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62 Cat Names That Start with “F”

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Some of the most popular Cat Names That Start With F for girls are Frosty and Foxy. For boys, on the other hand, Fredi and Frisco are pretty popular among cat parents. But why should you consider restricting your options just up to 3-4 names when we have a collection of so many wonderful cat names?

This is the sixth post of our cat names series in alphabetical order. And, today we are giving you a list of 62 Cat Names Starting with F for male and female cats along with their meanings. 

If you like to access the same content in the video format then you can watch the video given below. 

Female Cat Names That Start with F

  1. Fae: It is a diminutive form of fairy.
  1. Fairy: A good mythical creature with wings and magical powers.
  1. Farmina: This name has multiple meanings such as strength, independence, determination, and more. 
  1. Flora: It refers to the vegetation growing in a particular area.
  1. Fiona: the Latin version of the Gaelic word ‘Fionn’ which means fair.
  1. Foxy: Like a fox in appearance. This name is suggested for long-haired cats.
  1. Fizzy: It means someone bubbly. 
  1. Frost: A thin layer of ice that deposits on surfaces during winter.
  1. Faten- Tempting and attractive.
  1. Foamy: Like foam.
  1. Frosty: Like frost, here it refers to the frost-like fur of white cats. 
  1. Finch: An extremely cute little bird.
  1. Fabiana: It means a bean grower or bean seller. The name is of Spanish, Italian, and Latin origin.
  1. Felipe: This is a Spanish version of the Greek name  ‘Philippos’, meaning the friend of horses.
  1. Florencia: Flowering or blooming. An astonishing name for your beautiful furball.
  1. Femina: Any long-haired or furry animal.
  1. Floof: Any fluffy creature.
  1. Fede: It’s a name of Italian origin, meaning “faith”. 
  1. Fonzie: It’s a strong name for female cats. It means someone, who is always ready for battle.
  1. Fifi: it’s a name of French and Hebrew origin. It means ” God gives”. 
  1. Fluffle: Its literal meaning is a ‘group of bunnies’. So if your beautiful kitty is as fluffy as a rabbit then you may name her ‘fluffle’. 
  1. Floppy: Anything that is soft, fluffy and flexible. If you see all these characteristics your cuddly feline then go for floppy it’s really cute. 
  1. Freya: The name is of Norse origin. It means ‘ a noble woman’. 
  1. Floppa: Caracal cat with social media presence. These cats became popular with the ‘Big Floppa’ meme. 
  1. Flopsy: This word is used to describe the ears of rabbits.
  1. Fantasia: used to refer to someone with a fantasy imagination.
  1. Flashback: A scene or act set in a time earlier than the main story.
  1. Fantasy: Vivid thinking which is far away from reality. This name is suitable for daydreamer cats. 
  1. Featherbum: An affectionate name with no literal meaning. 
  1. Felicity: The state of being intensely happy.
10 Cat Names Starting with F Infographic
10 Cat Names Starting with F Infographic

Male Cat Names That Start with”F”

  1. Fawn: A pale yellow or brown colour. A cute and simple name for cream cats.
  1. Flint: A nickname for someone strong physically.
  1. Foggy: Resembling fog.
  1. Fredi: It means a peaceful ruler. Also, used as a diminutive for Frederick.
  1. Foamy: A Mixture of gas in water. Here it refers to the white coat of cats which is analogically related to the colour of the foam. 
  1. Freak: A person who is passionate about something.
  1. Frisco: A freeman.
  1. Fritz: Another diminutive for Fredrick. Its meaning is the same as Fredi’s (peaceful 


  1. Füer: This name is derived from the German name ‘Feuer’, meaning fire.
  1. Fennec: A small breed of fox that belongs to North Africa.
  1. Fahad: It means a cheetah in Arabic.
  1. Fawz: This name means victory.
  1. Franz: It’s a German name that has different meanings such as— A spear, bold, free or fierce. 
  1. Fernando: The name has multiple beautiful meanings such as courageous, adventurer, and conqueror. Yes, I know your cat has all of these qualities so go with it.
  1.  Fabias: Bean grower.
  1. Francisco: Freeman. If you didn’t like the name ‘Carlos’ suggested above then you might think about ‘Francisco’ as both names have the same meaning and describe the bravery of your cat.
  1. Fury: Anger, Ire, Rage, and some other meanings. This name is suggested if you want to give a strong name to your cat.
  1. Fuji: Means a mountain in Japanese.
  1. Fumio: A scholarly hero of Japanese literature.
  1. Fritz: A name of German origin that means a peaceful ruler. 
  1. Focaccia: A king of fluffy bread.
  1. Funky: Someone with eye-catchy looks or attire.
  1. Flakes: Very tiny particles of something. Here, it refers to snowflakes so this name is suitable for white cats.
  1. Fig: A fleshy fruit. 
  1. Force: Here, it refers to the strength and aggressiveness of male cats.
  1. Fudge: A confectionary made of sugar, milk and butter.
  1. Fisher: A surname for people whose occupation is fishing.
  1. Frazer: The anglicised version of the Gaelic name ‘Frasach’ meaning ‘generous’. 
  1. Fricassee: A non-veg dish made of chicken and butter sauce.
  1. Fabia: The one who grows beans.
  1. Freezy: Very cold and chilling. This name is recommended for long-haired white cats.
  1. Ferocious: It means savage, violent and cruel. It’s a perfect name for badass male cats. 

That’s it. So, that was about the Cat Names that Start with F. Now, it’s time to revisit the list and pick out all those names that have interested you and select the name that suits the best on your cat. While naming her you should think about her/his characteristics such as beauty, coat colour, size, fluffiness, and build. You can also name her/him after her/his traits such as bravery, naughtiness, cuddly behaviour, vocalisation, shyness and etcetera. Often, pet parents want to name their cats in a foreign language so you have many options on the list for that too. With that said, we hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Please share this post in your social groups with other cat parents like you to help them choose a name for their new baby with their favourite letter. Thanks for reading.

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