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58 Cat Names That Start With “J”- 2023- With Meanings

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Your quest for Cat Names That Start With “J” have brought you here, and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. This is the eleventh post of our series Cat Names in Alphabetical Order. And today you are gonna find out the most wonderful names for cats starting with “J” for male and female cats along with their meanings.

In addition to English, I’ve included names from other languages to suggest some unique names that you have never heard about. Names like Jaffna, Jazeera and Jyotsana are some of those names that are both unique and pleasant to the ears.

If you are someone who prefers watching videos over reading then you may watch the video given below. 

  1. Jane: a name of English origin which stands for the phrase ‘God is gracious’.
  1. Jennifer: It means fair and smooth. The name originated in Welsh.
  1. Jenny: a diminutive for Jennifer.
  1. Jolly: happy
  1. July: the seventh month of the year. A great one to name the kitten who was born in July.
  1. Jyotsna: Moonlight
  1. Jahanvi: Like Jyotsana, Jahanvi also means ‘moonlight. Another meaning for Jahanvi is the Ganga river. 
  1. Joseline: Joseline is a name of German origin and it is used to refer to a person who belongs to the Gauth or Little Goth tribe.
  1. Jovianne: God Is Gracious. Its origin is both in Greek and French. Another meaning of this name is happy. 
  1. Juno: Originated in Latin, the name means “the queen of heaven”.
  1. Jolly: Happy, merry or joyful.
  1. Jenice: Jenice is similar to Jane, the name originated in Hebrew and means “God Is Gracious”.
  1. Juicy: Anything which is filled with juice. This name is for a kitten that appears so juicy that anyone would want to suck her at first sight.
  1. January: If your kitten was born or entered your house for the first time in January then it’s not a bad idea to name her after the month of her arrival. 
  1. Jasper: possibly of Persian origin, it means a treasurer.
  1. Jessica: This name means ‘God beholds’ or ‘wealthy’. 
  1. Jassi: It’s the name of Punjabi origin. Jassi is the Nickname of ‘Jasmeet’ and ‘Jaspreet’ meaning ‘dear friend’ and ‘dear to heart’.
  1. Jalebi: It’s a twisted Indian sweet filled with sugar syrup and usually in breakfast along with milk or poha (an Indian snack). 
  1. Jaan: This name has its roots in India too. It means ‘beloved’ or ‘, ‘sweetheart’. 
  1. Jaffna: It’s a city in Sri Lanka. 
  1. Jahanara: This name is of Persian origin, meaning the ‘Queen of the World’ or the ‘Queen of the universe’. Indeed your royal kitty deserves this name. 
  1. Jawa: Jawa is a country in Southeast Asia, as well as the name of a famous motorcycle brand. 
  1. Jemima: A name from Hebrew. It means a dove. 
  1. Jazzy: Nickname for Jocelyn. 
  1. Jazlyn: It’s a combination of two names. The first part ‘Jaz’ comes from ‘Jasmine’ a flower and the second part ‘lyn’ means a ‘lake’ in Celtic. 
  1. Jazmine: Technically it’s an English version of the Persian name ‘Yasmin’ which means a ‘gift from God’. Another meaning of Jasmine is a flower.
  1. Journey: Going from one place to another. 
  1. Jayla: It’s a Hebrew name for girls, meaning ‘God will protect you’. 
Most Popular Cat Names Starting with 'J' Infographic
Most Popular Cat Names Starting with ‘J’ Infographic

Boy Cat Names That Start With “J”

  1. Jaguar: a large wild cat found in the Amazon rainforest of South America.
  1. Jazeera: It’s an Arabic word for island.
  1. Jerry: Here, it refers to Jerry the mouse in The Tom & Jerry Show cartoon.
  1. Jupiter: It is the fifth and largest planet in the solar system.
  1. Josh: here it refers to ‘Josh’ in Hindi which means ‘full of energy.
  1. Jackson or Jaxon: This name means ‘son of John’ or ‘, ‘son of Jack’. Know that, ‘Jack’ is also a modern variation of ‘John’ meaning ‘God is gracious’. 
  1. Jax: This name is the shortened form of ‘Jackson’ or ‘Jackson’ both of them are variations of ‘John’.
  1. Jai: An Indian name that means Victory. 
  1. Josh: Enthusiasm and energy.
  1. Jango: Someone who is strong or amazing just like your spectacular tom.
  1.  Joaquin: This name has been derived from the German word ‘Joachim’. It means “established by God.”
  1. Jiddo (pronounced as “sit-to”): It’s a name of Lebanese origin meaning grandfather. 
  1. Junky: It means someone who is indisciplined, uncultured or useless. 
  1. Jian: A name of Chinese origin, meaning strong, healthy, simple and more.
  1. Jun: It means obedient and younger.
  1. Joy: This is an English name for Happiness or for the one who stays happy.
  1. Jules: A French name, meaning “youthful”.
  1. Jupiter: It’s the largest planet in the solar system.
  1. Joyous: Joyful, happy or cheerful.
  1. Jürgen: It’s a name of Greek origin which means a farmworker or farmer.
  2. Juggler: It’s a perfect name for your entertaining Tom. It means a person who juggles things to entertain others. 
  1. Jitter: This name is suggested for shy kittens. It means the feeling of getting extremely nervous. 
  1. Jimmy: This name is used to refer to a male who is a stranger. So, if your Tom still seems like a stranger sometimes then you may name him ‘Jimmy’.
  1. Jumper: Kittens are agile, playful and energetic, aren’t they? So, this name is for those male kittens who jump from everywhere all day long. 
  1. Jumbo: It means very large or huge. I recommend you give this name to large cat breeds. 
  1. Jubail: A city in Arabia. 
  1. Jacuzzi: A large underwater system to massage and clean the body with jets of water.
  1. Jaemin: It’s a Korean name for male which means an intelligent person. 
  1. Jaehyun: Another Korean name, meaning ‘respectful’ and ‘virtuous’. 
  1. Jeff: It’s an abbreviated form of ‘Jeffery’, meaning ‘God’s peace’ or ‘pledge’. 
  1. Jojo: An affectionate name with no meaning. 

Finally, you have reached the point where you are ready to pick a bunch of names and rethink them. Here’s a way to decide. Close your eyes and imagine calling your little paws the shortlisted names one after another. And pick the one that you love the most. 

With that said, that was all about cat names that start with “J”. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please share this post in your social circles to help other cat parents like you in naming their cats. Moreover, if you want to suggest some more names then you can post them in the comments and I’ll include them in the update. Thanks for reading. 

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