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The Black Persian cat is no doubt among the most demanding Persian cat colours. Especially when you want a completely black cat with no marks, smokes, shading or patches. 

His astonishing luxurious black coat jutted with sparkling copper eyes has the power of blowing one’s mind. 

A purebred solid black Persian cat is so dark that it’s almost invisible in the dark until you see his startling eyes reflecting the light falling on them. 

This is the featured image for the blog post Black Persian Cat

Persian cats come in more than 100 colours and patterns but the glamour that a Black cat possesses is unmatchable by any other colours and patterns.


As you are here, you may want to know what other colours a Persian cat can have in combination with black? Maybe you are looking to get an estimate of the cost of owning and maintaining a Black Persian cat. Or You might want to ask whether it is worth bringing a Black Persian cat? 

If these questions are running through your mind then you are at the right place. 

In this blog post, we’re gonna talk about a lot of interesting things about the Black Persian cat that will make you love them even more.

Black Persian Cat Overview Table

The Laidback Cat

Length: 14 to 18 inches 

Weight: 8 to 12 pounds(3.6 to 5.4 kg)

Solid Black, Chinchilla, Shaded Black, Black Smoke, Bicolour, Calico, and Tortoiseshell.

10 to 17 years.


$1500- $3000

INR 15000 to INR 30,000



Fairly Adaptable

Very High




Very Low



What is a Black Persian Cat? 

A Black Persian cat is a Persian cat that can either be Solid black or may have black in combination with other colours. At present, the Cat Fanciers Association(CFA) recognizes 7 patterns as various classes of Black Persian cats. These 7 patterns are- solid black, shaded black, shell black, tortoiseshell, black and white, black smoke and white and calico. 

Black Persian History

We may call them Persian cats but the truth is the exact origin of the Persian cat is unknown. Most probably they originated in Persia(Iran), Bukhara(Central Asia) or Kurdistan.

When did the first Black Persian perform in a cat that is also not known to us? However, when the first cat show took place at the Crystal Palace London, England in 1871 Persian cats were part of it. The Persian cat was immensely popular in the Victorian era not only in England but also in other parts of Europe. 

In America, this cat was exported in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, again we don’t know exactly in which year this happened. 

Today, the Persian cat is still one of the most popular cats in the world. But, its popularity now has been severely hurt by the comparatively new breeds such as Ragdoll, Bengal and Maine Coon. 

In India, however, the situation is different. The Persian is still the number one cat in India. They are so popular that anyone who doesn’t know much about cats thinks of every longhaired cat as Persian. 

7 Patterns of Persian Cats Can be Registered under a Black Persian Cat Class in Cat Fanciers Association(CFA)


Coat: Dense coal-black coat from roots to the tip of the hair. There must not be any tinge of rust on the tip or smoke under the coat. 

Nose Leather: black 

Paw Pads: either black or brown

Eye Colour: Brilliant Copper.


Coat: Pure white undercoat with flank, head and tail have sufficient black tipping to give the sparkling appearance. Slight tipping of black on legs. Pure white chin, stomach, ear tufts and chest. The black band of the Chinchilla cat is just 1/8th part of the total length of the individual hair.

Nose leather: brick red with black outline.

Paw Pads: black

Eye Colour: green or blue


Coat: White undercoat with a mantle of black shading down the sides, face and tail. White frills, stomach, chest, and ear tufts. The face and tail may have deeper shading. Their coats' general look is more black than shell black coat than shell black. The black band of the Shaded Black Persian cat is just 1/4th part of the total length of the individual hair.

Nose Leather: black

Paw Pads: black

Eye Colour: brilliant copper


Coat: Black coat with white undercoat. Her flanks(the region between ribs and hips), shoulders, and tail are slightly tipped with black(black on the tip and the rest of the hair is white) giving them a sparkling appearance. Lightly shaded face and limbs. White frills, stomach, chest and ear tufts. The black band of the Chinchilla cat is just 1/2 part of the total length of the individual hair.

