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Funny Cat Names- With Meanings 

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Are you on the hunt to find funny cat names? Well, people adopt different approaches to naming their cats. Some try to give unique names to their feline friends while others want to stick to the colour. So if their cat is white they prefer a name suitable for white cats, if it is an orange cat name. Similarly, a lot of people just want a name that sounds cute. 

However, in recent times giving a funny name to the cat is in trend. So, here we are! In this blog post, you’ll find funny names for cats. And not just names we shall also tell you the meanings of each name so that you will be fully aware of what this weird name means. 

Funny Cat Names for Male 

If you have a male cat then these hilarious names will suit the bizarre behaviour of your tom.

  1. Puddle: A small pool of water on the street or road forms mainly due to rain.
  1. Schrodinger: It’s a German Surname used for a person who comes from Schröding.
  1. Munkustrap: A principal character of the poem “The Naming of Cats” by T.S. Elliot.
  1. Quaxo: A character from the “Pokemon” cartoon.
  1. Chewbacca: A fictional character from the “Star Wars” series which was a creature with long hair, who wear bandoliers and looks similar to Gorilla.
  1. Chuckle: Basically, it’s a verb that means “to laugh quietly”. But you can use it as a noun to name your cat too.
  1. Chickpea: A legume. This name is suggested for small cat breeds which look as cute as a chickpea. 
  1. Scooby: The dog and the main character from the cartoon “Scooby-doo”
  1. Loco: Go ahead and give this name to your cat who takes the insanity to the next level as this name means “crazy” in Spanish.
  1. Pablo: Pablo is also a Spanish name, meaning humble or small.
  1. Eggy: The one who looks similar to an egg. LOL, It’s a perfect name for your cat if you see him as a walking egg. 
  1. Avocado: A green fruit.
  1. Clog: Suggested for brown cats, this name means a shoe that is made completely of wood.
  1. Dog or Dawg: It’s an excellent idea to name your cat “dog” or if you want to go too fancy you may name him “dawg”. 
  1. Meow: Meow is the most common sound that cats make to get the attention of humans. So, naming your cat “Meow” is not a bad idea at all.
  1. Growl: It’s again a sound that cats make when they are angry and want to intimidate someone. 
  1. Picasso: Picasso, as you know was one of the most famous painters. But how is related to cats? Well, how can you forget the beautiful paintings that your tom creates on the couch and furniture?
  1. Payjama: A cloth worn as a bottom-wear, especially in India.
  1. Chacko: The one who is playful and funny.
  1. Nacho: It means “fiery” 
  1. Sleepy: If your cat sleeps all day long and wakes up only at 3 a.m. only to spoil your sleep then she deserves this name.
  1. Psycho: The one who is crazy, stupid and full of insanity. 
  1. Chicken: Ths youmgone of a hen. This name sounds cute, loving and funny.
  1. Pounce: To jump suddenly on something. If your cat can jump from anywhere anytime without giving the slightest clue then you may name him “Pounce”. 
  1. Frido: This name stand for the phrase  “the peaceful ruler”.
  1. Fido: This is the name of Abraham Lincon’s Dog. It has multiple meanings such as “I am faithful”, confident and “confide in”.
  1. Scramble: To move hastily or with urgency. Give this name to your cat if he scrambles around the house all the time.
  1. Pogo: A cartoon channel.
  1. Nick: Short form for the cartoon channel Nickelodeon. Also a nickname for males.
  1. Insane: Crazy, funny, psycho, stupid and some other meanings.
  1. Mr Buttons: Suitable for cats that have patches of colour on their coat.
  1. Haemoo: A Korean anime that means “Sea frog”.
  1. Harlow: It means Army Hill.
  1. Pikachu: This is a famous character from the cartoon “Pokemon”.

Funny Cat Names Female 

Why should only a boy have a funny name? Female cats are as hilarious as their male counterparts. So, getting a playful name is their birthright. So here is the list of the funniest names for girl cats. 

  1. Duckling: The baby of a duck.
  1. Mitten: The name is pretty popular to name cats who have mittens(a kind of glove) like fur on their paws.
  1. Spiky: The one who has hair, like spikes. 
  1. Spooky: Someone who is strange and frightening(just like your spooky cat).
  1. Tuna: A popular fish. Especially sold in cans. 
  1. Mackerel: An edible fish with greenish-blue bands on its body.
  1. Hunterclaw: This name highlights the hidden predator of your cat.
  1. Mewler: A name specific to cats that signifies their meowing sound.
  1. Funky: Unusual, odd, weird.
  1. Purrseidon: The name has no meaning yet it signifies the habit of cats making a “purr” sound.
  1. Bang-Bang: To do something forcefully and repeatedly. 
  1. Kitten: Is naming your kitten “kitten” a good idea? Indeed, it is. And the best thing is your fluffy will always stay a kitten if you give her this name.
  1. Evil: Bad, but it’s good to name your cat evil to highlight her naughty personality.
  1. Doja Cat: A famous Pop Star in America. 
  1. Furball: The ball of fur.
  1. Puffin: A very cute black and white bird. This name is suitable for black and white cats. 
  1. Snowball: This name is great to name white cats. It means the ball of snow. 
  1. Feather: This name denotes the soft and feather-like fur of your cat. 
  1. Catrina: This is a cat-adapted variant of the name “Katrina” meaning “pure”. 
  1. Catnip: A herb which attracts a large number of cats. 
  1. Fluffy: Any animal which is covered with soft fur. 
  1. Pawdy: A pet name inspired by the paws of cats and dogs. 
  1. Meowsy: Like, Pawday, Meowsy is also a funny name specific to cats. It signifies the meowing sound of cats. 
  1. Chi-Chi: An affectionate name with no meaning. 
  1. Chu-Chu: An affectionate name with no meaning.
  1. Mo-mo: An affectionate name with no meaning.
  1. Dodo: An extinct bird. 
  1. Dizzy: Silly
  1. Fizzy: The one who has a charged personality and bubbly nature.
This infographic shows the list of 100 funny names for cats

Cat Names Unisex 

Giving your fluffy a unisex name is a good idea. The best thing is you don’t have to think for a second whether it’s a boy’s or girl’s name. Just fo through the below list and pick one for your cat. 

