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60 Cat Names That Start With O- With Meanings- 2023

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Choosing the right name for your feline friend is fun yet it’s tiring. Believe it or not, it’s exhausting to brainstorm the right cat name or get great cat name ideas on social media…

…You may end up thinking for hours or reading and replying to hundreds of comments yet unable to pick the name that touches your heart.

After all, you can’t pick any name just because it sounds good. Rather you need a name which perfectly fits your cat’s cool and playful personality, right? 

So, my question is, why trouble yourself when I’ve already done all the hard work for you? Yes, you read it right.

I have filtered all the cat names starting with O from our huge database of cat names. In addition, I’ve read hundreds of comments on Social media to prepare this list. 

Now you just go through this blog post and pick the most adorable name for your feline friend from 60 Cat Names That Start With O. 

Furthermore, today’s list features cat names for male and female cats along with their meanings. 

You’ll also find here the names from different languages based on colour, unique traits, characteristics and even breeds of cats. 

With that said let’s start exploring the list given below to pick the best name for your cat.

Cat Names That Start With O- For Girls

  1. Ori: It’s a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘my light’.
  1. Orange: A juicy sweet and sour tropical fruit.
  1. Onyx: A gemstone of black colour.
  1. Oakley: It’s a name of English origin that translates into the phrase “a meadow of the Oak trees”. 
  1. Oaklyn: This name has its roots in American English and means “ a beautiful oak”. 
  1. Ocean: A large water body. This name also symbolises “blueness”. So you can freely give this name to cats with blue eyes. 
  1. Ochre: This name means “pale yellow colour”.
  1. Octavia: It’s the feminine name of Latin origin, meaning ‘eight’ or ‘the one who was born in the eighth month’.
  1. Odelia: This name originated in Hebrew and has two meanings, these are “the one who praises God” and “wealthy”.
  1. Odette: This name has two origins: ‘French’ and ‘German’. It means ‘wealthy’.
  1. Oheo: One of the states in the United States of America.
  1. Olivia: This name is of Latin origin. It’s a feminine form of olive. It has three meanings: olive, olive tree and peace. 
  1. Omisha: It’s a Bengali variant of  ‘Amisha’ which means beautiful, truthful, honest, genuine and without deceit.
  1. Oki: This name originated in Japanese and means ocean centred. 
  1. Oorja: It’s a name of Indian origin. It means energy or strength.
  1. Ophelia: Originated in Greek, Ophelia means ‘aid or benefit’.
  1. Ora: It means “prayer” in Latin. 
  1. Orchid: It’s a beautiful flower.
  1. Oriana: Oriana has different meanings such as sunlight, dawn or early morning.
  1. Onyx: A gemstone.
  1. Otsuka: It’s a name of Japanese origin, meaning ‘a large bundle or mound’. 
  1. Osha: This name comes right from Armenia. It means a ‘deer’ or ‘little fawn’.
  1. Orbit: The fixed path about which some heavenly bodies revolve. 
  1. Ostrich: The largest living bird on the earth. This symbolises the large size so it is suggested for large cat breeds.  
  1. Orela: A feminine form of Oracle which means ‘announcements from God’.
  1. Orleans: It’s basically a unisex French name meaning ‘golden’. 
  1. Orby: Suitable for chubby cats, this name means ‘spherical’. 
  1. Olga: It’s a name of Scandinavian origin. It has three primary meanings— holy, blessed and successful.
  1. Onion: A vegetable. 
  1. Ooty: It’s the name of a hill station in India.
Infographic showing the list of 11 cat names starting with o
An infographic showing the list of 11 cat names starting with O

Cat Names That Start With O- For Boys

  1. Odie: It means ‘wealthy’ or ‘of the valley’. It is a form of the names  ‘Otis’ and ‘Odell’.
  1. Oggy: It’s the name of the lead character of the famous cartoon ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’.
  1. Okami: It means a wolf in Japanese.
  1. Olaf: A Norse name which means relic or ancient heritage.
  1. Olive: A pale green or black fruit used as a food ingredient, medicine, as well as to extract oil. 
  1. Oreo: The world-famous three-layered chocolate cookie.
  1. Oz: This name has its roots in Hebrew. It means strength.
  1. Oliver: It’s a name from English and means ” an olive tree”.
  1. Otter: Otter is a river animal that looks like a mongoose. This name symbolises agility, aggression and naughtiness.
  1. Oscar: This is one of the most famous pet names. It originated in Irish and it means ‘deer’ or ‘loving friend’.
  1. Otto: This name comes from German. It means “wealth”. 
  1. Orca: A Orca or killer whale is a large black and white aquatic mammal of the whale family which hunts other whales, dolphins and even sharks in groups. So if you want to give your cat a strong name then consider ‘Orca’. 
  1. Osprey: It’s a black and white breed of Hawk. 
  1. Onikisu: It’s a Japanese word for onyx which is a gemstone of black colour. 
  1. Ocelot: A very beautiful spotted medium-sized wild cat.
  1. Okapi: It’s a large herbivore and mammal which links somewhere between a giraffe and zebra because of which it is also known as a zebra giraffe. 
  1. Ornament: A piece of jewellery. If you believe that your handsome cat is no less than an ornament of your house then you may give him this name. 
  1. Orchard: A fruit garden.
  1. Oregano: A herb used as an ingredient of food. Especially in Italian cuisine. 
  1. Ojas: It is a Sanskrit name with three meanings— vitality, grandeur and vigour. This name signifies the strength 
  1. Onyang: It’s a name of African origin, meaning born in the morning. 
  1. Oman: A country in the Middle East.
  1. Octopus: An aquatic animal with eight arms.
  1. Oyster: Any kind of shellfish. Also a shade of white and grey colour. So, this name is recommended for white, light grey and chinchilla cats of any breed.
  1. Octavious: Octavious is of Latin origin and it means the ‘eighth’.
  1. Owl: A nocturnal bird of prey. This name is suitable for cats and kittens who want you to listen to them at 3 a.m. LOL. Also, it’s a great name for the Scottish Fold cats.
  1. Octagon: A regular polygon with eight sides. 
  1. Obsidian: A black gemstone. It’s a perfect name for marvellous black cats. 
  1. Omega: A Greek word which means ‘the end’. 
  1. Oasis: A small region with a pond and some greenery in the desert. If you love your cat as much as the people of the desert love oasis then go for it!

So, that was about the cat names that start with O. I hope that this article has helped you pick the best name for your new family member. Now it’s the time to tell the other members of your home about the shortlisted names. Once your family reaches a consensus then you are free to introduce your princess or prince to the world. If you liked the blog post then don’t forget to use the social share buttons to help other pet parents in naming their pets. If you want to suggest some more cat names which start with I then you can shoot your comment in the comments box. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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