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Cat Collar Under 100 Rupees: Buy Fabater Rhinestone Elastic Suede Cat Collar

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Fabater Rhinestone Elastic Suede Microfiber Cat Collar


  • Size- Small

  • Colour- Pink

  • Brand- Fabater

  • Collar Length- 37 cm

  • Material-  Suede

  • Made in- China

Product Description 

Fabater presents a sparkling cat collar for cats made of soft and comfortable suede microfiber material and studded with rhinestones. The collar has a metal buckle for adjusting the length according to a cat’s neck.

What We Like

If your cat is so spoiled that no collar can stand against her dangerous paws and teeth then it’s a good idea to buy several low-priced collars. 

Fabater Rhinestone collar serves the same purpose. First, it’s made of suede rather than nylon so it’s more durable. Secondly, its price is under 100 bucks so you won’t even if your cat takes a month to destroy it. 

The studded rhinestones design with a crown at the centre adron your cat, even more, to win compliments from everyone.

You’ll also get a buckle adjuster to adjust the length of the belt as per your cat’s neck circumference. 

Most of the products in this price range are made of cheap plastic so it’s definitely better than them. 

What We Don’t Like

Unlike most cat collars this product neither has a bell nor a ring to hang it. So it’s a big drawback. The length of the belt is also too long for kittens so you have to make some extra holes or cut the belt to make it fit for kittens. And, of course, it’s not advisable to use it as a harness due to safety risks.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Affordable Too Long for Kittens
DurableNo Bell
Looks Good

Who Should Buy This Product? 

Those who are looking for a cheap cat collar that looks beautiful too.

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