409 Indian Cat Names- With Meanings 2022

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Indian Cat Names have two things most special about them. Guess what?  First of all, they sound pretty unique that the listener can recognise them at the very moment he/she hears them. Secondly, they are linked to the roots of Indian culture and generally have beautiful meanings.  Hindi names for cats have become pretty popular … Read more

178 Spanish Cat Names with Meanings

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Looking for Nombres picantes para gatos españoles (spicy Spanish Cat Names)? Undoubtedly, the Spanish language has its unique identity and style. Spanish names always carry classic touch and give the feeling listener as if he’s still living in the Roman Empire. The best thing about these names is they practically sound as they are written. … Read more

Give Your Kitty a Japanese Cat Name in 2022- Zippy Pet

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Presenting to you Top Japanese Cat Names with meanings to help you give your fluffy a unique identity. Kon’nichiwa to Yokoso (hello and welcome) to Zippy Pet. What brought you here is loved equally by us. Yep, I’m talking about the Japanese cat names.  Japan is not only famous for electronics, anime, sushi and cherry … Read more