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100 Cat Names That Start With “M”- With Meanings- 2023

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It’s a beautiful spring evening in India, and the sun is about to set in 45 minutes. As I sit in my room, I write this post, Cat Names That Start With “M”…” for you.

If you are a regular reader of Zippy Pet, you already know what’s going on here. But if you’ve landed here for the first time, let me tell you that this is the thirteenth post of our series “Cat Names in Alphabetical Order,” and today I’m giving you 100 cat names starting with “M.”

If you’re in a hurry, and you don’t care about the meaning, you can watch the super-quick video given below. In just one minute, you’ll get 60 cat names that start with M. Yes, we are that fast.

With that said, let’s get started…

Cat Names That Start With “M” for Girls

  1. Maeve: It’s a girl’s name of Irish origin. It has two meanings: intoxicating and she who rules.
  1. Marble/Marbles: It’s a beautiful rock used as a building material. This name is suitable for white, chinchilla and tabby cats.
  1. Maureen: It’s a Gaelic name which means ‘star of the sea’. 
  1. Meeko: This name originated in Irish and means wise, strong and great.
  1. Mia: Originated in Egyp, it means mine or beloved.
  1. Mica: A crystalline shiny mineral. I recommend this name if you want to signify the beauty and sheen of your cat’s coat by her name.
  1. Mishka: It’s a short, sweet and beautiful name of Indian origin, meaning light.
  1. Mocha: This is a  kind of high-quality coffee. A great one to name for brown and tan cats. 
  1. Molly: This name has its roots in Gaelic. It means ‘star of the sea’.
  1. Moonlight: The reflected light that comes from the moon. It’s an excellent name to name light-coloured cats.
  1. Morgaine: It means a bright sea dweller or great brightness.
  1. Mouser: The one who catches the mouse. 
  1. Munchy: This is a cute name for fussy eaters. It refers to someone who eats in small bites and makes noises while eating. 
  1. Munchkin:  Dwarf. This name is suitable not only for munchkin cats but also for any small breed. 
  1. Mariposa: A sweet name for naughty cats. It means a butterfly in Spanish.
  1. Margo: This name is derived from ‘Margaret’ which is of French origin. It means a pearl. 
  1.  Margaret: As said Margaret is a French name, meaning pearl and child of light.
  1.  Marcelina: This name originated in Latin. It means a young warrior and is dedicated to Mars.
  1. Mireya: It is a Spanish name that means ‘miracle’ or ‘admired’.
  1. Mackerel: A saltwater grey fish. This fish is so popular that a silver and black striped pattern is named after it. So, naturally, this name is suitable for silver tabby cats.
  1. Mercury: A shiny, silvery and liquid metal. It is also the name of the planet.
  1. Milagros: This short, simple and attractive name means ‘miracle’. 
  1. Morita: This name has primarily two meanings these are a little girl or a chick. You see, it’s a pretty cute name for cute cats like yours.
  1. Mayonnaise: Recommended for white and creme cats, this name means a pale yellow sauce used in fast foods.
  1.  Migas: It’s a Spanish and Portuguese cuisine made of bread.
  1.  Margarita: Originated in Spanish this name means daisy.
  1. Morning Glory: It is a beautiful flower.
  1. Maahi: A gender-neutral name of Indian origin, meaning  “beloved”. It’s an abbreviated version of the word “Maahiya”. 
  1. Madeline: It’s a Greek name for the city of Magdala. Choose this name if you prefer classic or historic names for your pets. 
  1. Maggie: This name has its roots in Greek. It means making garlands. 
  1. Marina: It’s an anglicised version of the Latin name “Marinus” meaning “who is from the sea”. 
  1. Myrna: The origin of this name is disputed. It means peaceful, beloved,  high-spirited and some other meanings.
  1. Meowngelina: Inspired by Angelina Jolie only cats are eligible to have this name, LOL.
  1. Mora: It means blackberry in Spanish. I recommend this name for dark-coloured black or grey cats. You may also choose this if you want to highlight the quirky personality of your little kitty.
  1. Midnight: Literally, it means 12 a.m. However, this name signifies the dark colour of anything. Of course, this name is only suitable for black and dark grey cats.
  1. Maserati: A luxury car brand. 
  1. Meowana: Another name which is created specifically for cats by someone on  Reddit. This name referred to the excessive vocalisation of cats which is sometimes irritating. Okay… mostly. LOL.
  1. Memphis: This name has multiple origins such as Greek, American and Egyptian. It means enduring, beautiful and fascinating.
  1. Maravilla: This name is suggested for orange cats. It is a Spanish word for Marigold flower.
  1. Meatball: A cute name for fluffy and chubby pets which look like a ball of meat.
  1. Momo: It’s a Chinese dish which is made by boiling flour sheets stuffed with different stuffings.
  1. Milli: Originated in Greek, this name means ‘honey’ or ‘honey bee’.
  1. Moon: Everybody knows it’s the natural satellite of the earth. Here, it refers to the charm and beauty of anyone. Folks across the world call their loved ones the moon.
  1. Moony: It’s another variant of the moon if you want to sound more affectionate.
  1. Mercedes: It’s a name of Latin origin, meaning ‘mercies (plural for mercy)’. Also, it’s a world-famous brand of luxury cars.
  1. Mischief: Any guesses? Yes, you are right this name is suggested for naughty cats.
  1. Moose: The largest species of deer. Consider, giving this name to your large cat breeds.
  1. Mulberry: A tree.
  1. Mabel: This name originated in Latin and means ‘lovable’.
  1. Manali: A hill station in India. 
11 Cat Names Starting with 'M' Infographic
11 Cat Names Starting with ‘M’ Infographic