Nose Leather: black

Paw pads: black

Eye Colour: brilliant copper.


Coat: Black and white in any proportion(bit individual hair is either completely black or completely white. There must be no band of another colour on the hair independently. The tail should be black and there must be one or more black patches on the face and head.

Nose Leather: pink

Paw Pads: pink in white areas

Eye Colour: blue, copper or odd-eyed(odd-eyed cat must have at least one blue eye)


Coat: white base with red and black patches on the coat in different proportions. The tail must be coloured. Head and face must-have colour at least one colour face. 

Nose Leather: pink in white areas

Paw Pads: Pink

Eye Colour: brilliant copper, blue or odd-eyed.


Coat: Black base with patches of red or softly intermingled patches of red. They may have different shades of red.

Nose Leather: black

Paw Pads: black

Eye Colour: brilliant copper

Note: These are the 7 major patterns. Apart from these, there are several sub-patterns that I’m not discussing here.

Black Persian Cats Eyes

The solid black, shell black, shaded black and tortoiseshell Persian cats have brilliant copper eyes. A calico cat can have either brilliant copper or yellow eyes. Bicolour may have blue, copper or odd eyes. While chinchillas can have blue or green eyes.

Black Persian Cat with Blue Eyes

Blue eye colour in combination with a black cat is rare but it does exist. Persian cats can have blue eyes if they have silver, calico, or bicolour coats. 

Black Persian Cat with Green Eyes

This image shows a Chinchilla Persian cat with green eyes
This image shows a Chinchilla Persian cat with green eyes.

There is only one pattern of a Black Persian cat that has green eyes, that is when she has a silver(chinchilla) coat. 

How Does the Persian Cat Get Black Colour?| Genetics

The first condition to get. a solid black coat is the kitten must have received the dominant black gene(B)  from both of her parents. On the other hand, if one of the genes is recessive black then they produce either chocolate or cinnamon colour. Know that for a kitten to shoe a solid black colour she must also have received a non-agouti gene denoted by ‘a’. 

Some cats may appear solid black but they are actually tabby and black. But their tabby markings get repressed by the black colour which is visible when the cat sits in the sun. This is due to the presence of a recessive gene and a dominant black gene.

Black Persian Cat Appearance and Size

As you know that the colour or pattern of the coat does not have any effect on the size of a cat. So, the Black Persian (just like a Persian cat of any other colour or pattern) is a medium-sized cobby cat with a heavy body, with long and soft hair. They can be 14 to 18 inches long while their height can be anywhere between 10 to 15 inches. As far as their weight is concerned, they can fall anywhere in the range of 8 to 12 pounds( 3.5 to 5.4 kg). 

The table below summarises the Black Persian Cat Size in (inches and lbs)

GenderLength (inches)
Min          Max
Height (inches)
Min          Max
Weight (lbs)
Min          Max
Male16            1812             1609             12
Female14           1610             1408              10
Black Persian Cat Size in Inches and Pounds

The table below summarises the Black Persian Cat Size in cm and kg

GenderLength (cm)
Min          Max
Height (cm)
Min          Max
Weight (kg)
Min          Max
Male40.6           45.730.4            40.64.8            5.4
Female35.5          40.625.4            35.53.6             4.5
Black Persian Cat Size in cm and kg

Black Persian Cat Personality

Persian cats are very sweet loving and laid back cats. You will find her sleeping for the most part of the day. She loves to keep her body near the floor thus avoiding climbing and jumping thus your furniture is at minimum risk.

Thanks to her non-destructive nature. Yet, they love to perch on cat trees and watch the window T.V. for hours. You will love when she tries to drive your attention by the sweet and melodious meow which would a source of real delight for you.

It is pretty independent and does not demand her owner’s attention all the time like Siamese and Ragdoll this makes it an excellent breed to keep in an apartment as well as in a busy family. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to play at all. You must play with her at least for half an hour daily.

