb, sit high and feel like the king of the house.
  • A Place to  Sit: Cats also spend a lot of time sitting alone. A condo with so many sitting options can be great for your cat to sit in.
  • A tree can keep them off the furniture: Another advantage is you can keep them off the furniture and fridge. But, if you find her someday sitting at the top of the kitchen cabinet, don’t get mad at her. She is still a cat and not a disciplined human.
  • Something They Can Scratch: As you know, your cute-looking princess is a fierce predator, you can’t stop her from scratching her claws. However, by providing her with a tree and giving her a substitute for furniture to scratch her claws.
  • Designed for Durability: Cats are mischievous creatures. Knowing that cat furniture brands design furniture to withstand the undisciplined behaviour of cats So that they can last longer.
  • Your Cat’s Gym- Tower Great and Condos can act as a great place to exercise for cats. The frequent climbing and jumping; going up and down will act as a natural exercise for your cat to keep her bones and muscles healthy.

A Place to Hide: A tree is a great place to hide a new or shy cat. A Cat Tree can give them a feeling of safety and security.

What are the Different Types of Cat Trees?

black and white bi-colour cat is sitting on cat tree platform

Differentiating between the different kinds of cat trees is tough when you have encountered them for the first time in your life. 

Knowledge of different kinds of cat trees is significant. Naturally, you can’t bring anything home with a vague idea. 

So typically, you have the following type of cat tree 

#1. The Cat Condos 

Cat Condos are one of the most commonly used cat trees with lots of cool stuff for your pretty kitty to climb, jump, rest, and scratch. They can be single or multi-tier with stairs, ramps preaches. 

# 2. The Cat Posts 

The simplest and the cheapest option you can have. It consists of a base with a pole in the centre going all the way to the tunnel at the top for you to sit, rest, relax and pass your time going in and out.

# 3. Condos with Themes

These are the palaces where your princess can lead a luxurious life. Such kinds of cat trees have multi-tier platforms, several perches, stairs, ramps, hammocks, toys, and even tunnels. Due to their enormous size and so many perching options, they are best suited for big houses with several cats. I personally don’t recommend these. For me, it’s an unnecessary expense due to their extremely high cost. I want you to save your hard-earned money and go with some cheaper options than these. But, the final decision is yours.

How Much Space Does a Cat Tree Take Up?

a ragdoll cat sitting in a condoo

Cats trees come in varied sizes but most of them are space-consuming. Cat Condos and Condos with Themes occupy more space than the at-posts. The trees for big cats are even bigger. Some even go from the base to the ceiling but those don’t provide value compared to their costs and occupy almost more than half of your small room. 

On the contrary, there are some compact options available that are as little as 20” x 20” at the base. These trees are best suited to Indian households and metro cities where people face the problems of narrow space.

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Is a Cat Tree Safe for Cats?

Yes, if you take a little care. Some extra tall cat trees can topple over if used by many cats. This can be dangerous for your cat’s bones and muscles. Usually, cats love heights and perching high but sometimes they fall into accidents that can cause bone and muscle injuries. Many cats develop High-Rise Syndrome after falling.

To avoid this you can take follow the below-mentioned steps and give your cat both safety and fun.

Safety Tips for Using a Cat Tree

Tips for using a cat tree

1. Always, choose a tree considering the age, size, and weight of your cat. If she/he is old, big, and overweight. NEVER BUY A TALL VERY TALL TREE IF YOU HAVE A BIG CAT.

2. Place the tree near the corner of the room where it can get support on two sides of the wall. This will minimize the chances of falling both for your cat and the tree itself.

3. Choose a Tree that comes with some straps to tie to a rigid support. This will provide extra support to your cat’s tower. If the tree doesn’t come with the straps you can buy one from the market or use normal ropes to tie it.

4. Buy a tree that has high-quality and heavy components that will prevent it from falling.  

5. Put some weight at the base of the tree, if it is too light and shaky.

Can a Cat Tree Keep the Cat Off Your Furniture?

It should but not always because it’s a cat, not a human. While cat trees are a great place for your cat to hang out, play, climb, jump and rest they still have the instinct to climb up the high places though. 

So, don’t go crazy or punish your cat if you find her sitting at the top of the cupboard or kitchen counter. She can’t help it out. However, you can follow certain strategies and keep her off the counter and furniture. Take these steps: 

Steps to Deter Your Cat Off the Furniture 

1. Stick inverted packaging tape around areas you want to deter your cat from. Cats don’t like the sticky feeling due to their sensitive paws and avoid returning to such places.

2. Use a crinkle aluminium foil and place it near the counter or furniture. Cats don’t like the sound and feel of the foil when they step on this will keep them away from the restricted area.

3. Cat Spray Deterrents are sprays that use compressed air to keep the cats off the places where you don’t want them to go. As soon as your naughty kitty comes near the restricted area the spray blows a jet of compressed air which scares the cat and she keeps herself away from the place. But these are expensive and difficult to find in India.

Best Cat Trees FAQs 

Q1. Do cats need tall cat trees?

Honestly, cat trees and not as essential as food but if you want your furry friend to satisfy her innate instincts such as enjoying a bit, sharpening her claws, perching at heights, climbing, and jumping then cat trees are a great option to do this. Moreover, a cat tree can help you keep your cat or cats off the furniture.

Q2. ) Where should I put my cat tree?

Ideally, a cat tree should be placed in the corner of the room which is near the window. This will help you kill two birds with one arrow. Firstly, it will alleviate the chances of the cat tree toppling over. Secondly, it will give an ideal place for your cat to perch and watch the outside world.

Q3. How many cat trees do I need for 2 cats?

You need just 1 cat tree for 2 cats. Don’t waste your money on purchasing  2 different trees for each cat. Instead, buy one large tree that has multi-tier platforms to accommodate both cats.

Which Cat Tree Did You Choose?

I hope you have enjoyed this article. And find this information useful in making the decision about which cat tree to buy. The above list of the Best Cat Tree is based on my individual research about the products. I took great care to equip you with the correct and honest information without manipulating the fact or hiding the cons of the products. While writing product reviews, I read hundreds of reviews from amazon customers and listed the products according to their features, and the opinion of the majority of customers.  If you the liked article then kindly leave a comment and let me know what you think. If you didn’t like it, then please write to us so that we can take corrective measures and write even better articles in the future. 

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