Cat Names That Start With M for Boys

  1. Mac: It’s an Irish surname prefix meaning ‘son of’ so it is placed before a person’s father’s name. Nowadays, it is also used as a nickname.
  1. Macho: This name is basically used for a man who is attractive, strong and aggressive. So if your handsome tom has all of these characteristics then Macho is not at all a bad name. 
  1. Monaco: A country in Europe. 
  1. Musk: A fragrance which is fragrance obtained from a male deer. 
  1. Majestic: One who looks royal, fascinating and dignified. Imagine calling your male cat by this name…you’ll fall in love with him. I bet.
  1. Mario: This name originated in Latin and means a hammer.
  1. Merlin: This name is of Welsh origin meaning a sea fortress.
  1. Meteor: These are small pieces of rock in space; that burn and give out light on entering the earth’s atmosphere. This name signifies the sparkly personality of cats. 
  1. Mickey: Inspired ‘Mickey Mouse’ cartoon from Walt Disney. Consider giving this name to small-breed male cats. 
  1. Ming: This name has its roots in China. Ming was an ancient Chinese dynasty whose lineage still continues to date. 
  1. Mowgli: From ‘The Jungle Book’ children’s story. This name is highly popular among pet parents.
  1. Murphy: It’s a German name which means sea warrior.
  1. Manuel: This name is derived from the Hebrew name Immanuel. It translates into the phrase ‘God with us’.
  1.  Mateo: It’s a Spanish variant of the Hebrew Mathew. This name means Gift of God. 
  1. Matias: Another form of ‘Mathew’ which has the same meaning. 
  1. Maxwell: It is a Scottish name, meaning “a great stream”.
  1. Max: This is a shortened form of multiple names such as Maximilian, Macmillan and Maxwell. Max is a pretty famous pet name as well. 
  1. Mike: Another name that actually is an abbreviation of a longer name. Mike is a shortened form of Michael and Michaelangelo. 
  1. Minecraft: This is the name of a famous sandbox video game brand. Its literal meaning is “my craft” or “crafted by me”.  
  1. Mirage: It’s a phenomenon of visual illusion in the desert to produce a displaced image of a distant object or sky. 
  1. Matt: Nickname for Matthew, meaning a “Gift of God”.
  1. Milo: The one who is merciful. If your cat is really affectionate and showers his love to everyone then go for it. 
  1. Miles: This name comes from Latin and means a ‘soldier’. 
  1. Murphy: A German name, meaning ‘Warrior of the sea’. It’s for those cat parents who want to give a strong name to their feline friend. 
  1. Mimosa: A beautiful flower. 
  1. Mitten: Literally, it means a kind of glove. However, in cats’ world, this name refers to the socks-like pattern on the limbs. 
  1. Mr Boots: This name is suitable for male or boy cats that have socks or boots-like patterns on their legs. 
  1. Murmur: It’s an affectionate name for those who make a murmuring sound. If your cat is an attention seeker and meows all day to get your attention then think about this name.
  1. Marty: It’s an affectionate form of Martin. 
  1. Martian: The one Who belongs to Mars. A funny name for those cats who truly are from a different world. LOL.
  1. Maxi: Like ‘Max’, Maxi is also an affectionate form of Maximilian or Maxwell. 
  1. McFurry: It’s a fun name for cats inspired by McFury. This name translates to ‘master of furry’ or ‘father of furry’. 
  1. Meownardo DiCatrio: As you know, this name is Inspired by the International movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. Let’s make Titanic 2 starring your cat. Not a bad idea, isn’t it? 
  1. Meezer: Another name in honour of talkative and clingy cats. It means a cat who is too vocal. You may get irritated at times by his excessive meowing but he doesn’t give a damn. 
  1. Mouldy or Moldy: Resembling mould. This name is suitable for cats whose coats resemble moulds. 
  1. Müsli: A bowl of cereals, nuts and dried fruits. Although it has no connection with pets it’s a pretty popular pet name. Don’t ask me why? 
  1. Mouse Hunter: As the name suggests, it means the one who hunts mice. It’s a badass name for your fierce predator. 
  1. Muffin: Cupcake. This name signifies the sweetness of cats
  1. Magnesia: White, hydrated and tasteless substance chemically known as magnesium oxide. This name is suitable for white cats. 
  1. Magnum: A kind of gun. Another name to highlight the strength, aggressiveness and bravery of your saviour cat. 
  1. McDonald: It’s the anglicised variant of MacDhòmhnaill or Dòmhnallach which are of Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic origins. It translates to ‘father of ‘son of Dòmhnall’.
  1. Milky: Made of or resembling milk. Obviously, this name is suitable for white cats. 
  1. Mr Chuckles: This is an affectionate name for pets. It means the one who chuckles. So this name is for those bad boys who chuckle after creating a mess in the house.
  1. Monkey Face: No words are needed to explain the meaning of these names. Especially, when you have a live example of this in front of your eyes 24×7. LOL
  1. Mustard: An important crop which has multiple uses.
  1. Mr Magic Paw: Don’t call yourself a cat dad or mom if you have never seen those magical paws making biscuits.
  1. Magenta: A colour that falls between two primary colours red and blue. 
  1. Mosquito: It’s an absurd name for absurd cats. LOL.
  1. Mongoose: If you want to name your cat after another animal then mongoose is a great name to go for. It signifies the agility and naughtiness of cats. 
  1. Meadow: Grassland or a field of grass. 

Did you like what you read? I hope you did. This list of Cat Names That Start With “M” has been prepared after mining out names from our huge database as well as from social media. So the likelihood of you like some of the names is high because these are the names which are suggested and chosen by real cat parents. I will appreciate it if you suggest some more names in the comment section so that I can include them in the main post the next time. And don’t forget to share this post in your social media groups so that more and more cat parents can benefit from this resource. Thanks for reading. 

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