A Persian cat (of any colour) is a really good option to keep with children and other pets due to her calm and adaptable nature. When it comes to strangers, she does not mix with them immediately. But once the bonding is made they would love to take a quick massage from them too.

Types of Persian Cats on the Basis of Their Face 

Coat colours and patterns are not the only basis of classification when it comes to Persian cats. We can also classify them on the basis of the shape of their face. There exist two variants of a Black Persian Cat: 

i)  Classic or Doll Face Black Persian Cats

This image shows a Doll Faced Black Persian cat
This image shows a Doll Faced Black Persian cat

The classic, doll-faced, or the traditional Persian cat are the different names of the same variant. Old-fashioned and Long-nosed Persian cats are the other names of this variant. As the names suggest these were the original Persian cat that was brought to Europe from Iran. 

These Persian cats have black coats and longer noses than the Peke Faced Persian cats. Their bodies are also longer but they are shorter in height. Ears are more triangular and their faces are less flat than the punched face Persian cat. 

I personally like this classic variant more than the modern one. But unfortunately, the population of these cats have decreased to a great extent because now cat registries have disqualified them and accept only the peke-faced Persian as a show cat. That’s unfair.

ii) Peke-Faced or Punch-Faced Black Persian Cat

This image peke face smoke black Persian cat with brilliant copper eyes.
This image peke face smoke black Persian cat with brilliant copper eyes.

Peke-faced or punch-faced is the modern variant of the Persian cat that is accepted as a show cat. They got this name(punched face) because of their excessively flattened face and snubbed nose. Moreover, they are taller but shorter in length than the classic. 

So when a Persian cat has a solid black coat and peke-face then we call it a Black Peke-faced Persain cat. 

Black Persian Cat Price

Black Persian cats are rare therefore their price is also higher than the Persian cats of other colours. The price of a Black Persian Cat depends on its age and the condition of the fur. A kitten with shiny, soft black fur can cost you anywhere between 25000 to 30000 rupees. While you can get the old Black Persian cat for about 8000 to 10000 rupees.

The price of a  Black Persian cat in the U.S.A can be in the range of 1500-3000 dollars.

Total Annual Expenditure of Keeping a Black Persian Cat as a Pet in India 

It’s not just about the initial amount. If you really want to take a wise decision you must first consider the cost of the total annual expenditure that you have to bear to meet the needs of a Persian cat.

It’s essential to calculate because many people bring a cat as a pet into the home. Keep her for 3 to 4 months. And, when they find themselves unable to bear her expenditure they abandon her or drop her at a cat shelter. That’s cruel.

So, you must think twice about how much you have to spend on her before bringing her home. 

Expenditures TypeCost in INRTotal Cost in INR
Purchase Price15000(average)15000
Food (Taken Whiskas Wet Cat as a reference)1.2 kg for INR 400(approx.) which may last for 20 days. for 1 year you need about 20 packs so the total cost of food would be= 400 x 20 = 8000
Litter Box500(you need 2 litter boxes for 1 cat)500 x 2 = 1000
Vaccination & Tests30003000
Scoop 150150
Cat Brush 300300
Cat Tree2500250
Cat Bed750750
Toys 10001000
Medicines 10002000
Total Annual Expenditure in India on a Black Persian Cat for the first year37,450 (approx.)
This table estimates the total annual expenditure on a Black Persian cat for the first year in India

So the total annual expenditure on a Black Persian Cat on average is about 37,000 rupees.

But remember this when you bought a Persian cat from somewhere and had paid for neutering too. But in the successive years, you wouldn’t have to pay again for these expenses hence in the consecutive years the expenditure would come down almost to half than what you had spent in the first year. Also, if you adopt a cat rather than shopping for it then even in the first year the annual expenditure wouldn’t be high.

Total Annual Expenditure of Keeping a Black Persian Cat as a Pet in the U.S.

