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Cat Collar With A Name Tag- Buy Kraftidy Cat Collar Belt with Personalised Cat Name Tag

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Kraftidy Cat Collar Belt with Personalised Cat Name and Bell 


  • Size- Small to Large

  • Colour- Red, Black

  • Brand- Kraftidy

  • Material- Nylon

  • Made in- India 

Product Details

This is a set Of 2 nylon cat collars by Karftidy. The collar comes with a bell and a customisable name tag. The product is available in two colour variants red and white both of these variants have a white reflective stripe in the middle that shines in the dark. The collar also has a breakaway buckle and a length adjuster. You can call or WhatsApp the customer care number given in the product’s picture to request name customisation.

What We Like

Having a collar with a name tag is the best way to introduce your cat to everyone and it’s getting popular too. Just picture your furball walking towards the guests with a name tag dangling on her neck. Sweet, isn’t it? 

The second advantage of having a collar with a name and number is that it can be really helpful in getting your cat back if it gets lost ( but we never want this to happen). Thanks to Krafttidy that it’s offering a set of 2 cat collars with 1 customisable name tag to meet the needs of cat parents. 

This collar is made of nylon which makes the collar super light and washable. And as per the response of the majority of the consumers, its quality is up to the mark against its price. You can wash either by hand or by machine. A white reflective strip is given in the middle to make your cat easily visible even if she’s walking in the dark. 

Moreover, it also has a breakaway buckle which can open up and release the cat if she stocks her collar anywhere. As this collar comes with a bell which makes your cat looks like an ultimate diva. It’s another benefit is that if your cat frequently goes outdoors and kills innocent small creatures then this bell can act as an alarm for them and the cat runs outside the radar of your cat before she arrives. 

All in all the collar looks pretty decent and well made. 

What We Don’t Like 

One of the major issues with this collar is that its Name Tag looks oversized for small and medium-sized cats. The breakaway buckle sometimes opens up too easily even if a cat doesn’t apply a strong force. Some pet parents have also complained about the width. According to them, the collar is too wide for cats but I don’t see it as a big issue. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons
Good QualityOversized Name Tag
Light WeightOpes-up Easily 
With Name TagToo Wide 
Breakaway Buckle
Set of 2 

Who Should Buy This Product?

Those cat moms and dads who want a collar with a name tag and who don’t go on a walk with their cat too often.

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