Top 10 Cat Names 

Wodering about what are Top 10 Cat Names that are loved by the most number of cats and their lovely mums and dads. Your wait is over, as we are back with list of the Top 10 Names for Cats. Although the selection of just 10 names from the plethora of favourites was hard and … Read more

American Bobtail Cat Breed- Profile and Facts

American Bobtail Breed Profile

The American Bobtail is one of the rarest pedigree cat breeds in the world which was first developed in the late 1960s, of course, in America. Its most striking feature is its stubbed tail. Their tails do not grow more than one-third to half of the tails of normal cats. Surprisingly, some American bobtail kittens … Read more

Black Cat Names 2023- With Meanings 

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Let me make it clear to you, your search for a black cat name is going to end here!  After becoming a proud parent of a gorgeous female or a handsome male black cat, the first thing you have to do is give him/her a beautiful cat name. But is it right to give her … Read more

250+ Orange Cat Names- Cutest Names for Ginger Cats

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Orange cats are the unofficial kings and queens of the cat world. Ginger is one of the most commonly seen and easily recognisable cat patterns (yes dude it’s not a breed). Orange tabby cats (who are mostly males) can be seen in every part of the world. This magnificent pattern is found in the majority … Read more

Urdu (Pakistani) Cat Names 2023- With Meanings

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Choose among Urdu (Pakistani) Cat Names this time. The good thing is, here I will not only give you the mere list of names but also interpret them with my weird mind to customise them for cats.  The best thing about Urdu names is their unique sweetness and a glimpse of Muslim culture.  Technically most … Read more

100+Brown Cat Names 2023- Zippy Pet

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Want to choose the best name for a brown cat? Certainly, it’s the first task that you have to do after bringing in a new cat.  But, here’s a problem…selecting the perfect name that reflects their unique personality and beautiful coat colour…is challenging.  And, it becomes even more difficult when your cat has a brown … Read more

Arabic Cat Names- Muslim Names for Cats

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Looking for Arabic Cat Names for your new cat or kitten? Indeed, Muslim Cat Names reflect the rich tapestry of this ancient language and give us a glimpse of the ancient culture.  Arabic names for cats are ideal for honouring your cat’s regal nature, ooze elegance, grace, and a hint of intrigue, just like the … Read more

Abyssinian Cat- Profile, Personality and Price

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The Abyssinian cat breed is known for its richly coloured, ticked tabby shorthaired coats with subtle radiance. Also known as ‘Abyss’, this cat is so agile, muscular and active that it seems as if you have brought a little Puma into your home.  She’s a super friendly cat breed who loves to be friends with … Read more