Expenditureure TypeCost in USDTotal Cost in USD
Purchase Price1500(average)$1500
Food (Taken Royal Canin Cat as a reference)3 oz can pack of 24 cans $95(approx.) which may last for 34 days. For 1 year you need about 11 such packs so the total cost of food in 1 year would be= 10 x 95 = 950
Litter Box15(you need 2 litter boxes for 1 cat)15 x 2 = 30
X-Ray 100100
Rabies Vaccination & FIV Test100100
Scoop 1010
Cat Brush 1010
Cat Tree70250
Cat Bed2020
Toys 5050
Medicines 100100
Total Annual Expenditure in the U.S.A. on a Black Persian Cat for the first year3,370 (approx.)
This table estimates the total annual expenditure on a Black Persian cat for the first year in India

So the total annual expenditure on a Black Persian Cat on average is about $37,000.

5 Interesting About the Black Persian Cat

1. Some Persian Cats are Actually Tabbies in Disguise

You may find some black Persian cats have stripes on thier body and the signature ‘M’ pattern on their forehead but it’s hard to see them due to their dark black colour. This ‘M’ pattern and even stripes can be seen when they sit in the bright sunlight.

2. Black Cats Along With Black Persian have Linked to Superstitions in Different Parts of the World

A Black Persian cat along with other black cats in general is linked to several superstitions in different parts of the world. In some countries, they are considered bringers of good luck, charm and prosperity. While in the other parts of the world the belief is completely opposite. 

For example, in India, in most of Europe blacks cats are seen as bad, people linked them to witches, the devil and unlucky.

On the other hand, in Scottish, Japanese and Celtic Mythology they are considered the bringer of joy, prosperity and Goodluck.

However, in my opinion, both of the beliefs are just myths. Black cats are just like any other cats. They can neither bring charm nor good luck or bad luck. Also, linking them with witches is not more than a superstition and myth o don’t listen to such people.

The only thing they can bring is love, disease-spreading germs and dead birds as gifts from outside. LOL 

3. Black Coats May Fade or Get Rust Overtime

Yes, you need to be extra cautious and don’t let your black cat expose herself to sunlight excessively. Constant exposure to sunlight may cause her black coat to change to rusty red colour. 

Sometimes lack of an enzyme called ‘tyrosine’ which is responsible for producing ‘eumelanin’(a pigment that gives a cat black colour). So, if your cat remains indoors but still her black fur is changing to orange(rusty-red) then this could be the reason. In this case, you need to reach out to your vet and act as per his/her advice.

4. Black Cats Grow White Hair as They Get Old(Like Humans)

A normal phase in a human’s life is his/her body starts growing white hair as he/she grows old. The same is with cats.

All cats grow white hair with age but in black cats in particular; this change is more visible and appears early due to the contrast between the black hair and white hair. Because of these new white hairs, a black cat starts appearing grey in some parts not entirely.

5. Black Persian Cat Can Only Have Copper Eyes Except for Chinchilla

The most common eye colour of the Black Persian cat is brilliant copper. In fact, a Solid Black Persian cat along with shaded black, tortoiseshell and black smoke can only have brilliant copper eyes. 

Where to Buy a Black Persian Cat From?

So, if you are set to welcome a new black fluffy member to your family then here are a few ways you can do that. 

1) Buying a Black Persian Cat  From a Certified Breeder

Buying a Black Persia cat from a certified breeder is the safest and the most expensive option. They will give you many options to choose from and guide you in the selection process. Breeders put strictly monitor the health and wellness of cats. They may also guide you in taking care of a cat if you are about to become a parent for the first time.

Be aware that there are many breeders who do fraudulent activities too. And, they sell non-purebred cats and cats that can’t perform in cat shows at higher prices. They take the advantage of the ignorance of people who are aspirant to becoming cat parents.

Therefore, I recommend you to research properly and understand each and everything about the colours, and breeding standards thoroughly before you give your hard-earned money to anyone. Also, buy a cat from a certified breeder only.

Here are two Persian cat certified breeders that I could find online:

Zippy Pet does not endorse, promote or guarantee any breeder so we can’t recommend anyone as of now.