  1. Bubbles: Suggested for chubby cats and kittens who look like a bubble. 
  1. Fuzzy: Unclear. Also, a slang word (fuzzy eater) for anyone who eats at great speed and inappropriately. 
  1. Hungry: Suitable for cats who stay hungry all the time no matter how much you have fed them. 
  1. Bing: A heap of waste. 
  1. Yep: A variant of “yes”. 
  1. Scratchy: The one who scratched a lot. 
  1. Destroyer: Here it refers to the habit of your cat of destroying anything under his/her reach. 
  1. Thud: The low sound made by heavy objects hitting a surface. 
  1. Kicker: The one who kicks a lot.
  1. Spunky: Spirited and motivated. 
  1. Hobbs: It is a diminutive form of the name “Robert” which means famous or bring. 
  1. Cheese/Cheesy: Anyone who looks like cheese. You may think of giving this name to your white or creme cat. 
  1. Younce: To be defined. 
  1. Peeve: To annoy or irritate. So if your cats irritate you all the time with his/her mischievousness then you may cat her Peeve. 
  1. Leech: A creature found in water that fastens itself to the skin of other animals to suck their blood. 
  1. Dandelion: A tree dandelion whose seeds have a curved spike on their surface. 
  1. Duppy: It’s a Jamaican word that means “ghost”. 
  1. Omlet: A dish made by frying eggs. 
  1. Tofu: A flavourless food product made of soybean and has a white or creme colour. So, this name is suitable for white and creme cats. 
  1. Morty: The Dead Sea or a stagnant lake. 
  1. James Bond: Inspired by the detective James Bond, this name is suggested for inquisitive cats. 
  1. Wrigley: The name of English origin meaning “clearing by the river bend”.
  1. Uno: This name has multiple origins such as Swedish, Finnish and Estonian. It means “one or firstborn”. 
  1. Yoghurt: A milk derivative is also known as curd. 
  1. Cuddle: Suggested for cats who love to cuddle their owners. 
  1. Lulu: Pear, peaceful, precious, calm and protected. 
  1. Nocturne: The one who becomes active at night. 
  1. Cheeku: A fruit. This is an affectionate name given to those who have a sweet and cute persona. 
  1. Pancake: As the name suggests it’s a cake which is made in a pan. 
  1. Zedong: The name of Chinese origin, meaning brilliance, grace and moistness.
  1. Nutella: A bread spread made of chocolate. 
  1. Oreo: A famous cookie which is in the form of a sandwich with a layer of white creme in between. 
  1. Missy

Celebrity-Inspired Names 

This image shows a Chinchilla Persian cat on bed
This image shows a Chinchilla Persian cat on the bed

If you are a big movie fan and want to give your kitty a name that instantly catches the attention of the listener then you may pick one of the mentioned names which are inspired by your favourite celebrities and movie characters.

  1. Meowngelina: Inspired by Angelina Jolie. 
  1. Brad Kitt: Inspired by Brad Pitt.
  1. Jenifur: Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence. 
  1. Cindy Clawford: Inspired by Cindy Crawford.
  1. Dwayne Meowson: Inspired by Dwayne Johnson. 
  1. Cat Damon: Inspired by Matt Damon. 
  1. Charles Lickens: Inspired by Charles Dickens.
  1. Catman: Inspired by Batman. 
  1. Hairy Purrter: Inspired by Harry Potter.
  1. Purrmoine: Inspired by Hermione from Harry Potter.
  1. Purrstin Beiber: Inspired by Justin Bieber 
  1. Cat Ma: Inspired by Jack Ma
  1. Katy Purry: Inspired by Katie Perry 
  1. Cat Winslet: Inspired by Kate Winslet 
  1. Meownardo DiCatrio: Inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Human Names

  1. Giggle
  1. Booble
  1. Goober
  1. Doodle
  1. Bambi
  1. Bubba
  1. Lovey
  1. Stud
  1. Newton
  1. Dumbo
  1. Cooky
  1. Kiddo
  1. Pixie
  1. Barbie
  1. Candy
  1. Cherry
  1. Essie
  1. Eureka
  1. Litzy: It means “Joy” in Spanish.

Minecraft Names

  1. Steve
  1. Blaze
  1. Zombie
  1. Ghast
  1. Wither
  1. Cam 
  1. Milo
  1. Creeper
  1. Lukas 
  1. Jesse

Funny for Cats Names Indian

  1. Giddy 
  1. Bablu 
  1. Natu 
  1. Chhotu 
  1. Kaalu 
  1. Gappu 
  1. Laddu 
  1. Cheeky 
  1. Chunnu 
  1. Munnu 
  1. Imarti 
  1. Jalebi 
  1. Shona 
  1. Billy 
  1. Gillu 
  1. Champa 
  1. Pappi 
  1. Gulabo 
  1. Kallo 
  1. Babli 

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