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Cat Names That Start With Y and Z- 2023- Zippy Pet 

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Are you on the hunt to find a name for your cat starting with Y or Z? If yes, then this is going to be the end of your quest. 

In general, names that start with ‘Y’ signify love, beauty, and calmness. That’s why names like Yadira, Yuvika and Yun shout out loud that your cat is graceful, young and calm. 

On the other, hand for those mischievous and zesty cats who are filled with energy and can’t settle in one place, names starting with ‘Z’ are perfect ones. A peculiar quality of the names beginning with Z is most of them symbolise zeal and enthusiasm. 

So, today I’ve handpicked 60 Cat Names That Start With Y and Z from our broad database of cat names. In addition, you’ll also get the short meanings of each of these names so that you won’t have to do another search to find their meanings. Let’s dive in. 

Cat Names That Start With Y- for Girls

two tabby and white domestic shorthaired kittens sleeping on a bed

1. Yadira: It means worthy and suitable in Arabic. 

2. Yana: It’s a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is Gracious“.

3. Yasti: Slim. This name is suggested for small cat breeds that are slim and active.

4. Yellow: A colour. It’s a unisex name. You may give this name to orange or creme cats.

5. Yak: A large herbivore with a very dense coat and long hair. 

6. Yem: This name originated in Hebrew. It means ‘life’.

7. Yeti: It’s a Nepali word, meaning abominable snowman. 

8. Yonah: This name has two original origins— Hebrew and American. It means a bear and a dove.

9. Yuvika: It’s a feminine variant of the male Sanskrit name ‘Yuvak’. It means a young girl.

10. Yuvti: Like Yuvika, Yuvti also comes from Sanskrit and means young girl. 

11. Yezdi: English variant of the Czech name ‘Jezdi’, meaning successful and affluent.

12. Yemile: The meaning of this name is not known to me. It sounds cute so I’ve included it.

13. Yamileth: This name has its roots in Spanish. It means beautiful. 

14. Youmie: It means graceful in Chinese 

15. Yamuna: A large river in India. 

Cat Names That Start With Y- For Boys

1. Yahoo: It’s an interjection in the Hindi language to express extreme happiness. Also, it’s the name of a search engine. 

2. Yoghurt: White and sour milk products obtained by fermentation of milk. Here, it refers to the whiteness or creaminess of a cat’s coat. 

3. Yoda: A character from the movie ‘The Lord of the Ring’.

4. Yun: It’s a  Chinese word for a cloud. 

5. Yuvaan: Youthful, young and healthy.

6. Yuriko: Originated in Chinese, this name means a child and a lily. 

7. Yoddha: An Indian/Hindi name for a warrior. 

8. Yuvak: Another name from Sanskrit meaning ‘a young man’. 

9. Yo-yo: A toy. Give this name to a naughty and unstoppable cat. 

10. Yippie: An interjection to express happiness. This name is suggested for excited cats. 

11. Yorkie: Originally it’s a breed of dog but you can give this name to your cat too. 

12. Yale: This name is derived from a Welsh name ‘iâl’, meaning ‘fertile ground.’

13. Yarvin: The exact meaning of this name is not known. Some say that it means an understanding person. 

14. Young: The one who is in his/her youth. 

15. Yuvaraj: This name has its origin in Hindi and means a ‘young prince’ or simply ‘prince’. 

Cat Names That Start With Z- For Girls

Three ragdoll kittens are sitting in woman's lap

1. Zara: It’s an Arabic name which means bright or radiant.

2. Zeal: This name has different meanings based on the context such as fervour, passion, gusto, zest and others.

3. Zion: Summit or peak or the highest point of something. 

4. Zelenski: It’s a Salvic name which means “green”.

5. Zoey: It means life.

6. Zola: This name originated in Africa it means a lump of earth or mound.

7. Zuri: It’s a name of the Swahili language, meaning beautiful. 

8. Zella: Grace, blessed and happy.

9. Zuma: Peace and adorable.

10. Ziddi: A stubborn cat who never forces you to give what she wants.

11. Zenith: Peak or summit.

12. Zenda: Sacred.

13. Zing: Energy, liveliness and enthusiasm.

14. Zee: The last letter of the alphabet.

15. Zowie: It’s a feminine variant of Zoey which means life.

Cat Names That Start With Z- For Boys

1. Zeky: This name comes from Australia. It used to refer to someone intelligent and clever.

2. Zaheen: A name from Arabic which means intelligent too. 

3. Zaki: Like Zaheen, Zaki is also an Arabic name and means smart and intelligent.

4. Zuzu: A promotional White character introduced by Vodafone Telecom which has egg-shaped heads and a ballooned body.

5. Ziggy: The one who is active, energetic, quick, and zesty.

6. Zebby:  It’s an affectionate pet variant of Zebra.

7. Zaafran: It’s the original Urdu word from which the word ‘saffron’ has been derived. This name is suggested for ginger cats.

8. Zorro: It means a fox in Spanish.

9. Zuko: It means glory.

10. Zesty: Someone who is very active and full of energy.

11. Zane: I don’t know where this name originated.  It means ‘God’s gracious gift’.

12. Zaire: The old name for the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

13. Zack: It has two meanings— laughter and the lord recalled.

14, Zippy: Zesty, ziggy, agile, energetic, enthusiastic and some other meanings.

15. Zebra: medium-sized wild herbivore with black and white stripes. This name is suggested for Black and white bicolour and tuxedo cats.

This is it! Finding a nice name with a specific letter of the alphabet is not easy but now you have 60 Cat Names That Start With Y and Z as well as their meanings in your hand. I hope that this list would help you pick a great name for your feline cat that she immediately accepts. If you have more names in your mind then don’t ever hesitate to share them with us. Also, please share this post in your social media groups to help other cat parents like you. 

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