2) Online Cat Marketplaces

Just like e-commerce marketplaces, there exist marketplaces specifically dedicated to buying, selling and adopting cats. These marketplaces have a network of breeders in major cities of the country. However, I don’t recommend you to buy cats online because of the higher risk of fraud. I am just writing here to mention all the options that you have.

3) Adoption Centres

Getting a black Persian kitten in the adoption centre is almost impossible. But if you have a Goodluck you may get an older cat. Since there are many unethical cat owners who drop their old cats at adoption centres because they can’t entertain them anymore and they don’t want to invest their time and money in them.

That’s too bad and I strongly criticize their actions. So, it’s the best option to adopt a cat from a centre. They all need care. They all need homes. And, if you are lucky you might get an Old Black Persian Too.

4) Contact Breeders 

Sometimes cat parents who find themselves unable to take care of their cats properly hand them back to the breeder they have purchased the cat from. Similarly, those who want to sell their cats also contact breeders and tell them to look for buyers. So, it’s worth contacting a breeder at least once.

5) Find Someone on Social Media 

If you actively participate in cat groups on various social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and even Quora. Then there are higher chances of finding someone who is willing to sell his/her cat or want to give it for free. It is possible that you can find someone who has a black Persian cat and wants to sell it too. 

6) Inform Your Friends and Relatives

Quite possible that anyone among your friends and relatives or their friends and relatives is willing to give away or sell their cat. If you are fortunate enough, she can be a Balck Persian too. Again it depends on your luck but it won’t cost anything if you let them know that you are looking for a Black Persian Cat. 

Black Persian Cat Care

Now let’s suppose that you have got your desired cute Blacki Persian cat. Now you want to know how you should care for her. Below are a few important things that you need to care about to care for her properly: 

1.) Choosing the Right Food

The first and the most important decision is to choose food for her. Remember, the decision of selecting the best cat food depends on factors such as age, breed, health, and personal preference of your cat.

In general, choose a Wet Persian Cat/Kitten Food for your cat that has a high content of animal protein, high moisture, low carbs, high fibres and essential vitamins and minerals. Remember grain-free foods are best for cats. Here is my article that discusses everything about the Best Persian Cat Foods in 2022. 

Also, you should give them treats as a reward. At least three days a week or during their training sessions.

2) Water 

Water is essential for proper digestion, carrying out internal processes, and healthy skin and coat. Cats that eat wet food get this water from their diet itself. 

But, there are many cats who eat dry food. And, dry food has very little moisture which is insufficient for your cat. Therefore she needs to drink water regularly. However, a lot of cats don’t like to drink water from their bowls.

A cat water fountain is a great option to solve this problem. Cats love to drink running water in streams and even from taps. So cat water fountain would give them the same feel and encourage them to want 

3) Cat Essentials

Apart from water fountains, there are some other essentials to stay satisfied and happy. These are cat beds, cat trees, toys, litter boxes, litter mats, harness and leash and cat brushes. Make sure to provide them with all this stuff.

4) Grooming Your Cat

As you know, the Persian is a longhaired cat that needs to brush her frequently in order to keep its coat free from mats, tables, dirt and mites. Grooming a Black Persian cat is even more important because dust and dirt are highly visible on black coats. 

Cats in general don’t need a bath, because they groom themselves frequently. But if you notice that your cat’s coat is getting too waxy, dirty and hard then you can give her a bath with non-toxic mild cat shampoo

5) Vet Visits

It’s recommended to take your Black Persian cat to a registered veterinarian once every six months for a regular check-up even if she looks completely fine and healthy.

6) Play 

Black Persian cats need to play like any other cat breed. Persians normally have low energy and they are laid back cats. They don’t climb, jump and do physical exercise themselves. Therefore it is extremely important to get them to move their bodies for at least 30 minutes a day. For this, you must play with her by using Interactive Cat Toys.

7) Walks

Walking with cats is a great idea to give them some entertainment and an opportunity to breathe in the fresh air. It also boosts the self-confidence of cats. Therefore, I recommend you train your cat to walk on a leash by wearing a harness. But, don’t force her to do this. Do it only if she likes it. 

Is Black Persian a Good Pet?

It depends on what you’re expecting from a cat and how much money and time are you willing to invest. 

When a Black Persian Cat is a Good Pet

Let’s say you want a glamorous cat that is very attractive and unique from the cats that presently exist in your neighbourhood, or in the circle of your friends and relatives. Also, you want a cat that is not very destructive and clingy. On the other hand, you are prepared to invest some extra time and money in caring for her. 

When a Black Persian is Not a Good Pet for You

The Persian cat is not a good pet for you if you are unable to invest the time and money in her care that she deserves. This cat is not for you if you want a cat who is very mischievous and entertaining. Also, she is not for you if you desire to have a cat who loves to cuddle a lot and stick with you all the time.

Black Persian Cat Names 

Finally, let’s assume that you have a Black Persian Kitten and you are searching or a name to reflect a certain aspect of her personality. Below are the lists of some names that you can give to your Black Persian Cat or Kitten.

15 Names for a Black Persian Cat (Boy)

  1. Bagheera: a character name of the black panther in a popular children’s book The Jungle Book. 
  1. Blake: dark.
  1. Cloud: here, in reference to black clouds.
  1. Dusky: dark like dusk
  1. Dot: a tiny small point. A cute name for a black kitten. 
  1. Knight: a high-level soldier.
  1. Lava: molten rocks of black colour that come out when a volcano erupts.
  1. Obsidian: a black coloured mineral.
  1. Panther: A melanated Jaguar or Leopard. 
  1. Pingu: a cute cartoon character who was a penguin. 
  1. Raven:  a black crow-like bird, found mostly in America which is a bit larger than a crow.
  1. Starling: a small black bird.
  1. Storm: violent wind.
  1. Thunder: violent wind accompanied by rain which often brings darkness due to the thick layer of clouds blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the Earth.
  1. Zorro: a dog like a fox. It also refers to a fictional character who fights against evil by wearing a black costume and a mask to hide his identity.

15 Names for Black Persian Cat (Girl)

1. Villa: protector, desire

2. Night: part of the day after the sunsets.

3. Cookie:  a brown or black biscuit or treat made of flour, butter, sugar and often chocolate chips(here, refers to the black colour of a cat). 

4. Cuckoo: a black bird with a melodious voice (here, refers to the black coat and melodious voice of the Persian cat). 

5. Ebony: a dark brown or black wood obtained from ebony trees found in the equatorial rainforests.

6. Inky: anything that resembles the dark colour of ink. 

7. Iris: here, refers to a black flower.

8. Viola: a musical instrument.

9. Flint: a black coloured rock or ore.

10. Clove: a small dry bud of black colour that has medicinal properties and is also used as a spice. 

11. Pepper:  a spice used as a flavouring agent which looks like a tiny black golf ball from the outside and has a white inner substance.

12. Eclipse: natural phenomenon when the earth or the moons part their shadow on each other at different times by blocking the sun’s rays(here, this refers to the darkness that eclipse brings). 

13. Blackberry: a black coloured sweet and sour berry. 

14. Cassina: a black drink 

15. Kahwa: a hot black beverage made of coffee beans which are commonly drunk in the Middle East and Kashmir(a mountainous region of Asia administered by India, Pakistan and China).

So Are You Going to Bring the Black Persian Cat Home?

So, that was all about the Black Persian cat. I hope that after reading this blog post a lot of your queries have been resolved. Here, also I tried to give as many answers as I can think of which I usually do in every post. If you still have some questions in your mind do not ever hesitate to reach out to me. You can mail me at  or you can leave your questions in the comment sections too. I will try to respond to your queries at the earliest.

If you like the post then do me a favour and share this post on your social network so that more and more people can read this and come to know about my blog which is created with the goal to improve the lives of cats. 

“Keep Lovig the Black Persian”